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Chilliwack’s Botanica Tulip Flower Festival in the Fraser Valley

Tulip Festival

The Botanica Tulip Festival is a new event in the spring of 2024. It happens at the former location of the Chilliwack Tulip Festival in the Fraser Valley.

Note: The Chilliwack Tulip Festival is the Fraser Valley’s original tulip festival. It was one of the largest and most famous tulip festivals in Canada. It actually started in Agassiz, years ago. In 2023 the family that ran the Chilliwack Tulip Festival moved back to Agassiz and have taken their event with them, but now call it the Harrison Tulip Festival.

If you’re looking for the former Chilliwack Tulip Festival, it has moved a little ways east, but still in the Fraser Valley. Its stunning new site is near Harrison Hot Springs. It’s in a beautiful spot and well worth the drive!

The new Botanica Tulip Festival will be beautiful, but smaller, with around 1.5 million bulbs in 13 or so acres of fields. With close to 10 million bulbs and 35 acres of flowers over the course of the season (including a couple of acres each of daffodils and hyacinths), the Harrison Tulip Festivals remains the largest tulip festival with the most flowers in Western Canada.

To learn more about the Harrison Tulip Festival, visit harrisontulipfest.com. To learn more about the Chilliwack’s new Botanica Tulip Festival, continue reading.


Harrison Tulip Festival


Botanica Tulip Festival in Chilliwack in 2024

Chilliwack’s Botanica Tulip Festival happens in the spring. The exact dates are to be confirmed and depend on the weather and this year’s flower growing season. It will likely open sometime in early April and then continue for much of May. The venue is a farm located at 41310 Yale Road in Chilliwack. As of early February, admission details are to be confirmed.

The new festival features over a dozen acres of flowers which bloom at different times over the course of the season. A million and a half bulbs have been planted this year. There will be 59 types of tulips to admire and enjoy.

The Chilliwack Tulip Festival was a famous flower festival. Formerly called Tulips of the Valley, it has run for 17 years, originally in Agassiz, and then, from 2017 until 2023, at the same 41310 Yale Road location as the new Botanica Tulip Festival. The former festival rented the property from the Pauls who are a multigenerational farming family. As mentioned above, the family behind the Chilliwack Tulip Festival moved to a different farm in Agassiz where they now host the Harrison Tulip Festival.

This year the Pauls Family have planted tulips on their property, at the previous festival’s original Chilliwack location. This explains why the new Botanica Tulip Festival has different organizers and the new name, but same farm venue.

The Botanica Tulip Festival is a family-friendly event to enjoy in the spring. It’ll be a nice place to spend time in nature and take photos. Guests can also pick and take home tulips of their choice from some of the fields.


Where is the Botanica Tulip Festival

The Botanica Tulip Festival takes place at 41310 Yale Road in Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley. The farm is just off the Trans-Canada Highway about an hour’s drive from Vancouver. To get there from the city, take exit #109 and then the first right turn. From there, you’ll see the tulips and the farm’s entrance.

Also in Chilliwack is Greendale Acres. It’s close by, at 41905 Yale Road West. Greendale Acres hosts its own family-friendly events at various times throughout the year. This spring they have a field with 50,000 tulip bulbs. They also have special activities at Easter, plus all kinds of amazing games and structures for kids to play on. Also not too far away, and also still in Chilliwack, is Fantasy Farms which hosts Petey’s Easter Extravaganza in the spring.


Rows of Fraser Valley Tulips


Other Information

For more information about the event, visit the Botanica Flower Festival website.

To learn about similar festivals in the region, see our articles about the Harrison Tulip Festival and Abbotsford Tulip Festival. For families with little kids, Greendale Acres is also very popular, as is Fantasy Farms at Easter.

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