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Chilliwack British Columbia

Chilliwack Farmland

Chilliwack is a large agricultural community in the Fraser Valley. It’s located about 100 km east of Vancouver between Abbotsford and Bridal Falls.

See below for some background information about Chilliwack as well as a list of some of its most popular attractions and events (including Sweet Spring at Greendale Acres Farm which runs from April 14th until May 14th).


This article contains the following information about Chilliwack:

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Sweet Spring at Greendale Acres


The City of Chilliwack

Incorporated in 1873, Chilliwack is the third oldest still existing municipality in British Columbia after New Westminster (1860) and Victoria (1862). Although very rural, with close to 80,000 residents, today it is one of the province’s largest population centres. Population-wise, it’s bigger even than cities like Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam and West Vancouver.

Chilliwack is too far east to be a member municipality within Metro Vancouver, but it is still part of the Lower Mainland. Together with places like Abbotsford, Harrison Hot Springs, Langley and Mission it makes up what is known as the Fraser Valley region.


Atchelitz Pioneer Village Main Street
Pioneer Village in Chilliwack


Chilliwack Places of Interest

Chilliwack is home to a number of historic sites and other places of interest including the following:


Reapers Box Office at Fantasy Farms
Fantasy Farms at Night in October


Other Attractions in the Chilliwack Region

Other places of interest near Chilliwack but not within the municipality include the following:


Chilliwack Fair & Rodeo
Chilliwack Fair at Chilliwack Heritage Park


Chilliwack Special Events

A number of annual events take place in Chilliwack including the following:


Events in Spring & Early in the Year


Chilliwack Events in the Summer


Fraser Valley Car Show
Fraser Valley Classic Car Show


Chilliwack Events in the Autumn


Chilliwack Events in Winter


Tips & Advice

Metro Vancouver has a gas tax to help fund its public transit system. Municipalities in the Fraser Valley like Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission aren’t part of Metro Vancouver, and so stations there don’t have the gas tax.

If you’re in Chilliwack or other similar communities in the region, be sure to fill up your tank. The savings can be as high as 10 cents a litre!


Other Information

For further details about Chilliwack and the surrounding region, check out any of the following: