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Imagine Picasso in Vancouver

Imagine Picasso in Vancouver

Imagine Picasso was an immersive art exhibition at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It celebrated Pablo Picasso’s famous paintings in a modern new way.

The event ran from October 27th in 2021 until early January in 2022.


Vancouver’s Imagine Picasso Art Exhibition

Following the success of Imagine Van Gogh, the Vancouver Convention Centre played host to another immersive art exhibition in the fall of 2021, this time featuring the works of Pablo Picasso.

Imagine Picasso celebrated Picasso’s creative endeavours by projecting his art onto unique shapes in a large hall. Thanks to Rudy Ricciotti, a famous figure in French architecture, guests saw massive Origami-style structures act as screens at the exhibition.

Images of over 200 of Picasso’s paintings were on display together for the first time ever, and they were admired from a fresh perspective at this Vancouver art exhibition.

(Note: Imagine Picasso was put on by the same organization as Imagine Van Gogh which ran in Vancouver between the spring and mid-October of 2021. Both exhibitions were impressive!)


When and Where

Imagine Picasso opened in October of 2021 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Coal Harbour. The first day of the season was Wednesday, October 27th, and the exhibition was scheduled to run until January 8th in 2022.

The venue’s address is 1055 Canada Place. The Convention Centre is made up of two buildings. There is the new, modern building which was built in time for the 2010 Olympic Games. It features a walking and cycling path along the waterfront that leads to the Stanley Park Seawall. The other building, known as Canada Place, was built in time for the World’s Fair, or Expo 86, which took place in Vancouver in 1986. Both buildings themselves are local attractions.

Whereas Imagine Van Gogh took place earlier in the year in the newer building, located just west of Canada Place, Imagine Picasso happened in the Canada Place building (not far from the entrance to FlyOver Canada, although you enter the building near the entrance to the Pan Pacific Hotel). Canada Place is the building with the white sails on top.


To purchase tickets see the Imagine Picasso website.


Displays at Imagine Picasso


How Much Does Imagine Picasso Cost?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and provincial restrictions, tickets were only valid for specific timeslots so capacity could be safely limited at all times. In accordance with provincial guidelines, Imagine Picasso was also a contactless experience. Regular admission rates are listed below.


Mondays to Thursdays

  • Adults (ages 16+) – $39.99
  • Students – $36.99
  • Children (ages 4 to 15) – $34.99
  • Little Kids (ages 3 and under) – Free


Fridays to Sundays

  • Adults (ages 16+) – $49.99
  • Students – $46.99
  • Children (ages 4 to 15) – $44.99
  • Little Kids (ages 3 and under) – Free


Note: Ticket prices above were subject to change.


Informational Displays at Imagine Picasso


Imagine Picasso Video

To give you a really good idea of what the exhibition was like, check out the video below.

As you’ll see in the video, there were three main rooms at the show. In the first were informational displays about the life, history and art of Pablo Picasso. There was also a giant photo of the artist himself.

The second room contained pictures and information about some of Picasso’s most famous drawings and paintings. Picasso produced tons of art, and a lot of it was in this gallery. The third room was the largest. In it you could see giant projections of the artist’s work on multiple multidimensional screens. The room was full of beautiful imagery with classical music playing in the background. It offered an exceptional way to experience Picasso’s art.



Who Was Pablo Picasso?

Known as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso was a master of modern art. He remained popular throughout his 70+ year career, during which he created over 65,000 pieces of art.

Picasso was born in southern Spain, although he spent most of his life in France. He lived from 1881 until 1973.

Picasso’s body of work is especially impressive when you consider how many styles and forms of art he seamlessly adapted to. He produced priceless drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and more.

During different times in his life the artist experimented with different styles. Over time, historians have divided his long career into a few different eras, such as BlueRose, and Cubism. Much of his work in the late 1910’s and early 1920’s, for example, was neoclassical. In the 1920’s, meanwhile, it was more surrealist.

Rather than focus on only one time period, the team behind Imagine Picasso has selected pieces from multiple points of Picasso’s career, thus showcasing how diverse of an artist he truly was.


Picasso Paintings Wall


Other Information

For more information about the event go to the Imagine Picasso website.

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