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Burnaby’s Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Geese and Canoes

Deer Lake is a park in Burnaby with walking trails and wide open spaces. It’s also home to Burnaby Village, the Shadbolt Centre and Burnaby Art Gallery.

Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake is one of Metro Vancouver’s largest and most popular city parks. It’s located in Central Burnaby not far from Burnaby City Hall and halfway between Burnaby Lake and Metrotown.

The Burnaby Village Museum is located in the northeast corner of the park at 6501 Deer Lake Avenue. It’s an excellent outdoor museum with free admission in the summer and at a few other times of the year.

The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts is at the north end of the park just a short ways further down the road at 6450 Deer Lake Avenue. Also nearby and at the north end of the park, the Burnaby Art Gallery is located at 6344 Deer Lake Avenue.

Other places of interest at Deer Lake Park include Hart House which is a historic building and present-day restaurant at 6664 Deer Lake Avenue. The public beach and boat rentals area is at 5435 Sperling Avenue (on the western edge of the park). The lake itself is the middle of the park and it has walking trails all around.

Deer Lake Events

A number of annual events take place at Deer Lake including the following:

Deer Lake Canoe and Lily Pads
Deer Lake

Other Information

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For information about arts programs at the park check put the Shadbolt Centre of Arts.

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