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Maple Ridge’s WildPlay Ropes Course Element Park

WildPlay Element Park

WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge is home to a selection of exciting ziplines and suspended obstacle-style ropes courses. It’s a fun place!

This article contains detailed information about the venue. In it there are also videos of some of the attraction’s different elements, plus a 360-degree photo. As you’ll discover, it’s a pretty amazing place!

The attraction is open until December in 2022. During the Halloween season, they have special activities on the weekend of October 28th to 30th. On those dates, if you go in a costume you can do the Jump Of Fear for free when paying for regular admission. (Note: The costume can’t have a cape, mask or anything else that might get caught in the cables!)

To book tickets and for the attraction’s official website, visit wildplay.com.


In this article you’ll find the following information about WildPlay:

Venue Location | Admission and Hours | Season’s Passes | Experiences and What to Expect | 360-Degree View | Tips and Advice | Other Information


WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge


WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge

Offering awesome family-friendly fun, WildPlay Adventure Park is an outdoor recreation park in northeastern Maple Ridge. The attraction is a blast for folk of all ages with its system of ropes, nets, ziplines and suspended platforms through the trees.

People of various abilities can participate in the adventures. Older and more timid folk can also enjoy watching from below, as can those who are unable to climb or afraid of heights.

Other amenities at the park include an axe throwing station, picnic tables and walking trails. WildPlay also offers outdoor footwear rentals for visitors who forget to bring proper closed-toe shoes.


For full details about the venue and how to book your ropes course experience, see the WildPlay Maple Ridge website.


Ladies on the Ropes Course


Venue Location

The Adventure Park’s address is 23485 Fern Crescent in Maple Ridge. Nearby places of interest include Maple Ridge Park and Golden Ears Provincial Park, both of which can be found within a 5-minute drive of the ropes course attraction.

Right beside WildPlay are a couple of off-leash dog areas. Free parking can be found in the lot right next to the entrance to the park.


High in the Treetops in Maple Ridge
Up high in the trees!


Hours and Admission

Opening hours at WildPlay Maple Ridge vary depending on the season. 2022 hours of operation are listed below. (Note: Exact times and other details are subject to change.)

  • March 14 to 28 – Thursdays to Mondays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Spring Hours – Fridays to Mondays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Summer Hours – weekdays from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and weekends from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • September 7 to December 19 – Fridays to Sundays from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm

The standard course at WildPlay costs $44.99 for all folk, regardless of age. For the more adventurous visitors, the Extreme Course costs $19.99 to do on its own, or just $9.99 as an add-on to the standard experience. There is also a children’s course which costs $19.99 and is intended for kids between the ages of 5 and 12.

Other activities at WildPlay Maple Ridge include the “What’s To Fear Jump” and Axe Throwing, each of which costs $19.99.


To learn more about the venue and to book your ropes course experience, see the WildPlay Adventure Park website.


WildPlay Element Park


Season’s Passes

In addition to its regular single-visit rates, WildPlay also offers season’s passes for people who want to visit multiple times. They are a fabulous value! Instead of getting a membership to a gym or indoor attraction, you can get your exercise and loads of fun 10 or so months of the year!

The regular price of a season’s pass is about $200 for adults and youths and $120 for children (ages 5 to 12). Early bird passes for the season cost about $150 for adults and youth and $100 for young kids.

What do you get with a season’s pass? You get access to the Classic, Extreme and Kids’ ropes courses for the 2022 season at any WildPlay Park in Canada (including at the Maple Ridge, Victoria and Nanaimo locations). You also get a complimentary “Free Friend” voucher, which means you can bring a friend for free on one of your visits.

Season’s passes are usually valid from around mid-February until mid-December. For the other 60 or so days of the year the venue is closed.


Axe Thrower at WildPlay Maple Ridge


Experiences and What to Expect

There are three aerial courses to choose from at WildPlay in Maple Ridge. They are all self-paced adventures, which means you can do them at your leisure (provided that you aren’t causing a pileup of other groups behind you).

The Classic Course usually takes between 90 minutes and 3 hours to complete while the Kids’ Adventure Course takes about an hour. The Extreme Course adds about an extra 30 or so minutes. In addition to the ropes course circuits, there is also a tower you can jump off and axes you can throw (both for an extra fee).

Of all the attractions, the young adults in our group had the most fun on the Extreme Course. They loved it! Everything was fun, but that was definitely the best! For one of the teenagers in our party, another highlight was getting a bullseye at the axe throwing.


To book your adventure visit the WildPlay Maple Ridge website.


WildPlay’s Classic Course

The Classic Course contains three levels of varying difficulty. Between each of the three sections you come back down to the ground.

Participants on this course must be at least 7 years old and 4 feet 8 inches tall. They also have to be less than 300 pounds in weight. Between around age 10 and 16 is probably ideal, but both older and younger folk will have a blast too. It’s also perfect for adults, including slightly timid ones.

The main course is among the trees usually around 30 to 60 feet (or up to 18 metres) in the air. Elements include log ladders, rope swings, wobbly bridges, tightrope walks and other challenges. The route also includes a few ziplines.


Ropes Course Walking in Maple Ridge
The Classic Course


WildPlay’s Extreme Course

The Extreme Course can be added on to the Classic Course experience. Requiring more mental and physical strength, this option features additional ziplines and obstacles. It is highly recommended!

You can do this route on its own, or as an add-on for about half price. When we went, members of our group ages 50+ were happy to stay on the ground and just watch. For the two teenagers in our group, however, the Extreme Course was the highlight of the day!

This more challenging course is high up in the trees, much more so than the other main courses. After climbing way up, you get to walk along a wobbly bridge, swing like Tarzan, jump onto a net, and zipline back and forth between the trees. Unless you have to wait for someone ahead of you, it takes about 30 minutes or so to complete.


To learn more about the venue and to book your ropes course experience, see the WildPlay Adventure Park website.


WildPlay Extreme Course Video

To give you a good idea of what to expect on the Extreme Course, check out the following video. As you’ll see, the course involves swinging from ropes, climbing up nets and walking over wobbly ladders. The elements are all really high up and involve more strength than the Classic Course. It’s definitely not for people who are afraid of heights! The ziplines on the Extreme Course are also the park’s longest, highest and fastest!

Of all the various elements at WildPlay, this was definitely the highlight for the two teenagers in our group when we went. They loved everything, but especially this!



WildPlay’s Kids’ Course

The Kids’ Course is designed for children between 5 and 12 years of age. The minimum height for the Kids’ Course is only 3 feet 9 inches, which is less than that required for the Classic Course. While this course only has one level, two rounds are included with the cost of admission.


What’s To Fear Jump

The “What’s To Fear Jump” can be added on to any course and involves jumping from a height of approximately 40 feet. Similar to the other courses, folk must be at least 5 years of age and under 285 pounds to try the jump.

The attraction is fun. At the start you climb up a very long ladder. At the top, on the platform, a staff person gives you instructions. After getting tied onto a bungee-like cord, you can jump facing forwards or backwards and you land on your feet.

With the “What’s To Fear Jump” you don’t drop so fast, like you do with actual bungee jumping, and you don’t bounce back up either. You kind of float down at speed. The heavier you are, the faster you fall. You also pick up a bit of extra speed if you jump instead of just fall.

From the bottom of the ladder to the top, and then back down to the ground, it takes about 5 minutes. The actual jump itself lasts for just a few seconds.


What to Fear Jump Video

The following video shows you what the What to Fear Jump looks like. As you’ll see, you have to climb a really high ladder up a giant tree. At the top you’ll find the platform you have to jump off. From start to finish, the experience is quite thrilling!



WildPlay Axe Throwing

The Axe Throwing is WildPlay Maple Ridge’s newest addition to their activities list. Because of the sharp blades, this activity is restricted to guests ages 12 and up. It runs for about one hour per session.

The axes are small, hatchet-type axes, so not too heavy to throw. There are a couple of lanes to throw from. At first it’s challenging, but with practice you quickly get into the swing of things!


Axe Throwing Video

Below is a video of the axe throwing activity at WildPlay in Maple Ridge. As you’ll see, it’s a lot of fun and suitable for people of different ages and abilities. It’s challenging at first, but with practice you can get pretty good. And when you hit a bullseye, or at least get close to it, it’s quite the thrill!



WildPlay 360-Degree View

The photo below shows a 360-degree view from one of the ropes course elements on the Classic Course at WildPlay. As you’ll see, participants are fairly high up in the trees. The view all around is pretty cool.

To see what the course looks like in 360-degrees, swipe the following photo with your finger (on your phone or tablet) or with your mouse (if using a non-touch-screen computer). To zoom in and out, click the plus button, the minus button, or simply pinch the photo if using a touch-screen device.



Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and extra bits of information to help you make the most out of your ropes course experience.


Who Should Go?

TIP #1: WildPlay is a great place for children, families, young adults and even older folk. The Kids’ Course is good for children between the ages of 5 and 12. The Classic Course is good for almost everyone, from elementary school-aged to older adults. The Extreme Course is best for teenagers, young adults and fit older folk, although children as young as 7 are also allowed to do it.

TIP #2: Except for the Extreme Course, you don’t have to be particularly fit to do the ropes courses. You need to be stable on your feet and have a bit of upper body strength, but no more than the average 7-year-old. If you’re 50+ and out of shape, you might be mildly stiff the next day, but in a good way!

TIP #3: If you’re afraid of heights, you might want to try something else.

TIP #4: You don’t have to pay to enter the site. If you just want to watch, you are welcome to do that. Dogs on leash are also permitted within the park.


To learn more about the venue and to book your ropes course experience, see the WildPlay Adventure Park website.


Ready for the WildPlay Ropes Course


Before You Start

TIP #5: Book your spot and sign your waiver in advance online to save time.

TIP #6: People book start times in 20-minute intervals, and WildPlay manages its capacity. As a result, you don’t have to worry about crowds all showing up at the same time. You may have to wait a bit if you have a slower group in front of you, but not too long.

TIP #7: The busiest times are Saturdays and Sundays. The place is usually less crowded on weekdays, especially mid-week and in the mornings. If you can go at a less busy time, it’ll mean slightly less waiting in line.

TIP #8: Use the washrooms right away when you arrive and before you put on your harness. Harnesses are easy to put on and off. It’s simplest though to go to the bathroom before you put on your gear.


Fun at WildPlay Maple Ridge
Testing out the ropes and gear


What to Take and Wear?

TIP #9: The ropes courses are in the forest, which is pretty cool, both figuratively and literally. WildPlay is an exceptionally nice and shady place to be on hot sunny days in the summer. In winter, because it’s not in the direct sun, it can get cold, so wear warm clothes. Gloves in the winter can be a good idea too.

TIP #10:  Don’t forget to take your camera, and a water bottle. Don’t wear open sandals or flip-flops. Wear closed-toe shoes (or rent them there if you forget). Layers of clothing can be good, so you can peel off and on layers depending on the temperature and how hard you’re working.


Ropes-Climbing Silhouette
Climbing up to the What’s to Fear Jump


Other Advice and Things to Know

TIP #11: There are three sections to the Classic Course and you come down to the ground between each one. You don’t have to do the courses in order, but most people do. If one section gets crowded and backed up with people, however, park staff might suggest you skip a section and come back later, which is a nice option.

TIP #12: If you plan to do both the Classic Course and the Extreme Course, do the Extreme Course last. You can do them in either order, but it’s more fun to leave the most thrilling elements until the end.

TIP #13: There are WildPlay staff members at various spots around the site. They’ll give you suggestions if they see you struggling with an element, and they’ll even rescue you if you get stuck. The chances of that happening, however, are next to zero. It’s good to know though, just in case.

TIP #14: There is a great off-leash dog park right beside the entrance to WildPlay at Maple Ridge Park. Further west, also within Maple Ridge Park, there are walking trails along the river, picnic areas and a children’s playground with water spray facilities in the summer. To learn about other places to take your family and canine companions, see our article about Maple Ridge Parks, Dogs and Pup-Friendly Patios.

TIP #15: Ropes courses and ziplining are so much fun and WildPlay is a great place to do them. If you’ve never been, you should try it! Take your family and invite your friends! You won’t regret it!


No Hands on the Ropes Course


Other Information

For more details visit the official WildPlay Maple Ridge website. To learn about the venues on Vancouver Island click WildPlay Victoria or WildPlay Nanaimo.

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