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Maple Ridge Dogs, Parks and Patio Restaurants

Dog on the Greenway in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is one of the most dog-friendly cities in Metro Vancouver. It has beautiful trails, off-leash dog parks and restaurants with pooch-friendly patios.

Looking for nature to explore and places to visit with your four-legged companions? Then check out the great venues below.

This article includes a list of some of the best pup-friendly parks in the City of Maple Ridge as well as a list of places to get a meal, drinks and other refreshments where your dog can join you.



Dog Friendly Maple RidgeOn March 29th, 2021, Maple Ridge launched its Dog-Friendly Maple Ridge Pilot Project. Local businesses can participate in the program and get recognized as places where customers are welcome to go with their pets. Dog owners, meanwhile, can find dog-friendly places online. Participating businesses can also be identified by special decals in their storefront windows.

With its patio restaurants where you and your dog can enjoy refreshments outside, the stores where your pooch can join you indoors while you shop, and the various parks where you can walk and play with your canine companion, Maple Ridge is a wonderfully dog-friendly place to explore and spend the day!

For details about the project see the City of Maple Ridge website.

To learn more about the city in general, check out the Maple Ridge Guide which was published in the summer of 2021.


Dog-Friendly Parks and Restaurants with Patios in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge has some exceptional parks including Golden EarsKanaka Creek and other less well-known but equally enjoyable places in nature. The region also has an extensive dyke system with trails for cycling and walking along, and both on-leash and off-leash dog areas in various parks. What’s more? The city is also home to a number of great restaurants with patios where dogs are welcome.

This summer, when you’re looking for something to do, consider heading out to Maple Ridge for a fun day with your friends, family and dogs. Remember to follow provincial health guidelines though, which means socializing with just members of your own household until it’s safe to do otherwise. After that though, invite your friends to join you as you explore new places in the Lower Mainland.

This year, more than ever, vacationing close to home and supporting local businesses will be so important! Isn’t it great that we live in such an amazing place where world-class destinations, parks and nature are just a short drive away! And isn’t awesome that Rex, Fido, Fluffy or whatever else your dog’s name is, can join you on your day of fun!


Dog on the Pub Patio


Dog-Friendly Parks in Maple Ridge

Below are some exceptional parks to take your dog to in Maple Ridge. Our list includes Kanaka Creek, North Alouette Greenway, Maple Ridge Park and Golden Ears. We also mention a few other parks including a number of smaller places with off-leash dog areas.


Kanaka Creek Regional Park

Kanaka Creek is a regional park with miles of trails where dogs are permitted on leash. Some of the trails are flat and near the Fraser River. Other trails are in the forest and both level and sloped in different areas.

For leisurely strolls we really like the area near the Fraser River. There is a section that’s out in the open (which is good for short family bike rides too), and another section that goes through the forest. The area near Cliff Falls is also exceptional. The trails there wind through the forest. They aren’t flat, but the scenery is beautiful. Our dog has had a blast exploring all over Kanaka Creek Park!

TIP: A couple of dog-friendly places to visit either before or after your walk at this park are Kanaka Creek Coffee (at 24155 102nd Avenue) and Bruce’s Country Market (at 23963 Lougheed Highway). Both are open 7 days a week, are less than a 10-minute drive away, and have outdoor patios where both humans and their dogs are welcome.

To learn more see our article about Kanaka Creek Regional Park.


Kanaka Creek Regional Park
Kanaka Creek (Near the Fraser River)


North Alouette Greenway

North Alouette Greenway is home to one of the many dykes that are great for walking and cycling along in Maple Ridge. The park itself stretches for just over 4 km. The dykes and trails, however, continue for miles more. Dogs are permitted in the area when on-leash.

TIPS: The Ranch Pub & Grill has an outdoor patio where canine companions are welcome. The restaurant is located just a half-kilometre walk from the entrance to the park. Another nearby place to check out is Golden Ears Cheesecrafters where you can buy a variety of artisan cheeses. You can’t take animals into the shop, but you can sit with them while you enjoy a snack on their patio. You can also order cheeses online in advance. Closer to the centre of town, Maple Meadows Brewing also has a pooch-friendly patio.

To learn more see our article about North Alouette Greenway.


Video of the North Alouette Greenway

To see what the area looks like from a four-legged perspective, check out the following video. It’s of the trail near the beginning of the greenway, not far from the parking lot.



Maple Ridge Park

Maple Ridge Park is a municipal park with walking trails, kids’ play areas, picnic tables and forested trails that run along the edge of the Alouette River. It’s a busy place in the summer with its water spray park for kids. The river is also popular with people in canoes, kayaks and other water toys.

Dogs are permitted almost everywhere at the park, except for in the children’s play areas. What makes this park extra appealing is that at the northeastern end, in Maple Ridge Upper Park near the Wildplay Adventure Park, there is a large off-leash area where dogs can run around, sniff other dogs and have fun with their owners in a couple of enclosed fields.

TIPS: Not far from Maple Ridge Park is the Humble Roots Café & Deli as well as the Witchcraft Pub & Grill. Both have patios where you and your furry companion can relax either before or after your time at the park. Also not too far away, at 22475 and 22745 Dewdney Trunk Road respectively, are PetSmart and Bosley’s by Pet Valu in case you need to buy dog food or other pet supplies.

To learn more see our article about Maple Ridge Park.


Maple Ridge Park Video

To see what this park looks like from a dog’s perspective, check out the following video.



Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears is the most famous park in Maple Ridge. It’s a provincial park with hiking trails, boating opportunities and campgrounds. It’s also home to beautiful Alouette Lake.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the main South Beach area at Alouette Lake, nor in the day-use and picnicking areas by the beach. Dogs are, however, permitted at the waterfront just a short ways over, between the canoe rental shop and the boat launch.

Dogs are also permitted in the North Beach day-use area on Alouette Lake, although not at Campers Beach. Elsewhere in the park dogs have to be on-leash at all times in the campgrounds and on trails within a kilometre of the main road.

To learn more see our article about Golden Ears Provincial Park.


Dog at Whonnock Lake
Whonnock Lake


Other Parks in Maple Ridge

There are lots of other parks in Maple Ridge, including some that are dog-friendly, some that aren’t so much, and some that are used mostly just by people who live in the neighbourhood. Whonnock Lake is an especially beautiful place, but not ideal for dogs as they aren’t allowed at the beach or on the grassy areas. Go there when you want to fish, hang out on the sand or have a picnic with human friends and family.

Other parks within the city that have off-leash areas for dogs include Beckett Park (at 11683 223rd Street), Hammond Park (at 20015 Wharf Street) and Westview Park (at 20950 Wicklund Avenue). Jerry Sulina Park (on 210th Street by 132nd Avenue) is also an especially nice place.

There is also an off-leash dog park at the Albion Fairgrounds where events like the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Country Fest and the Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival happen in the summer.

For more information about the above places, visit the City of Maple Ridge’s Dog Parks page.


Albion Fairgrounds Dog Park
Dog Park at the Albion Fairgrounds


Looking for something fun to do outdoors with your family or other members of your household? Then check out WildPlay in Maple Ridge. If you’ve never done a ropes course or ziplining, you’ve gotta check it out!

We went as a family and had a blast! And guess what? Dogs are welcome in the park! They can’t go on the courses, but they are welcome to hang out with friends and family on the ground!


WildPlay Element Park


Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Maple Ridge

Below is a list of places with outdoor patios where dogs are welcome. The list includes coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.


Billy Miner Café

The Billy Miner Alehouse & Café is located at 22355 River Road which is close to both Haney House and the Maple Ridge Museum (which are interesting historical sites). It’s also just off the Haney Bypass (so you almost drive right past it on your way to Kanaka Creek when heading east in the direction of Mission).

There is a pub part to the business and a pizza café part. Dogs can’t go inside either one, but they can join their owners on the patio.

This establishment has a heated outdoor patio with views of the Fraser River and the Port Haney Wharf. It’s also close to the West Coast Express Port Haney Train Station by the water.

The Alehouse is a great place for craft beers. The Café, meanwhile, is where you’ll find pizza as well as cookies, scones and other pastries. The cafe patio has the same menu as both the pizza side and the pub. It is both licensed and family-friendly.

(Note: As of early March, 2021, the Café remains closed, likely due at least in part to COVID-19 and the current state of the world. Hopefully it’ll be able to resume operations soon. In the meantime, the pub and patio remain open.)

To learn more see the Billy Miner website.


Dog Outside the Billy Miner Ale House
Billy Miner Pub & Outdoor Patio


Bruce’s Country Market

Bruce’s Country Market is an old-fashioned-style grocery store specializing in fish and other fresh produce. It’s close to the Albion Fairgrounds and within a 10-minute drive of Kanaka Creek Park.

Dogs can’t go inside the market itself (unless they are guide dogs), but they can join you on the patio for some refreshments. The store gets high ratings and is popular with locals. Its address is 23963 Lougheed Highway and its website is bruces.ca.


Cremino Gelato & Caffè

Cremino’s Gelato is where you can get a tasty treat either before or after exploring Maple Ridge with your dog. All their pastries and gelatos are made in-house. It’s a highly recommended destination, especially on hot sunny days!

Located at 11968 224th Street, Cremino Gelato & Caffè is right in the heart of downtown Maple Ridge. It’s on the same block as the Memorial Peace Park and within a 3-minute walk of City Hall, the Maple Ridge Library and ACT Arts Centre.

If you go with a human friend, one of you can go inside to order while the other stays outside with your dogs. You can then either sit down on one of the chairs on the sidewalk while you enjoy your treats or walk around Memorial Peace Park while licking your ice creams.

TIP: The Haney Farmers Market takes place just around the corner at the park in the warmer half of the year. Either before, after or while enjoying your Cremino’s creamy creation, if you’re in the area on a Saturday check out the market too. It’s a great place to find picnic ingredients for later in the day.

To learn more about the place specializing in Italian coffees and cold dairy desserts, see Cremino Gelato‘s Facebook page.


Haney Farmers Market
Farmers Market at Memorial Peace Park


Golden Ears Cheesecrafters

Cheesecrafters is open every day except Mondays. At the store there is a Country Kitchen with a dog-friendly outdoor patio.

The store’s address is 22270 128th Avenue which makes it about a 3.5 km drive from both North Alouette Greenway and Maple Ridge Park in different directions.

As its name suggests, the family-run business specializes in farm-made artisan cheeses. They make and sell everything from Brie to Cheddar, Feta, Gouda, Havarti and other varieties of cheese. Milk for the products even comes from the family’s own herd of Jersey cows.

Golden Ears Cheesecrafters is open Tuesdays to Sundays between 10 am and 5 pm. The Country Kitchen part of the place is where you can sit down and enjoy some of their products. It’s usually open from around 11 o’clock in the morning until around 3 in the afternoon.

Menu items at the Country Kitchen include soups, ​gourmet grilled-cheese sandwiches, ​salads, pastries and non-alcoholic drinks. Dogs can’t go inside the building, but they can join you on the covered patio.

To learn more about the store see the Golden Ears Cheesecrafters website.


Humble Roots Café & Deli

Humble Roots specializes in “handcrafted, homegrown and seasonal fare.” Located at 13179 224th Street, it’s halfway between Maple Ridge Park and North Alouette Greenway.

Menu items at the café include a range of teas, coffees and other hot and cold beverages. They also serve ice creams, cooked breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, burgers, pastas and flatbread creations. They also have a kids’ menu.

For more information about this place see the Humble Roots Café & Deli website.


Kanaka Creek Coffee

Kanaka Creek Coffee is less than a 10-minute drive southwest of the Cliff Falls part of Kanaka Creek Park. It’s about the same distance (or even slightly closer) from the Fraser River part of the park in a southeast direction. It is also just a 2-km walk from the Albion Fairgrounds where there is an off-leash dog area.

Located at 24155 102nd Avenue, this coffee shop gets great reviews and is highly recommended, both for people with dogs and those just with human friends. In addition to both regular and specialty coffees, they serve soups, pastries, wraps and paninis. The shop also sells giftware.

To learn more about the coffee shop see the Kanaka Creek Coffee website.


Maple Meadows Brewing

Maple Meadows is a microbrewery. It has close to a dozen craft beers on tap ranging from hazy pale ales to IPAs and limited releases. They also have bottled craft beers available for purchase.

Open 7 days a week and located at 22775 Dewdney Trunk, the brewpub has a year-round patio out front where humans and their dogs are both welcome. It’s located close to downtown Maple Ridge, just a 10-minute walk from the Memorial Peace Park.

To learn more see the Maple Meadows Brewing website.


Maple Meadows Brewing Company
The patio at Maple Meadows Brewing


Ranch Pub & Grill Restaurant

Ranch Pub & Grill is located at 21973 132nd Avenue which is just around the corner from the parking lot at North Alouette Greenway. By car it’s a 2-minute drive away.

The pub is part of the Maple Ridge Equi-Sports Centre (so don’t be surprised to see horses nearby). The restaurant has a great outdoor patio where dogs are welcome. It’s covered (so good in the rain) and has a couple of overhead heaters.

When we went there after our walk along the dyke recently we had a tea, cold beer and the fish & chips, which were delicious. Our dog, Ninja, meanwhile, got a complimentary bowl of water.

To learn more about this very animal-friendly venue see the Ranch Pub & Grill‘s website.


Ranch Pub & Grill Patio in Maple Ridge
Outside at the Ranch Pub & Grill


Witchcraft Pub & Grill

Also called the Witchcraft Beer Market & Bistro, the Witchcraft Pub & Grill is related to the Billy Miner Alehouse. Both are run by the Springs Group which owns a number of pubs and liquor stores around the Lower Mainland.

Centrally located at 22648 Dewdney Trunk Road, the Witchcraft Pub is about a 5-minute walk from the ACT Arts Centre near the centre of downtown Maple Ridge. It’s about a 7-minute drive southwest of Maple Ridge Park.

The pub has over three dozen craft beers on tap. They also serve artisan pizza, chicken wings, burgers and other pub-style food. Dogs aren’t allowed inside the venue, understandably, but they can hang out with their owners on the outdoor heated patio.

To learn more about this place see the Witchcraft Pub & Grill‘s website.


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your visit to Maple Ridge with your dog.

TIP #1: Remember not to leave your dog in your parked vehicle on hot days. Even if you keep the windows open a crack, cars can heat up in the summer and pets can suffer. That’s why Maple Ridge is such a great place. If you visit the above recommended places, your furry friends can hang out with you outdoors all day!

TIP #2: Don’t forget to take water for both yourself and your dog on hot days. There are streams and other places for your dog to drink from at most parks, and some pet-friendly restaurants might even offer a bowl of water on their patios. For times in between, however, it’s good to have a water bottle close at hand.

TIP #3: Don’t just explore Maple Ridge on hot sunny weekends. Consider heading out for some time in nature after work when it’s quiet and cool. Or visit the area during the day on a weekday if you aren’t working. Weekends are awesome times to explore the region, but so are quieter and less busy times.

TIP #4: Until COVID-19 is no longer a problem, don’t forget to maintain physical distancing and to wear a mask when needed. Until the world returns to normal, parks are “best places” to be! And if eating at a restaurant, where could be better than outdoors on a patio in the fresh air with your dog at your feet!

TIP #5: If you want to stay overnight and use the city as a base while you explore the area, it’s good to know that the Best Western Hotel has pet-friendly rooms. There are also three campgrounds at Golden Ears Provincial Park.


Other Information

To learn more about Maple Ridge and things to do in the area, see our article about the City of Maple Ridge. To learn more about the area’s history, visit Haney House and the Maple Ridge Museum.

Thanks everyone for supporting local, buying local and vacationing locally! There are so many wonderful places to explore!

In case you were interested, there are a number of places to buy food and other supplies for your furry, feathered, fish and reptilian friends in Maple Ridge. They include Pet Food ‘n More at #120-20398 Dewdney Trunk Road and Mr. Pets at 22778 Lougheed Highway. There is also PetSmart at 22475 Dewdney Trunk Road, Bone & Biscuit at 11939 240th Street, and Bosley’s by Pet Valu at 22745 Dewdney Trunk Road.

What’s the name of the dog in the photos in this article you ask? His name is Ninja. He’s part Poodle, Havanese, Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. He’s a mutt with a mix of a bunch of especially cute little breeds. And yes, his tongue does always stick out of the side of his mouth! 365 days of the year!