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Jazz in the Vine Concerts in Langley

Jazz in the Vine Langley

Affiliated with the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival, Jazz in the Vine is a live music series featuring a concert once a month at a winery in Langley.

In 2020 the events were planned on four Thursdays at three different wineries in Langley’s Campbell Valley region in March, April, May and June. However, all events were cancelled due to COVID-19.


Langley Jazz Concerts at Campbell Valley Wineries

The concert series was scheduled to run in 2020 from March until June with a concert once a month. Each concert was going to take place at a local winery and feature a different band each time. Each of the wineries was an interesting place to visit any time of the year. The live music though was going to make a trip to each venue especially enjoyable and worthwhile.

The Jazz in the Vine concerts were going to offer a preview of what you can expect in the summer at the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival as all the bands were also scheduled to perform again there in July. The music festival is a family-friendly event and highly recommended (especially if you like Jazz, art and beautiful historic places)!

The plan for the organizers of the Campbell Valley concerts is that Jazz in the Vine becomes a regular and ongoing series. March 19th, 2020, was going to be the inaugural concert. Hopefully it’s the start of many more to come!


Fort Langley Jazz Festival


Where is the Campbell Valley?

The Campbell Valley is a region in South Langley near the US border. It’s where you’ll find Campbell Valley Regional Park which is a large park with forest areas, walking paths and horseback-riding trails. The park itself is bordered by 200th Street to the west, 216th Street to the east, 20th Avenue to the north and 4th Avenue to the south.

The wineries in the Campbell Valley area are about a half-hour drive south of Fort Langley, 20 minutes from the downtown part of the City of Langley, 40 minutes or less from downtown Surrey, and around 15 minutes west of White Rock.

The region around Campbell Valley Regional Park is farm country and home to some of the best Lower Mainland Wineries. These include the Glass House Estate Winery, Vista D’oro and Township 7 Vineyards where the upcoming Jazz in the Vine concerts take place.


Jazz Concert Series Schedule

In 2020 there were going to be four shows scheduled on Thursday evenings from March to June. The concerts in March and April were to take place in indoor venues at the wineries whereas the performances in May and June were scheduled to happen outdoors as they predicted the weather would (hopefully) be nice.

The schedule for the 2020 Jazz in the Vine series was going to be as follows:

  • March 19th, 2020 – at 6 pm Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne performs at Glass House Estate Winery at 23449 0 Avenue (so right on the Canada-US border).
  • April 16th, 2020 – the renowned duo Blue Moon Marquee entertains at 6 pm at Glass House estate Winery at 23449 0 Avenue.
  • May 21st, 2020 – at 6 pm at Vista D’oro Farms at 346-208th Street. The featured performer at this event is Cousin Harley.
  • June 18th, 2020Mazacote Band is performing at Township 7 Vineyards and Winery at 6 pm.


Mazacote Band Guitarist


Jazz Concert Tickets

It is recommended that you purchase tickets in advance as there are limited numbers available. Tickets were going to be $35 each and were going to include the show and either complimentary wine tasting or your first 6 oz. glass of wine. There were also snacks that could have been purchased at an additional cost.


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your Jazz concert and Campbell Valley experiences in Langley.

TIP #1: If it’s not raining, head out early and explore Campbell Valley Regional Park before the show. Or, regardless of the weather, check out some of the other wineries while you’re in the area. There are a number within a very short drive.

TIP #2: Expect to sample some really nice wines, and to buy some to take home with you afterwards. Don’t drink too much though, or at least decide in advance who will be the designated driver.

TIP #3: Another interesting time to visit the region is during the Langley’s Country Celebration of Nature in September. It’s a small one-day event with an ecological theme at Campbell Valley Regional Park. In past years it was a two-day small-town country fair with a marketplace and live entertainment. It’s a much smaller event now, as of 2020, but still interesting to check out if in the area.

TIP #4: If you like Jazz, then definitely check out the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival in the summer. It’s a terrific event, and many of its concerts are actually free!


Fort Langley Jazz Festival
Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival


Other Information

For more information about the organization behind the event, see the Fort Langley Jazz and Arts Festival website.

To learn about the area see our articles about Langley and the Fraser Valley.

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