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North Vancouver’s Shipyards Christmas Artisan Markets

Artisan Market at the Shipyards

Christmas artisan markets take place in the Pipe Shop at the Shipyards in North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale District in December.

In 2022, the market happened on December 10th and 11th.


Artisan Market in the Pipe Shop at Christmas

Lots of events happen throughout the year in the Pipe Shop at the Shipyards near Lonsdale Quay. This includes the Shipyards Christmas Markets on a couple of weekends leading up to Christmas.

Admission to the winter holiday artisan markets is free, but donations benefiting the North Shore Women’s Centre are greatly appreciated.

Click Shipyards Christmas Markets for the event’s official website.


Shipyards Christmas Artisan Market


Where and When

The Pipe Shop is by Shipbuilders’ Square at 115 Victory Ship Way near the bottom of Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. Coming from Lonsdale Quay, the Pipe shop is just on the other side of the Tap and Barrel Restaurant.

The Pipe Shop is a large, restored heritage building that’s used for various community events. It can also be rented for private use.

In 2022 the Shipyards Christmas Markets took place in the Pipe Shop on the weekend of December 10th & 11th. On the Saturday it ran from 10 am until 6 pm. On the Sunday it was open from 10 am until 5 pm.


Shipyards Christmas Market


What to Expect

At the market expect to see dozens of vendors selling high-quality crafts and artisan products at the Shipyards Christmas Markets. The Pipe Shop is a pretty big venue and it fills up with shoppers and tables full of all kinds of art and handmade products.

At the markets you’ll likely find homemade preserves, fancy soaps and artisan liquors. There are also hand sewn clothes and plush toys, handcrafted jewellery, organic chocolates, scented candles, original paintings, unique gift cards, vegan delicacies and all kinds of interesting things you’d never find at a shopping mall.

At the Shipyards Christmas Markets there are usually four dozen or more vendors, all of which sell products of a fairly high quality. In most cases, the people selling the items are the people who make them (or at least related in some way).


Artisan Vendor at the Pipe Shop
Artisan Vendors in the Pipe Shop


What Else to do in the Area

If you want to check out the Shipyards Christmas Markets and you’re not from North Vancouver, it’s good to know what else is in the area so you can combine your trip with other activities.

The Pipe Shop is in the heart of the Lower Lonsdale and Shipyards District of North Vancouver. In the neighbourhood there are a number of really Good Restaurants. There is also Shipbuilders’ Pier to walk down and a Public Market to explore. The SeaBus terminal connecting downtown Vancouver with the North Shore is also just a 5-minute walk away.

There are often special events at the Shipyards on weekends most years, especially in the summer, but also sometimes in the late fall and winter. This includes the Shipyards Christmas Festival which takes place on Saturday, December 3rd, in 2022.

At the Shipyards Christmas Festival there is the lighting of the City of North Vancouver’s official Christmas tree, plus live music and family-friendly activities. The Shipyards Christmas Market is an important part of the Shipyards Christmas Festival each year that it occurs. Whereas the festival is just a one-day event though, the market happens on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

The Shipyards is also home to the Lower Mainland’s newest, biggest and best outdoor ice-skating facility. Shipyard Commons is an outdoor covered structure (so still great on rainy days) where North Vancouver community events take place.


North Vancouver Christmas Festival
Shipyards Christmas Festival (pre-tree lighting)


Other Information

For more details about North Vancouver’s winter holiday artisan fairs click Shipyards Christmas Markets.

Organized by the same people as the Shipyards Christmas Market, the North Shore Artisan Market is a similar event that happens at various times of the year.

For more information about the community event marking the official start to the holiday season in the City of North Vancouver, see our article about the Shipyards Christmas Festival.

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