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Whistler’s Vallea Lumina Light Attraction

Vallea Lumina in Whistler

Vallea Lumina is an attraction with lights and illuminations in the forest near Whistler. It’s located a couple of hours north of Vancouver.

Operating over the Christmas season as well as in the spring, summer and fall, it’s a magical place.


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Vallea Lumina in Whistler

The Adventure Group (TAG) is a company that offers ziplining, all-terrain vehicle tours, white-water rafting and ropes course adventures. It also has a cool light walk attraction called Vallea Lumina.


About the Vallea Lumina Light Walk

Vallea Lumina is located on Cougar Mountain just past Whistler. The experience is a collaboration between The Adventure Group and Moment Factory, a Canadian production studio.

The night walk is held throughout the whole year, with differences in theme during the winter compared to the warmer seasons. Vallea Lumina is an all-encompassing multimedia show that has all sorts of lights, projections and special effects. It turns the woods into quite a magical place!

The whole experience takes place on trails that wind through the Whistler forest. The beginning is at The Adventure Group’s Basecamp which is only a 10- to 15-minute drive from Whistler Village.


Vallea Lumina at Night


Vallea Lumina in Spring, Summer and Fall

The summer show usually takes place from June to October. The 2024 edition opens on May 31st and runs on select dates until the fall.

Because the sun sets at different times over the course of the summer, the time that Vallea Lumina starts changes too (or at least that’s the case in most years). At the peak of the summer the first show usually begins at around 10:00 pm. By the beginning of the fall the experience begins at around 7:30 pm.

The summer version is also a little longer than the winter show at around 45 to 60 minutes. As such, tickets in the summer cost a little more as well. Adult tickets are around $49.99 and youth tickets are $44.99. Children ages 5 years and younger are free.

The summer show has a couple of steep staircases. Because of that, if you have mobility issues, we suggest you don’t visit the Vallea Lumina. If you don’t mind climbing a few stairs, and hiking up and down some fairly easy slopes, however, then we highly recommend the experience! Strollers are also not allowed on the trails.

For most people, the experience isn’t too strenuous. The total distance for the summer show is around 1.5 kilometres (and in the winter it’s around 1 kilometre).


Vallea Lumina Tenting Scene
A Backcountry Theme in Summer


Vallea Lumina in Winter

The Vallea Lumina winter show usually runs from mid-November until late May. This season, the experience opened in October of 2023. It runs until late May in 2024.

There isn’t an exact time length for the experience as you can walk at your own pace. The winter show though usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes. Tickets cost about $49.99 for adults and teens (ages 13+) and $39.99 for youth (ages 6-12). Children ages 5 years and younger are free.

New for the 2023 to 2024 season, there’s also an add-on experience available for purchase. It’s a nighttime Superfly Zipline Tour, which allows guests to ride over the Vallea Lumina attraction. The experience takes an additional hour or so and costs an extra $75 per person.

As Vallea Lumina is entirely outdoors, make sure to bundle up! Except for during dangerous storms or other extreme circumstances, the event doesn’t get cancelled. As a result, if it rains on your scheduled day don’t expect to get a refund. Umbrellas are not allowed since they can block other peoples’ view of the lights, so bring a rain jacket!


Vallea Lumina Winter (by Moment Factory)
Vallea Lumina in Winter


Vallea Lumina Video

Below is a video with scenes of Vallea Lumina in the summer. As you’ll see, it’s very dark in places and the illuminations are really cool.

The video begins near the entrance by the parking lot. It then passes by the Superfly Ziplines starting platform, which is lit up but not operational at night. After that you’ll see the Basecamp with a campfire area and a few buildings including the snack bar.

As you’ll see in the video, there are stairs you have to climb. There are quite a few of them. The path goes up and down the hill with signage along the way. There are scenes that follow a storyline, magical illuminations, and flashing lights in places.

The adventure ends about 45 minutes later back at the Basecamp at a second campfire area. The entire experience is magical, fun and most enjoyable.

(Note: To see a video of the attraction in winter see the article about Vallea Lumina on the WhatToDoInWhistler.ca website.



Other Attractions at The Adventure Group

The Adventure Group is a great organization if you’re looking for fun outdoor activities in Whistler. Along with Vallea Lumina, ziplines and bungee jumping provide year-round fun.

In the summer specifically, TAG also offers ropes courses, white-water rafting and RZR motor tours among other things. Designated winter activities include snowmobile and snowshoeing tours.

For more information about all those activities and more, visit The Adventure Group website. For details about the ziplining specifically, see our article about Superfly Ziplines.


Zipline Adventures
Superfly Ziplines


Other Information

For more information about the venue, visit the Vallea Lumina website.

To learn about The Adventure Group’s ziplining adventures, see our article about Superfly Ziplines. Other amazing activities offered by the same company include the Aerial Obstacle Course, SnowmobilingWhitewater Rafting and RZR All-Terrain Vehicle Tours, plus other fun things too!

For ideas about other things to do in the area, see our article about Whistler or visit the website WhatToDoInWhistler.ca.

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