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Whistler Whitewater Rafting

Rafting on Whistler's Green River

Whitewater Rafting is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy with The Adventure Group in Whistler. Guides lead you on unforgettable rides down the Green River.


Whitewater Rafting on Whistler’s Green River

Looking for an amazing Canadian experience? Then try whitewater rafting. It’s a blast! With the activity in Whistler groups of friends and families float down on the rapids in inflatable rafts under the directions of their guides. The tours navigate through stunning rivers with low and high water levels.

There are a variety of environments to explore. Some parts of the tours feature calm waters with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains. At other times, there are sections where the river is really fast flowing! The tours can be wild and fun, but also completely safe.

Whitewater Rafting is available during the summer each year. Tours usually depart at around 12:00 pm most days and are only for folks who weigh 80 pounds and above. This means young kids aren’t permitted on the rafts in most cases.


Whitewater Rafting Location

Like other tours and adventures offered by the same company, the Whitewater Rafting experience begins at The Adventure Group’s basecamp. The place is located at Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road. It’s only about 10 to 15 minutes away from Whistler Village.

Whereas other activities like Ziplining, Ropes CoursesRZR Vehicle Tours and Vallea Lumina start and/or finish right at the basecamp, the rafting tours happen a short drive away. Participants get their wetsuits, helmets and paddles at the basecamp and then board a bus which takes everyone to the nearby Green River.


Whitewater Rafting in Whistler


Admission Rates

As of January, 2024, the cost to whitewater raft along Green River starts at $189 per person. The experience as a whole lasts for about two hours. Admission includes floatation vests, wetsuits and helmets.


Whitewater Rafting Video

For an idea of what to expect on the tours, check out the following video. We recorded it in the summer of 2022. We had such a fun time! As you’ll see, the ride was bumpy and we got splashed several times. The guide steered and helped us paddle while yelling out basic instructions to follow. Our guide was so awesome!



The Adventure Group

If planning a trip to Whistler, be sure to check out The Adventure Group. The organization offers a range of wonderful activities and excursions. In addition to whitewater rafting, there are also RZR Vehicle Tours and Superfly Ziplines. The Adventure Group operates an Aerial Obstacle Course and offers Snowmobiling tours as well. Or, if you’re looking for a less intense experience, Vallea Lumina is a forest attraction with magical lights and illuminations.


Tips & Advice

Below are some tips and advice to help you make the most of your whitewater rafting experience in Whistler.

TIP #1: If you have the time and can afford it, do more than one activity offered by The Adventure Group. If you buy a package that includes whitewater rafting and another activity, like the ziplining or ropes course activities, you’ll save money compared to paying for each adventure separately. And you don’t have to do both activities on the same day if you don’t want to.

TIP #2: Don’t plan to take your phone or camera to take photos and video while rafting. You’ll have your hands on your paddle almost the entire time, so you won’t be able to hold onto anything else. There is also no place to store your devices, and if you do take them they are pretty much guaranteed to get wet. If wanting to film, your only option really is to stick a Go-Pro on your head.

TIP #3: Expect to get wet! Wetsuits are provided, and you’ll appreciate that fact. You’ll want to wear your swimsuit underneath the wetsuit, or at least something non-bulky (including just your underwear if you want to). They recommend you don’t wear anything made of cotton, like cotton T-shirts because that fabric retains the cold.

TIP #4: Be sure to go to the bathroom before heading out. There are no washrooms on the river. Also, peeling yourself in and out of your wetsuit isn’t so convenient.


Other Information

For more information or to book your tickets now, visit The Adventure Group website.

To learn about other Whistler attractions visit WhatToDoInWhistler.ca.

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