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Tynehead Regional Park in Surrey

Surrey's Tynehead Regional Park

Tynehead Park is one of the largest parks in Surrey. It’s home to the headwaters of the Serpentine River, a fish hatchery, a dog park, several trails and more.


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Surrey’s Tynehead Park

Tynehead Regional Park covers over 600 acres of land in Surrey’s Guildford area. It has multiple trails of different lengths, a few picnic areas and lots of nature. It’s a beautiful spot, especially from mid-spring until late autumn (while there are leaves on the trees).

Trails to explore in Tynehead Park include the Hatchery Trail, Birch Grove Trail, Salmon Habitat Loop Trail and Tynehead Perimeter Trail. Out of the aforementioned paths, the Perimeter Trail is the most popular. It’s over 4 kilometres long and is the only one with a fully-paved surface. This trail is great for running, walking and cycling. It loops all around the eastern half of the park.

The headwaters of the Serpentine River are in the park, so trout and salmon can be seen spawning here. The Tynehead Fish Hatchery is a great place to learn about the fish and to view seasonal releases (although it’s not always open). The park is also home to owls, hawks, coyotes and other wildlife.

The dog park is a large, 6-acre area where folks can let their pets run and play off-leash. It’s mostly just an enclosed grass field, but there is also a nice off-leash trail which makes for a fun walk or jog.


Overhead Walkway at Tynehead Park
Above the Trans-Canada Highway at 168th Street


Where is Tynehead Park?

Tynehead Regional Park is located in North Surrey. The address for its off-leash dog area in the north-central part of the park is 10017 168th Street. The address for the hatchery, at the far southern edge of the property, is 16689 96th Avenue.

Tynehead is a fairly large park. Its northern edge runs along the south side of the Trans-Canada Highway. For pedestrians and cyclists, an overhead walkway conveniently goes over the highway at 168th street.

The park is more or less bordered by 102nd Avenue and the Trans-Canada Highway to the north, 96th Avenue to the south and 176th Street (or Pacific Highway/Highway #15 to the east). The western edge is also just a few blocks east of 160th Street. 168th Street runs down the middle and separates the park into two main areas with Serpentine Hills and the Tynehead Perimeter Trail in the eastern half.

Being such a large park, there is more than just one access point. There is the Serpentine Fields Entrance, Serpentine Hills Entrance, Tynehead Hatchery Entrance, and Serpentine Hollow Entrance.

If driving from Vancouver along the Trans-Canada Highway, Exit #50 will get you to all of the main entrances via 160th Street followed by other roads. Exit #53 is also good though if you miss the #50 turnoff or want to start at the Serpentine Hills Entrance.


Surrey's Tynehead Regional Park
Near the Dog Park and Serpentine Fields Entrance


Serpentine Fields Entrance

There’s a main parking lot in the north-middle part of the park, just off 168th Street. That’s where you’ll find the off-leash dog area, walking trails, picnic tables and toilets. This is the Serpentine Fields Entrance. The address for the dog park is 10017 168th Street. Not far away, on the other side of 168th Street, you can access the Tynehead Perimeter Trail.


Serpentine Hills Entrance

There is another main entrance with a parking area at the southern edge of the park halfway between 168th Street and 176th Street (or Highway #15). This is the Serpentine Hills Entrance. At this entrance you can access the Tynehead Perimeter Trail. There are also washrooms and picnic tables.


Tynehead Hatchery Entrance

The third main entrance area with parking is off 96th Avenue a little ways west of 168th Avenue. Here you’ll find the hatchery, picnic tables, toilets and access to walking trails. The address of the hatchery is 16689 96th Avenue.

If driving from Vancouver, get on the Trans-Canada Highway and then take exit 50. Follow signs for 160th Street, and then turn left onto 96th Avenue. Make a left turn into the Hatchery parking lot, which is after 164th Street but before 168th Street.


Serpentine Hollow Entrance

A fourth parking area is at the Serpentine Hollow Entrance at the end of 161st Street just south of 102nd Avenue. Here you’ll also find toilets and walking trails. This entrance is the closest one to the Trans-Canada Highway and #50 Exit.


Picnic at Tynehead Park
A Picnic Area at Tynehead Park


What You’ll Find at Tynehead Park

There are exceptional walking and cycling trails at Tynehead Regional Park. There is also a great off-leash dog area, a river, forest, rolling hills, a fish hatchery and even a group camping site. The park is a popular place for nature lovers and people wanting to go for a walk, jog or bike ride.


Dogs at the Park

Dogs are welcome in most areas at Tynehead Park when on leash. Near the Serpentine Fields Entrance, at 10017 168th Street, there’s an enclosed field where you can let your dog run around freely. It’s a great spot for dogs and their owners to play.


Tynehead Fish Hatchery

The address for the fish hatchery is 16689 96th Avenue. Chinook, Coho and Chum salmon are bred at the hatchery. The fish are then released into the Serpentine River.

The hatchery is sometimes open to the public. It was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic but has since re-opened.

To learn more about the facility, see the Tynehead Hatchery‘s website.

TIP: If you like fish hatcheries, one of our favourites is the Capilano River Hatchery in North Vancouver.


Surrey's Tynehead Regional Park
Hawthorn Trail at Tynehead Park


Walking and Cycling Trails at the Park

Tynehead Regional Park is full of trails. Some are fairly flat and others go over rolling hills. Some are paved, others are gravel. Most of the trails go through forested areas, but others are out in the open.

As mentioned above, the park is divided into two halves with 168th Street running north-to-south down the middle. In the western half the trails are for pedestrians. Cycling is only allowed on the Tynehead Perimeter Trail which makes a loop around the eastern half of the park. The Perimeter Trail is a paved path shared by both cyclists and pedestrians. It makes for a nice and fairly leisurely bike ride, although there are hilly sections (so you will get some exercise).

Hiking trails in the western half of the park include the Birch Grove Trail, Hatchery Trail, Hawthorn Trail, Nurse Stump Trail, Serpentine Loop Trail, Salmon Habitat Loop Trail, Sunny Trail, Trillium Trail and Tynehead Greenway. Of these, only the Hatchery Trail, Birch Grove Trail and Salmon Habitat Trail are suitable for people in wheelchairs.

Because it’s paved, the Tynehead Perimeter Trail is also wheelchair accessible (although it’s hilly, so tough going if having to rely on human power).

For a map of the park and its trails, click Tynehead Park Map.


Group Camping

Located less than half a kilometre from the hatchery, the Raven’s Nest Group Campsite is good for up to 40 people. It has a dozen small tent areas, a picnic shelter, a campfire ring and pit toilets. To reserve the facilities you have to call 604.432.6352.

The Raven’s Nest is a group campsite, so for large groups. It’s not for individuals, unless you want to book the entire area for yourself. You also can’t just drive in and show up with your tent. Advanced reservations are required.


Other Information

For more information, visit the Tynehead Regional Park page on the City of Surrey’s website. Additional information is also available on the Metro Vancouver website.

For a map and further details, click Tynehead Park Brochure.

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