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Tynehead Regional Park in Surrey

Surrey's Tynehead Regional Park

Tynehead Park is one of the largest parks in Surrey. It is home to the headwaters of the Serpentine River, a fish hatchery, a dog park, several trails and more.


Surrey’s Tynehead Park

Tynehead Regional Park covers over 600 acres of land in Surrey’s Guildford area. It contains multiple trails of different lengths, a few picnic areas, a hatchery, an off-leash dog park and more.

Trails to explore in Tynehead Park include the Hatchery Trail, Birch Grove Trail, Salmon Habitat Loop Trail and Tynehead Perimeter Trail. Out of the aforementioned paths, the Tynehead Perimeter Trail is likely the most popular. It’s over 4 km long. It is also the only one with a mostly paved surface. This trail leads around the park and is great for walking, running and even cycling.

The headwaters of Serpentine River are in the park, so trout and salmon can be seen spawning here. The Tynehead Fish Hatchery is a great place to learn about the fish and to view seasonal releases. The park is also home to owls, hawks, coyotes and other wildlife.

The dog park is a large, 6-acre area where folk can let their pets off-leash. It is mainly just an open grass field, but there is also a nice off-leash trail which makes for a fun walk or jog.


Surrey's Tynehead Regional Park


Where is Tynehead Park?

Tynehead Park is located at 16689 96th Avenue in Surrey. It’s a large park and the northern edge of it runs along the south side of the Trans-Canada Highway.

If driving from Vancouver, get on the Trans-Canada Highway and then take exit 50. Follow signs for 160th Street, and then turn left onto 96th Avenue. Make a left turn into the Hatchery parking lot, which is after 164th Street but before 168th Street.


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