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Vancouver Brewhalla Beer and Music Festivals

Brewhalla Beer Festivals

The Brewhalla Beer and Music Festival features craft beer, food and live music at beer festivals in Fort Langley, and North Vancouver.

In the past there have also been Brewhalla events in Port Moody and Cloverdale (but likely not in 2024).

Brewhalla is the brand for the series. In 2024 Brewhalla North Vancouver and Brewhalla Fort Langley are both in the spring. There’s a new event in New Westminster during the summer. Then in the fall, there’s an event in Chilliwack. In autumn there is also the Whistler Craft Beer Festival which is affiliated with the Brewhalla series.

See below for details about all of Brewhalla’s various events.


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Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festivals


The Brewhalla Beer & Music Series of Festivals

Brewhalla is a relatively new addition to the summer events scene in the Lower Mainland. There are around five festivals in different cities in the region. In 2024 the first is in North Vancouver and the second is in Fort Langley. The third event is a new one in New Westminster, and the fourth takes place in Chilliwack.

Each of the Brewhalla events are for people ages 19+. This is because these events are beer festivals. Around 20 to 30 different craft breweries usually take part at each festival.

In addition to all the beer stations, there are food vendors and multiple live music performances to enjoy as you eat and drink. Exact details for each event vary, but generally you can expect there to be raffles or giveaways as well as activities like cornhole (i.e. bean bag throwing) and other lawn games to play.


Brewhalla Port Moody


The 2023 and 2024 Craft Beer Festivals

2022 was the inaugural year for the Brewhalla Festival. There were four stops. In 2023 there were four stops once again. Details about each 2023 event are listed below, along with any tentative dates for 2024.


Brewhalla North Vancouver

Note: This event runs from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Friday, April 19th in 2024. Additional details are to be confirmed.

The first stop of the Brewhalla tour in 2023 was in North Vancouver on Friday, April 14th, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The event took place at the Shipyards. One of the most popular places for events on the North Shore, the venue is at 125 Victory Ship Way. It’s about a five-minute walk from the SeaBus terminal near the bottom of Lonsdale Avenue.

Early bird tickets were on sale for around $35 each this past year but were sold out as of early April. General admission cost about $55. There were about 24 different breweries featured at the event, plus a variety of food trucks. The musical acts scheduled to perform this year included the following:

  • Vince Vaccaro
  • Wasakaka Latin Band
  • Best Night Ever
  • The Dial Tones
  • DJ Paisley Eva
  • DJ A-Slam

At the North Vancouver event there were a good number of North Shore breweries represented. One of our favourites is Deep Cove Brewers. Until the place closed in the summer of 2023, this brewery was at 2270 Dollarton Highway (which is about halfway between the Village of Deep Cove and North Vancouver’s Shipyards District). Deep Cove Brewers had a really nice outdoor patio, and live music certain days of the week. The beers there were also really good. Our favourite was the brewery’s pale ale.

To learn more about this event, see our article about Brewhalla North Vancouver.


Ryan McAllister Band
The Ryan McAllister Band



Interestingly, the City of North Vancouver was the first municipality in British Columbia to allow the drinking of alcohol in designated public parks and other outdoor spaces. Shipbuilders’ Square at the Shipyards is one such place. To learn more about this and other places on the North Shore where you can crack open a cold one without the risk of getting arrested, see our article about North Vancouver Alcohol-Friendly Parks.


The Shipyards and Deep Cove Beer
Shipbuilders’ Square (and a Growler of Deep Cove Beer)


Brewhalla Fort Langley

Note: This event takes place on Saturday, May 18th in 2024. It runs from noon until 6:00 pm. Other details are to be confirmed.

The second Brewhalla event in 2023 was on Saturday, May 20th. It was at Fort Langley Park at 9089 Nash Street from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Tickets cost between about $35 and $55. Admission included a tasting glass and three drink tokens. Additional beverage samples cost extra.

The festival in Fort Langley is the only one that has happened in years before 2022. In the past it was simply the Fort Langley Beer Festival. Now it’s “Brewhalla Fort Langley.” It’s pretty much the same, just with a different name and at a slightly different venue. In the past it happened outside the Fort Langley National Historic Site. In 2022 it was at Fort Langley Park (which is about a kilometre west of the fort). The 2023 event took place at the same location in the park.

The food options at this venue usually include things like burgers, donairs, macaroni and cheese, acai bowls, donuts and more.

The musical acts at this event in 2023 were the following:

  • Orchard Sky
  • Laterdays
  • Cambree Lovesy
  • Garrett T. Willie
  • Antonio Larosa
  • The Motown Show with Krystle Dos Santos and Mike Henry
  • Kate Yahn and The Bungalow

To learn more about this event, see our article about the Fort Langley Beer Festival.


Trading Post Beer Truck in Fort Langley
Fort Langley Beer Festival


Brewhalla Port Moody

Note: This event did not happen in 2023. It was then postponed to 2024, but it might not be happening this year either. Exact details are to be confirmed.

In 2022 the Port Moody Brewhalla event was the only one of the four festivals that took place over two days. It happened on the Friday and Saturday of August 5th and 6th last year. The event’s hours of operation were from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm on the Friday and from noon until 5:00 pm on the Saturday. The event took place at Inlet Field Park at 3024 Murray Street which is just a few blocks from Rocky Point Park.

Before it got postponed, the 2023 Port Moody event was going to happen on just one day, Saturday, August 12th. Over 20 breweries took part in the event last year with more than six food options as well. Tickets started at a little under $50.

Inlet Field Park is just down the street from what’s known as “Brewer’s Row” near Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park. This means that if this event isn’t enough for you, there are plenty more breweries not too far away!

The musical acts performing at this event in 2022 were the following:

  • Jobe
  • Brother Luck
  • Hyaenas
  • Aza Nabuko
  • Shady & Con
  • Mikey Jose
  • Sam Chimes
  • Shaun Finn
  • Frase & Fawna
  • Syd Warwick
  • Yvonne Kushe
  • Raincity
  • Adam Thomas
  • Phil Bo
  • Brewhalla House Band

To learn more about this event, see our article about Brewhalla Port Moody.

To see a video of this event, see below or click Brewhalla Video .


The Hyaenas at Brewhalla
The Hyaenas


Brewhalla Chilliwack

Note: This event returns from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 5th in 2024. Additional details are to be confirmed.

New for 2023 was Brewhalla Chilliwack. It took place on Saturday, October 7th, at Watson Glen Park. The venue is located at 5727 Tyson Road and the festivities ran from noon until 6:00 pm.

As with other events in the series, Brewhalla Chilliwack features various breweries and food vendors. The entertainment lineup from 2023 included the following:

  • Cameron Whitcomb
  • House of the Future
  • Michaela Slinger
  • TriloJay

Tickets cost between about $36 and $150. Early bird tickets were the least expensive and VIP tickets cost the most. Admission included a commemorative glass and three drink tokens. VIP tickets came with additional perks as well.

For more information about this event, see our article about Brewhalla Chilliwack.


Brewhalla Beer Festival


Brewhalla Cloverdale

The final Brewhalla event in 2023 was in Surrey on Saturday, October 28th. This event took place from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds at 17798 62nd Avenue. There was free parking available at the site itself on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Cloverdale event featured more than 30 breweries, a number of food options and live music. There were also fun games to enjoy. General admission cost $45 each before taxes and online fees. Early bird and VIP tickets were also available.

Live entertainment at the 2023 event included performances by the following:

  • Side One
  • TriloJay
  • Antonio Larosa
  • Sadé Awele
  • Frankie & The Juicebox

To learn more, see our article about Brewhalla Cloverdale.


Brewhalla Video

To give you an idea of what to expect at a Brewhalla event, check out the videos below. The first one shows scenes of the festival in Port Moody in 2022. The second one is of the event in North Vancouver later in the same year.


Brewhalla North Port Moody Video

As you’ll see in the following video, there were lots of beer vendors at the Port Moody event, and the number of attendees was very reasonable. When we went you didn’t have to line up for a long time to get your samples. There was also live music to enjoy and food trucks to buy all kinds of tasty treats from. The weather on the day was also perfect for beer drinking!



Brewhalla North Vancouver Video

The same as the event in Port Moody, Brewhalla North Vancouver was also awesome. It took place at the Shipyards in October. Over half the event was outside, but in a large, covered area. Not shown in the video are vendors which were also set up indoors in the Pipe Shop.

The band featured in this video is Trilojay.



Other Information

For more information about the beer-themed events in Fort Langley, Port Moody, North Vancouver or Cloverdale, visit the Brewhalla Beer & Music Festival website.

Note: Brewhalla is unrelated to the Brewhall which is a Vancouver bar owned by the same company as the Tap & Barrel chain of restaurants.

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