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Vancouver Craft Beers and Breweries

People in Vancouver love their beer, as evident in the number of pubs, bars, craft breweries, beer festivals and other beer-related events in the region.


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Beer in Vancouver

If you’re serious about beer and are either living in or visiting Vancouver, below are some places, events and organizations you should know about. Cheers and bottoms up!


Drinking Alcohol in Public

Did you know that you can drink beer and other adult beverages in public at select parks in the Lower Mainland? North Vancouver was the first city to allow this. Since then though, several other municipalities have relaxed their liquor bylaws too.

You still aren’t allowed to drink alcohol in most public places in British Columbia. Increasingly though, there are parks and other outdoor venues where you can.

For a list of places where you can drink openly on the North Shore see our article about North Van Parks Where You Can Drink Alcohol.


Deep Cove Brewery in North Vancouver
Deep Cove Brewery in North Vancouver


Craft Brew Pubs

British Columbia has over 100 craft beer breweries and the majority of them are based in Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland. Microbreweries, pubs and restaurants that brew and serve their own suds include the following:


Red Truck Brewery Beers Display
Red Truck Brewery Beers


Micro and Nano-Breweries

There are many other local micro and nano-breweries in Metro Vancouver. For a tour of some of the best check out Vancouver Brewery Tours.

Some good bars that serve a wide selection of craft beers include the following:

  • Craft Beer Market – a large pub in the Olympic Village’s historic Salt Building at 85 West 1st Avenue boasting the city’s largest selection of craft beers.
  • Deep Cove Brewery – a craft beer brewery at 2270 Dollarton Highway in North Vancouver. They also have a distillery where they make their own spirits including berry liqueurs, vodka, whiskey and gin.
  • Luppolo Brewing – a brewery at 1123 Venables Street in East Vancouver.
  • Tap & Barrel – a popular bar with locations at Olympic Village, the Vancouver Convention Centre downtown and Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver.
  • The Raven Pub – a pub-style restaurant at 1052 Deep Cove Road in North Vancouver that’s famous for its pizza and boasts the largest selection of craft beer on the North Shore. It’s a bit out of the way, but close to the beautiful village of Deep Cove.
  • Stanley Park Brewing – a brewery, restaurant and brewpub at 8901 Stanley Park Drive in Stanley Park.


Stanley Park Beer Samples
Stanley Park Brewing Craft Beers


The drinking age in BC is 19. When you drink, please do so responsibly.


Beer Events

The Lower Mainland hosts a number of great beer festivals and events each year, including the following:


Deep Cove Brewers


Other Information

If you like events that serve adult beverages, other events you might be interested in include the following:

If you’re more of a wine person, or like wine in addition to beer, then be sure to also check out our articles about Lower Mainland’s Wineries. For information about BC-made spirits and brews click BC Distilleries or North Shore Craft Breweries.

For other types of events throughout the year, check out Vancouver’s Festivals and Events Calendar.