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Vancouver Dinosaur Exhibits and Events

Dinosaurs in Vancouver

There are several Jurassic-themed dinosaur exhibitions in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in 2023. There will be at least one T. Rex at every event!

In 2023 multiple dinosaurs are in Vancouver, Abbotsford and Richmond.

T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator is at Science World until January. Jurassic Quest, meanwhile, is reputedly the largest dinosaur attraction in North America. It sets up at the Vancouver Convention Centre for three days in mid-May and then in Abbotsford over the Victoria Day Long Weekend. Jurassic World is a dinosaur show at the Pacific Coliseum in the second half of May.

In addition to the above, the Richmond Night Market runs from around May until autumn. At it, the same as in past years, there will likely be a few dinosaur displays there too.

Last year there was also Dinosaur World which was in Surrey on the first weekend in April. Whether it returns to the Lower Mainland in the future is to be confirmed.


This article contains information about the following dinosaur exhibitions:

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Jurassic Quest Dinosaur Attraction


Dinosaurs in Vancouver in 2023

There are not many things more popular than dinosaurs, especially amongst children, and in particular young boys. Dinosaurs remain very much in the public eye to this day, serving as pop culture phenomena on top of being a continued object of scientific study.

The craze about dinosaurs continues in 2023 as there are a range of dinosaur-focused events coming to the region! They all provide the opportunity to learn about these ancient creatures and to have fun with all sorts of different experiences and activities!


Dinosaur at Tradex


Jurassic Quest Vancouver

Jurassic Quest is the biggest touring dinosaur event on the continent and it arrives in the Lower Mainland in May of 2023. First, it sets up at the Vancouver Convention Centre from May 12th to 14th. After that it heads to the Abbotsford TRADEX Centre for the Victoria Day Long Weekend of May 19th to 22nd. Both of these exhibitions are the same, just in different locations.

Like with the special exhibition at Science World, there is the opportunity to learn all about dinosaurs at Jurassic Quest. That being said, this event is more like an amusement park. There are many dinosaur models at the event, all life-size and created to be as accurate as possible according to the latest scientific findings.

Jurassic Quest prides itself on being an interactive event aimed especially at a younger audience. There are dinosaur-themed bouncy castles, arts and crafts activities and the opportunity to dig for fossils. As well, there are special animatronic dinosaurs that walk around and which children can ride.

The “quest” part of the event comes in the form of a map with clues on it. This is given to anyone who wants one. Complete the missions and you’ll win a prize at the end, or at least that was the case in 2022.

The ticket price before taxes for Jurassic Quest in 2023 is around $28 for both adults and children. Kids can also get an “unlimited ride pass” for around $45 plus tax. Otherwise, all dinosaur rides cost about $6 each.

This event has a great reputation and promises to be exceptional! For more information and to buy tickets visit the Jurassic Quest website.


Jurassic Quest in the Lower Mainland


T. Rex Skeleton
A T. Rex Skeleton at Science World

T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator

This is the new feature exhibition at Science World, Vancouver’s famous science centre. The exhibit opened on February 26th, 2022, and it runs until January 22nd, 2023. The exhibition is presented in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History and it focuses on the Tyrannosaur family of dinosaurs.

Like you would expect from a Science World feature, this exhibition is very educational. There are multiple interactive displays. Participants can combine animal roars to create an approximation of what the Tyrannosaurus Rex might have sounded like. They can also examine fossil casts with various tools and interact with a life-size animated creature.

T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator incorporates the most up-to-date scientific findings. It estimates what exactly these dinosaurs might have looked like from a young, feathered hatchling all the way to the mature, gigantic apex predator. The exhibition posits new theories and discoveries on these creatures that might surprise you.

Access to this exhibition is included with regular Science World admission which is around $30 for adults and $20 to $24 for seniors, children and teenagers (before taxes).

For more information about the centre itself, check out our article about Science World. To see a video showing what T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator looks like, scroll to near the bottom of this article.


Dinosaur Exhibit at Vancouver's Science World
A dinosaur exhibit at Science World


Jurassic World

Jurassic World is a touring show, not an exhibition. Animatronic dinosaurs and people are the actors, and there is a story.

The exciting production is based on the film franchise but features its own plot. There are impressive moving dinosaurs and action sequences during the show. Before each performance, folks can also check out the preshow experience, which makes for great photo opportunities with various dinosaurs and vehicles.

The shows take place at the Pacific Coliseum in 2023 on six dates between May 19th and 28th.

To learn more about this event see our article about the Jurassic World Live Tour.


Dinosaur World Vancouver

The organization Dinosaur World brought its new exhibition Jurassic Fest to Surrey’s Cloverdale Fairgrounds from April 1st to 3rd in 2022. This event was a bit smaller than the other touring exhibitions, but it still had a number of life-size dinosaur models as well as various activities for attendees to enjoy.

At Jurassic Fest there was a dinosaur-themed play area for little folk. There were also bouncy castles, fossil excavation games and the chance to get up close and personal with the giant dinosaur models.

While wasn’t not as grandiose as the Science World or Jurassic Quest exhibitions, Jurassic Fest was cheaper at either $16 or $24 for adults depending on when exactly you went. It was also either just $12 or $16 for children.

Tickets to Jurassic Fest were bought for two-hour timeslots between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Timeslots beginning between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on the Saturday and Sunday cost more. Entry at other times cost less.

Whether this event returns in the future is to be confirmed.


T. Rex Dinosaur at Richmond Night Market
T. Rex at Richmond Night Market


The Richmond Night Market

A more permanent dinosaur exhibition is at the Richmond Night Market near Bridgeport SkyTrain Station in Richmond. In 2016 the market installed over a dozen dinosaur animatronics and they’ve since become a staple of the market experience.

Some of the dinosaurs at the market roar and move around a bit. They are very popular for taking pictures with. The prehistoric models aren’t the main focus of the market, but they are a fun addition and something that people love to check out when they visit.

The market likely opens for the 2023 season sometime in May, and the dinosaurs should be there when they do (although exact details are to be confirmed).

To learn more check out our article on the Richmond Night Market.


Victoria Day in Vancouver


Dinosaur Video

To see what the T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator exhibit at Science World looks like, check out the video below. It was taken in March of 2022.

As you’ll see in the video, the Science World event features a good number of dinosaur models and bones. It’s a great event for both children and adults.



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