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Anywhere But Here By Electric Company Theatre in 2020

Anywhere But Here Play

Anywhere But Here is a play created by the Electric Company Theatre Society with performances on February 4th to 15th, 2020, at the Vancouver Playhouse.


The Electric Company Theatre Society Presents Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here is a play written by Carmen Aguirre and directed by Juliette Carrillo about a family traveling from Canada back to Chile.

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Anywhere But Here

The play takes place in 1979 and explores the past, present and future of being a refugee and trying to navigate borders. The story examines the quest for home and the feelings of displacement that can occur when you can no longer be where you feel most at home. On their adventure, the family has many encounters with characters affected in different ways by President Trump’s wall at the Mexican/American border.

Anywhere But Here features a full cast of people of colour and is directed and led by three women. Shad Kabango, a Juno-award winning Canadian Hip Hop and Alternative artist, assisted with creating the rap music in this performance.

This play is a touching performance that provides relevance to what many members of our society face every day. Everyone who attends this play will be emotionally touched in some way or another and it will leave you thinking about the consequences of your actions and what you can do to help those around you who need your support.


Vancouver Playhouse
Vancouver Playhouse on Hamilton Street


Where and When

The production takes place at the Vancouver Playhouse at 600 Hamilton Street from February 4th until the 15th in 2020. Every evening (except for the Sunday and Monday of February 9th and 10th) there is a performance at 7:30 pm. On the Saturdays there is also a matinee at 2:00 pm.

The play runs for just over two hours including an intermission.

The Vancouver Playhouse is wheelchair-accessible, including an accessible washroom, and there are reserved accessible seats. If mobility is an issue, be sure to contact the company about getting these seats early as the spaces are limited and you don’t want to miss out.

For the preview shows on February 4th and 5th tickets are around $20. On all other nights they are between $20 and $60 depending on where you want to sit.


Anywhere But Here Video

To give you an idea of what to expect, below is a short promotional video about Anywhere But Here. It features scenes from the story, background information and comments from its creators.



Electric Company Theatre Society

Founded in 1996 by Kim Collier, Kevin Kerr, Jonathon Young and David Hudgins, the Electric Company Theatre Society challenges the boundaries of live theatre and strives to motivate its audiences to re-consider the general themes that their performances revolve around.

As a registered charitable organization, the Electric Company Theatre Society uses donations from their patrons to create the sets used and to gather the artists that create the soundtracks and visual art. These donations consequently allow them to keep the cost of tickets as low as possible.

For this performance in particular, it is important to the organization putting it on that they are able to reach an audience who can relate to the story and who may not be able to afford normal theatre ticket prices due to marginalization. They also offer free tickets to the show for those who need assistance because they believe it is important that everyone be able to see the show without worrying about not being able to afford it.


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Other Information

There are some mature themes, foul language and nudity in the play so it is recommended for a more mature audience. Warning: For those with light sensitivities, strobe lights may also be used in the performance.

TIP #1: As you enter the building, visit the shrine that is being created to your right. It is encouraged that you leave a butterfly for someone in your life that you may have lost or for someone that needs assistance.

TIP #2: During the intermission we highly recommend that you get up and walk around if you can. The show is over 2 hours long and sitting for that amount of time can make you uncomfortable and restless.

To purchase tickets click Anywhere But Here.

For more information about the organization behind the play click Electric Company Theatre.

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