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Vancouver’s Bridal Falls Waterpark

Bridal Falls Waterpark

Located in the Fraser Valley about 1.5 hours from Vancouver, Bridal Falls Waterpark is a water slide attraction that’s popular with young families.


Bridal Falls Waterpark in the Fraser Valley

The Lower Mainland has three main water slide parks. The Cultus Lake Waterpark and Bridal Falls Waterpark are both in the Fraser Valley. The one at Cultus Lake is massive. The park at Bridal Falls is smaller. The third place to find water slides is at Big Splash in Tsawwassen.

Of the three water slide attractions, Bridal Falls Waterpark is generally the least expensive. It’s also arguably the best for families with very young children. It’s a good place for elementary school-aged children, so for kids up to about 12 years of age.

When we visited Bridal Falls, excluding parents and staff, the average age of participants, we’re guessing, was about 7. Unlike the Lower Mainland’s other water slide venues, there were almost no teenagers to be found (which is what makes it an especially good place for little kids).


Lifeguards at Bridal Falls Waterpark


Where is Bridal Falls Waterpark?

Bridal Falls Waterpark is located at 53790 Popkum Road South in Rosedale, British Columbia. It’s just off the Trans-Canada Highway, at exit #135, about 15 minutes from Chilliwack and an 18-km drive south of Harrison Hot Springs.

The waterpark is at the base of a large mountain. Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is just a 2-minute drive away.


When is Bridal Falls Open?

The waterpark is usually open from the last weekend in June until Labour Day Monday on the first weekend in September. Its hours of operation are from 11 am until 6 pm. In 2022 the park was open daily from June 25th to September 5th. The 2023 schedule will likely be similar, although exact details are to be confirmed.


How Much is Admission?

Ticket prices for the 2023 season are to be confirmed.

In 2022, admission to Bridal Falls Waterpark was anywhere from free to $8, $12 or $29 depending on when you went, your age and what you wanted to do.

A full day of sliding last year cost $29 per person over the age of 2 (plus tax). Whether you were 3 years old or 99, the cost to use the slides was the same. Children ages 2 and under, however, were free.

There was also no charge for people who wanted to watch from the outside observation area, but not have access to inside the attraction. Parking was also free.

If you wanted to go into the venue, but not go down any of the slides or into the hot tub, you could have done that for $12 in 2022. This option was good for parents of very young children who just wanted to hang out in the kiddie slides area.

And finally, the cost for admission at 4:30 pm (so for the final hour and a half of sliding each day) cost just $8 per person last year.


Moms on the Observation Deck
Watching from the Observation Deck


What to Expect at Bridal Falls Waterpark

Expect to see lots of little kids having fun with their parents at Bridal Falls Waterpark. The place can get packed on sunny weekends in the summer, and can be busy on other days too.

The attraction is located in a really nice setting. The slides are surrounded by green lawns. In the background is a large mountain and forest.

At the waterpark there is a large hot tub which holds up to about four dozen or so people. There are also a few little kids’ slides, a tubing run for larger people, and three to four intermediate to advanced slides (which are fun, but not overly “advanced”).

In addition to the slides, the attraction has a large hot tub, washrooms, changing rooms and a gift shop.

The waterpark also has a snack bar. When we went a couple of years ago, chicken tenders, chicken burgers, cheeseburgers and vegetarian burgers all came with fries and cost $10 each. There were also other things like hot dogs, poutine and ice cream. Pop, tea, coffee, juice, bottled water and hot chocolate all cost around $3 plus or minus.


Sliding Down Night Fighter Slide
The Night Fighter Slide


The “Advanced” Slides

The four “advanced” slides at Bridal Falls, from left to right as you are facing down the hill, are Kamikaze, Black Hole, Water Blaster and Night Fighter. They all start together at the top of the hill in the middle of the park.

(Note: Bridal Falls is a waterpark that caters primarily to families with young children. As a result, their “advanced” slides are comparable to intermediate slides at other waterparks where teenagers make up a larger proportion of visitors. In our opinion, only Water Blaster and the Black Hole are close to real “advanced” slides. For Bridal Falls though, and its younger crowd, they are advanced.)

Night Fighter, the slide on the far right as you face down the hill, is an average slide. It’s not so fast. The one next to it, Water Blaster, on the other hand, is crazy fast! It’s so fast, in fact, that when one of us went down, the person actually flipped over onto their stomach. Be careful on this one!

The Black Hole is probably the slowest of the four intermediate slides, which is good because for 95% of the trip you’re sliding down in a dark tunnel and can hardly see a thing. It’s a lot of fun (unless you don’t like flying blind down dark tunnels)!

The final intermediate slide, Kamikaze, is similar to Night Fighter. Both of these outer slides are fun, but slower than Water Blaster.


Waterpark Video

To give you an idea of what to expect at Bridal Falls, check out the following video.



Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and other things to know about Bridal Falls.

TIP #1: Dogs are not allowed at the waterpark (although they are permitted on leash in the outside observation area).

TIP #2: Outside food is permitted. As a result, you have the option of buying lunch and drinks at the snack bar, or bringing your own picnic from home.

TIP #3: There are a number of nice covered picnic tables at the waterpark. They are popular though and can get snapped up quick on hot sunny weekends. If you want one, you’ll have to arrive right at the start, or even a few minutes early, so you can be near the front of the lineup to get in. Then, once inside, race to one of the tables to claim your spot!

TIP #4: Guests have to be at least 42 inches in height to ride the four “advanced” slides and 48 inches (for four feet tall) to go down the tubing slide.

TIP #5: Lying down usually makes you go faster while sitting up makes you go slower. That’s not always the case though. Test out a couple of slides to see what works for you. Another way to slow down slightly is to go down with your legs spread apart.


Bridal Falls Waterpark


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