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Tsawwassen’s Big Splash Water Slide Park

Big Splash Water Slide Park

Big Splash is the Vancouver region’s second largest water park with water slides in Delta near the Tsawwassen Mills outlet mall and BC Ferries’ ferry terminal.

Other similar places in the Lower Mainland include Bridal Falls Waterpark (which is about the same size or maybe slightly smaller), and Cultus Lake Waterpark (which is huge). Granville Island also has a tiny waterpark with a slide that’s free.

The park is only open in the summer. As of mid-spring in 2024, its hours and dates of operation for this year are to be confirmed.


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Big Splash Water Slides

Formerly known as Splashdown, Big Splash Water Slides is a water park that was renovated back in 2017. The park features a variety of slides, hot tubs and even a kids’ area for little folks to enjoy.

The venue’s address is 4775 Nulelum Way in Tsawwassen. It’s located about a five-minute drive from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and about 35 minutes from the centre of downtown Vancouver (when traffic is good).

Park policies used to prohibit outside food and beverages. In recent years, however, guests have been allowed to bring one cooler of food and drinks (which is great)! This will likely be the case in 2024 as well.


Admission and Hours

General admission to the park applies to anyone over the age of 3. In 2023 it cost $39 to get in. Taxes were extra. Children ages 3 and under had free admission with a paying adult.

For folks arriving in the late afternoon Big Splash offers discounted admission most years. Twilight admission (in the last three hours of the day) cost $29 plus tax in 2023.

Big Splash Water Park usually opens up when it gets hot in Vancouver, so usually in late June. The opening date for 2023 was on the Canada Day long weekend, so Saturday, July 1st. The water park remained open until Monday, September 4th, 2023.

Splash Down Water Park is open daily from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm with twilight admission from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm.


Big Splash Water Slides


The Water Slides at Big Splash

Big Splash Water Park features a variety of attractions for people of all ages. There are slides, a pool, hot tubs and even a Kids’ Zone for younger guests.

Tube Slides are slides that must be ridden using an inflatable tube (which is provided at the park). Big Splash has two of these kinds of slides – the Boomerango and Eddy’s Eagle Run. The Boomerango was new for 2018 and was at the time the only slide of its kind in Western Canada.

The park also has several Body Slides that can be ridden without a tube. They are colour-coded according to level of difficulty, with a yellow slide being intermediate level and blue being advanced.

Yellow slides include the Double Trouble, Loop the Loop, and Solar Splash. Blue slides include the Splash Blaster, Kamikaze, Twist and Shout, and Cliff Hanger.

For younger folks Big Splash has the Kids’ Zone. This area includes a Junior Splash slide which is essentially just a collection of four small slopes and a Splash Pad.


Big Splash Entrance Lineup


Table and Cabana Rentals

For folks wanting a guaranteed area to sit and enjoy the day, Big Splash offers reservable picnic and patio tables. The patio tables include four chairs and a beach umbrella to be used during your stay. Table rentals for the day in 2023 cost about $26 plus tax.

Cabanas are also available to rent for the day. While a little pricey, they do include several options that make them a good value. Included in the rental price of a basic cabana is the use of a tent with privacy screening for the day, plus chairs and a table. They cost around $125 on weekdays and $155 on weekends in 2023.


Other Charges

Parking at Big Splash is not free. The park usually  charges about $10 for all-day parking plus taxes and fees. According to the venue’s website, parking taxes are apparently 24%, or at least that was the case the last time we checked.

For folks wanting to rent a keyed locker there is also an extra charge for that. Keyed lockers in 2023 cost $16.50 per day plus a $10 deposit (which you got back at the end of the day, assuming you didn’t lose your key).


Water Slides at Big Splash


Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions and extra bits of information to help you make the most of your visit to the waterslides.

TIP #1: On a hot sunny summer day take lots of sunscreen and get there early before the crowds (while the lineups are short and picnic tables are still available to claim).

TIP #2: Don’t go on a cold day (or if you do then wear something really warm). On the bright side, there won’t be crowds (except for in the hot tub), so that will be good.  It can get cool out in that part of the land, however, and breezy.

TIP #3: The water park is not far from the BC Ferries‘ ferry terminal in Tsawwassen, so something to keep in mind if you want to do something on your way while traveling to or from Victoria on Vancouver Island. If it’s hot and you have kids, including old ones, who love water slides, it’s a nice place to visit.


Other Information

For more details about the attraction, visit the Big Splash Water Park website. To learn more about the Vancouver-based corporation behind the attraction, click Executive Hotels & Resorts.

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