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The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

The Hotel Vancouver

Located in the heart of downtown between Georgia Street and Robson, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is arguably the most famous hotel in the city.

The Hotel Vancouver

Originally one of CN Rail and then later CP Rail’s flagship luxury hotels, the building was completed in 1939 and has continued since then to be one of Vancouver’s most prestigious hotels.

Canada’s two main railroad companies built luxury hotels across the country in the early part of the last century, and today there is one of their castle-like structures in most major Canadian cities, including this one in Vancouver.

Even if not staying at the Hotel Vancouver, it is still an interesting building to simply walk through and admire.

Vancouver Fairmont Hotel on Georgia

Other Information

Click Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for a link to the hotel’s website.

Click Fairmont Empress for information about a similar hotel in Victoria on Vancouver Island.




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