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Vancouver Mysteries Adventure Games

Vancouver Mysteries Adventure Games

Vancouver Mysteries is a company that offers a series of outdoor adventure games in downtown Vancouver where players work in teams and solve clues.

The games are great activities to do in today’s world of COVID-19 because everything is outdoors and you can play with people from within your own “bubble”.



Games are happening in Vancouver! Also, as of late May, more than one team can play against each other at the same time!

From now until the end of the year, Vancouver Mysteries is offering 10% off for groups that use the promo code BESTPLACES2021 and book games with a minimum of three people. The offer is good for any one of their four downtown Vancouver adventures.

With the promo code you can also save 10% on The Case of the Hotel Detective which is a fifth game that can be played indoors and is delivered directly to your home! You can also save with Big Top Werewolf which is a virtual game that you can play online with friends via Zoom.

To book your spot go to the Vancouver Mysteries Website and use the promo code BESTPLACES2021 just before the end of the registration process.


In this article you’ll find the following information about Vancouver Mysteries:

Five Mystery Game Options | Tips, Clues and Secret Agent Advice | Big Top Werewolf Online Zoom Game | About Vancouver Mysteries | Other Information


Big Top Werewolf Mystery Game


Detective, Secret Agent & Superhero Games with Vancouver Mysteries

With Vancouver Mysteries you can solve a murder mystery, go on a spy mission, or be a superhero and defend the city from a supervillain. It’s kind of like an escape room – where you have to solve problems and interpret clues – except that it’s outside and your “room” is downtown Vancouver.

Games cost about $35 per person and last approximately two hours. Most of them finish near Waterfront Station and cover a two-or-so-kilometre area of downtown Vancouver. All the game options are a blast!

New since 2020, you can also play a game from the comfort of your own living room with The Case of the Hotel Detective! There is also a family version of their very popular Heroes & Villains Game.


For tickets and full details see the Vancouver Mysteries website.


Playing Vancouver Mysteries Secret Mission Game
Playing the Secret Mission Game


Five Mystery Game Options

Vancouver Mysteries used to offer three different game scenarios to choose from, plus an additional family version of their Heroes & Villains game. Since 2020 though, they now offer a fourth game which you can play from pretty much anywhere!

Games happen rain or shine. Costumes are encouraged but not required. All you need is a group of friends and a taste for adventure – Vancouver Mysteries provides all the materials, including a game kit, artifacts and a map.


Secret Mission

Secret Mission is a spy game where you get to be a secret agent, decipher a coded message and save the city from the evil BLACKOUT organization. The game takes place in downtown Vancouver. The cost is $35 per player and its level of difficulty is rated “intermediate.”

To learn more about this game see our article about the Secret Mission. In the article you’ll learn about our adventure and what we experienced. You’ll also find a video showing scenes from the game.

To give you an idea of what to expect on a game, check out the following short video clip of scenes from our experience doing the Secret Mission adventure.



Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains is a superhero adventure where teams of friends protect Vancouver from the notorious Muck Monster. It’s slightly easier than Secret Mission and Crime in Downtown, but costs the same ($35 per person). Costumes are encouraged, but not required.


Heroes & Villains (Family)

Vancouver Mysteries has a Family Version of their Heroes & Villains game. The original is recommended for people ages 12 and older. The family edition is good for children ages 8 and up to work on along with their parents or at least one adult.


The Case of the Hotel Detective

New for 2020 is The Case of the Hotel Detective. With this game, unlike the others, you can play it at home. Vancouver Mysteries will actually deliver the materials to your house, hotel room or place of business.

With this game, you have an hour and a half to solve the case. It isn’t a “murder-mystery party.” It is a mystery game though, but one that is more like a portable escape room than a scavenger hunt. It’s also very challenging and a lot of fun.

All the other games are recommended for people ages 12 and up (or 8 and older in the case of Heroes & Villains Family). This last game though is recommended just for adults.

Whereas the other games all cost $35 per person, with this one the price is $250 total (for between 2 and 6 players).


Getting the Vancouver Crime Mission Details
Crime in Downtown Game in Gastown


Crime in Downtown

In the Crime in Downtown game participants have to solve the murder of Jimmy Capello. It’s a whodunit mystery where clues lead teams of detectives all around Gastown.

This game costs $35 per person. It has an “intermediate” level of difficulty and is recommended for players ages 12 and older.

The Crime in Downtown game involves a murder that took place years ago. The victim, Jimmy Capello, was not only strangled, but also stabbed and poisoned too! Who was the murderer? You have to wander around Gastown looking for clues to solve this puzzling cold case!

To give you an idea of what a Vancouver Mysteries adventure is like, below are details about our experience with this game.


Vancouver Mysteries Adventure Games


About our Crime in Downtown Experience

We checked out Vancouver Mysteries’ Crime in Downtown game with a couple of grade 12 teenaged boys and we all loved the experience!

In the game we had to show up at our starting time at a specific location, say a secret code and then receive our mission details. We were given our sticker detective badges, our detective kits and basic instructions. The clock then started and we had just 120 minutes to solve the crime and be back.

In our detective kit we had a map, pieces of evidence and a series of clues to find and solve. We had to go to different addresses and look for specific items. We had to decipher codes, measure things and think outside the box in several cases. Some of the clues were easy and others were more challenging.

By the end of our two hours we had deciphered most (but not all) of the clues, but still managed to solve the crime. We got a score of 67 out of 100 which gave us a ranking of Senior Detectives! We also had a great time and recommend the game.


For tickets and full details see the Vancouver Mysteries website.


Outside the West Cordova Crime Game Start
Costumes are optional!


Tips, Clues and Secret Agent Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Vancouver Mysteries experience.


Suggestions on How to Solve the Clues

TIP #1: You get a detective kit (or superhero kit or secret agent package) at the start of your game. In it are materials to help you solve the case or save the city (depending on which adventure you are on). Look through the kit carefully so you know what’s inside! The evidence and tools you are carrying are all important. Also, be careful not to drop and lose any of the pieces along the way!

TIP #2: Don’t look at the contents of the detective kit only at the start, but also again every once in a while to remind yourself of what you have. Also, make sure that every member of your team knows what’s inside. When we did our game, at the end we found out that there were a couple of things that not everyone was aware of (which explains why we didn’t manage to solve all the clues).

TIP #3: Don’t expect to solve every clue and challenge. You might, but, like us, you might not. If you get stuck, don’t get frustrated. Just move on to the next clue. You might also have time to go back and try again later.



Tips About Costumes

TIP #4: Costumes are encouraged, but not mandatory. Most people just wear their regular clothes, but some participants are keeners, go all out and make this a serious event.

TIP #5: If you’re ever in downtown Vancouver and see people running around in secret agent costumes or looking like superheroes in tights and capes, don’t worry. And don’t panic! It’s probably just a group of people on a stag or stagette party having fun on a Vancouver Mysteries adventure.


Vancouver Mysteries Adventure Games


Other Suggestions and Things to Know

TIP #6: The games can be played with teams of two to six players. We did it with three and it worked great. The more players you have though, the better your chances of one of your team members being able to think outside the box and solve the more challenging clues.

TIP #7: If you need eyeglasses for reading, take your glasses on your adventure as you’ll need to read the instructions and look at a few things in detail. If you forget your glasses you can either listen to someone else reading things out or look inside your kit and hope to find a magnifying glass.

TIP #8: At the end of your adventure you report back to where you started. There, an agent or other character checks your findings, gives you a score based on what you did right and explains what you did wrong. It’s fun to learn what you should have done in cases where you had an incorrect answer or none at all. Be sure to ask if they forget to tell you everything.

TIP #9: You don’t have to race around or run to solve the crime within your two-hour time limit. The faster you go the more time you’ll have to go back to places where you couldn’t solve a clue, the quicker you’ll finish and likely the better you’ll do. You don’t have to be ultra-fit or an athlete though. When we did our adventure we just walked at an average walking pace.


Big Top Werewolf
Big Top Werewolf Online Game


Big Top Werewolf Online Zoom Game

In addition to the above adventure games that people play in-person in downtown Vancouver, Vancouver Mysteries has a family-friendly virtual game that people can play via Zoom. Circus-themed Big Top Werewolf involves acting and tricks like magic, weight lifting and dancing. It’s a lot of fun!

Whereas the downtown games involve walking, deciphering codes and activities that challenge your brain, Big Top Werewolf involves light-hearted silliness, mini skits and laughter.

The online game is great for children and multi-generational families and friends. Corporate groups also find it good for team building and social events. Perfect for social distancing in the age of COVID-19, it’s played with 6 or more players who work in teams.

To learn more about the circus-themed online game, see our article about Big Top Werewolf.


About Vancouver Mysteries

Vancouver Mysteries is a Vancouver-based company that offers outdoor adventure games in the heart of the city. Started in 2014, it was the first mystery game company of its kind in Canada.

Below is a brief video of the owner of Vancouver Mysteries talking about the company, its games and history.



Other Information

For more information about the company and its games see the Vancouver Mysteries website.

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