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Secret Mission Adventure Game with Vancouver Mysteries

Secret Mission Game with Vancouver Mysteries

We played the Secret Mission game with Vancouver Mysteries and it was so much fun! It’s a perfect Halloween activity to play with friends or family.

The Secret Mission can be played at other times of the year too.

In this article we describe our experience with the Secret Mission where we had to save Vancouver from an evil organization called BLACKOUT. To learn about the company behind the game, see our article about Vancouver Mysteries or check out vancouvermysteries.com. To learn about the fun we had on the Secret Mission, continue reading.

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Vancouver Mysteries’ Secret Mission Game

Vancouver Mysteries is an outdoor adventure game company. It offers games where teams of two to six players roam downtown Vancouver, solve clues, prove how smart they are and have tons of fun.

The company has a few games to choose from. We did the Secret Mission where we had two hours to save the city from destruction. My wife and son were on one team and our friend, her daughter and my daughter were on the other. I ran around behind them with my camera.

The Secret Mission is a perfect game to play as a family. It’s also fun to play with friends, or against groups of friends or other families.


For game reservations and more information, see the Vancouver Mysteries website.


What to Expect on Your Secret Mission

To give you an idea of what to expect from a Vancouver Mysteries’ adventure game, let me describe the experience we had on our secret mission from the other day. After that, check out the Secret Mission Video further below. The video shows what our teams looked like and some of the places we went during our adventure.

Players are encouraged to wear costumes when playing a game with Vancouver Mysteries. We treated our game very seriously. As we were secret agents and on an important and life-threatening mission, we wanted to blend in. Consequently, we dressed as we usually do, like everyday Canadians from Vancouver. Being secret agents, we didn’t want to look conspicuous.


NOTE: If you ever see people running around the streets of downtown Vancouver in capes and tights, don’t panic. Either Hollywood North is filming a movie or a group of friends is taking their Heroes & Villains game with Vancouver Mysteries extra seriously!


Vancouver Secret Agents Team


The Start of the Game

After you sign up for your adventure you get a confirmation e-mail with the game details. You then have to show up on the day at the designated location at the agreed upon time. Our game started at 7:00 pm.

A special agent from Vancouver Mysteries meets you at the start, explains your mission and provides you with your secret agent package of tools. With the Secret Mission game you are told that an evil organization, known only as BLACKOUT, is planning to destroy Vancouver. You have exactly 120 minutes to decipher a series of clues, locate BLACKOUT’s leader and return to base.


Vancouver Mysteries


Solving the Mystery

When the timer starts, you and your team look quickly through your secret agent pack of materials to see what you have. You’ll find a flashlight, map, decoding equipment, microfiche and a number of other items needed for your mission. You then head out onto the sidewalks and streets of downtown Vancouver looking for clues on your hunt for BLACKOUT’S leaders.

When we played the game we did it in two teams. The teams compete for the top score. They get the same clues and have to do the same things on their missions. So that you aren’t on top of one another, the groups head out about two or so minutes apart.

You have to solve about 14 problems to complete the mission. Along the way you find clues and secret messages that will help you. During our two hours we walked for between about two-and-a-half and four kilometres. We had to find certain buildings, landmarks and even a hidden garden. We also had to decipher codes.



TIP: If you book a game with three or more people you’ll save 10% if you use the promo code BESTPLACES!


Vancouver Mysteries Adventure Games


Completing the Mission

Not every team manages to complete the mission and solve very step, but we did. Both teams made it back to base with about two minutes to spare. Both also got one out of the 14 answers wrong, so our scores weren’t perfect.

One of our teams got 88 points for their efforts. The other team got 90. Had we failed in our missions, Vancouver would have been destroyed. As it turned out, we were successful in saving the city, and thus heroes!

Whether teams succeed or fail, everyone still gets an official Vancouver Mysteries Secret Agent sticker and certificate. Also, whichever group gets the most points gets bragging rights for beating the other team.


For full details about the Secret Mission and other similar games, see the Vancouver Mysteries website.


Secret Agent Video

To give you an idea of what to expect with a Secret Mission game from Vancouver Mysteries, check out the following video. It shows scenes of our two groups playing the game. As you’ll see, for most of the time they were in slightly different areas. Occasionally, however, their paths would cross.

In the video you’ll see places you’ll have to visit and some of the tools you’ll be using.



Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most of your adventure with Vancouver Mysteries. As you’ll see, we provide tips about team members, how to solve the clues and other general suggestions.


Suggestions Regarding Teams

TIP #1: Invite your friends and play against them. The more the merrier!

TIP #2: Having people with different skills and backgrounds on your team can be an advantage. This helps when it comes to thinking outside the box. If you have someone who’s good with numbers, someone else who’s good at solving riddles, and someone else who’s good at reading a map, you’ll likely do well. Having a person with sharp eyesight on your team is also an asset.

TIP #3: You can play in teams of between two and six players. In our opinion, groups of three is perfect! Four is good too, as are two teams of two or three people. Teams of five or six are good as well, but smaller teams are better. With three you have enough brain power and ideas between you, but not too many bodies to get in each other’s way. If you have six people in your group, consider playing in two groups of three. Playing against another team makes it extra fun!


Tips on how to Solve the Clues

TIP #1: Look through your secret agent kit very carefully. In it you’ll find the tools you need to accomplish your mission. Everything has a purpose. If you get stuck on a problem, look through your kit again to see if you can find something to help you.

TIP #2: If you get stuck on a clue or get frustrated, don’t worry. The clues seem to get easier to solve after the first little bit as you get used to what to look for. If you get stuck on something, move on to the next thing and come back to the tough stuff later.

TIP #3: If you find clues at a specific location, but can’t figure out the answer, or you aren’t sure you have the correct answer, take a photo of the location with your phone. That way you can take a look at the scene again later without (hopefully) having to retrace your steps in person.


Playing Secret Mission with Vancouver Mysteries


Other General Suggestions and Things to Know

TIP #1: Be sure to sign the online waiver before you head out for your game. Other things you’ll want to take are reading glasses (if you need them for reading), a good pair of walking shoes, and an umbrella or raincoat (or a spy’s trench coat) if rain is in the forecast.

TIP #2: You don’t have to be especially fit to play the game, and you don’t have to run (although doing so can help you beat the other team). The game is designed so participants can walk at a comfortable pace and still have time to complete their mission. When we played, people in our group probably ran for a total of two blocks (just near the end when time was beginning to get tight).

TIP #3: Plan to go out for drinks or food afterwards. Half the fun is talking about your adventures afterwards.

TIP #4: The Secret Mission game is suitable for players who are ages 12 and older. Every team, though requires at least one adult.

TIP #5: The Vancouver Lookout is a great nearby attraction. From it you can get an amazing bird’s eye view of the city (including all the places you went during your game). Historic Gastown is also close by.


To learn more about the games, and to reserve your adventure, see the Vancouver Mysteries website.


Other Games with Vancouver Mysteries

The Secret Mission isn’t the only adventure game that Vancouver Mysteries offers. The company also has a Crime in Downtown one where you have to solve a cold-case murder. There’s a Heroes & Villains one where you get to save the city from a monster. There is a family-friendly version of this game too. It’s a little easier and fun for adults to play with children ages 8 and older.

Another game with Vancouver Mysteries is The Case of the Hotel Detective which, instead of playing on the streets of downtown Vancouver, you can play indoors wherever you want (including at home, in your hotel room or at your office).

One of the company’s newest games is Big Top Werewolf which you play online via Zoom. Other virtual games are Black Skull, which is a pirate-themed murder mystery, and Super Trivia, which is like a TV game show that you play online.


Big Top Werewolf Mystery Game


Other Information

To learn more about the above games, see the Vancouver Mysteries website.

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