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Vancouver Adult Halloween Activities and Events

Halloween for Adults

Halloween activities for adults in Metro Vancouver include night club events, haunted houses, costume parties and other fun yet spooky stuff.


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Halloween for Adults in Metro Vancouver

Below is a list of fun Halloween things to do for adults. Activities include walking tours and haunted houses, plus other fun events. At the bottom of our list we also include night club parties that took place the year before, but not in 2020. Some of the night club events will likely happen again in 2021, although not all of them.

Fun activities for adults that are taking place in 2021 are Halloween Boat Parties. Five of them are happening on the Friday and Saturday of October 29th and 30th.

Another place to look for things to do is our article about the Vancouver on the Halloween Weekend.


Lost Souls of Gastown


Spooky Adult Walking Tours

Walking tours in Vancouver aren’t only for tourists! They are also a fun way for adults to have fun, especially at Halloween.

Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours is a local family-owned company that offers a selection of guided walking tours throughout the year, including fabulously spooky ones in October. Small groups are guided through the streets and back alleys of downtown Vancouver, or along the Seawall and forested trails of Stanley Park, all depending on which tour you select.

Each tour is led by a tour guide (who in the case of the Lost Souls of Gastown is a professional actor). The tours cost around $29, or $26 for students, plus or minus a couple of dollars. They are all excellent and good value for your money!

The tours listed below with Forbidden Vancouver are for adults, although the second one (in Stanley Park) is good for anyone ages 14+. The Lost Souls of Gastown route is the main “Halloween” tour. Both though are fun to take any time.

  • Lost Souls of Gastown – on these tours through the streets and back lanes of historic Gastown you’ll be entertained while learning about Vancouver’s early days. Tours start downtown in the square across the street from the Holy Rosary Cathedral. They finish about 90 minutes (and 1 kilometre) later in Gastown at Maple Tree Square. We’ve done this tour at Halloween and it was so much fun!
  • Dark Secrets of Stanley Park – these tours take place from April until November. As the name suggests, the tours go through world-famous Stanley Park, both along the seawall and through forested trails. The tours depart from outside the Vancouver Aquarium. Lasting for about two hours, they are a most interesting way to explore and learn about beautiful Stanley Park!


Forbidden City Walking Tour Guide
Lost Souls of Gastown Walking Tours


Haunted Houses at Halloween

There are dozens of great haunted houses in the region in years when there isn’t a pandemic. In 2021, places offering a haunted experience include Potter’s (now Cougar Creek’s) House of Horrors in Surrey, Brinkworth Dungeon in Langley, the Haunted Corn Maze at Maan Farms in Abbotsford and Reaper’s Maze of Terror in Chilliwack.

A few of the above are suitable for older children, but many are best for older teens and young adults.

Click Lower Mainland Haunted Houses for a list of all the great spooky places in Vancouver and the surrounding region.


Vancouver Mysteries Adventure Games


Halloween Adventure Games

Vancouver Mysteries offers games for groups of between two and six friends in downtown Vancouver. The games are like escape room challenges, but where everything is outside in the streets and on the sidewalks of the city.

The games take place daily. For Halloween there is one where you get to solve a crime and another where you get to go on a secret mission. To learn more see the Vancouver Mysteries website.


Halloween Horror Movies

Just in time for Halloween, the Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival is a great event for people who like scary movies. It usually takes place on the weekend just before Halloween. A couple years ago the event was two days long and showcased over thirty short horror films from a variety of different countries.

In 2021 the festival happens in a mostly online format, although it does include one live in-person event. It also runs for six days (plus the films can be watched online for a whole additional week after that too). About four dozen films are featured.

Tickets for the film festival in a recent year have ranged from about $17.50 to $22.50 per session, or either $35 or $40 per day (plus online fees).

In 2021 tickets to the live in-person opening day event cost $25. Single day tickets for films on the other days cost $10, or $45 for all five days. For $60 you can see all five days of films plus attend the opening day event.

Click Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival to learn more.


Halloween Weekend


Night Club Halloween Parties & Cruises

On the weekend and week leading up to Halloween various adult-only events take place in Metro Vancouver. They include boat parties and night club events.


Halloween Boat Parties

Below is a list of Halloween Boat Parties that take place on the Halloween Weekend of October 29th and 30th in 2021. They are dance party cruises that depart from downtown Vancouver. In all cases, to participate, proof of double vaccination status is required.


Halloween Boat Parties


Halloween Night Club Events

Below is a list of some of the options that happen in typical years. None took place in 2020, and some may return in 2021. Exact details for most events are to be confirmed.


Stay Safe and Be Responsible


Other Halloween Events for Adults

There are a number of other Halloween events that are great for people of all ages, but especially for adults. These include the following:

  • Parade of Lost Souls – a grassroots Halloween parade event starting at 7 pm where the exact location isn’t revealed until midnight on the Friday before Halloween. Donations of $5 are encouraged. The 2021 parade is on October 30th.
  • Click Vancouver Haunted Houses for a list of more spooky places in the Lower Mainland.


Vancouver Horror Nights


Halloween Activities for Children

Of course Halloween isn’t just for adults. For a list of family-friendly and only-moderately-spooky fun check out Vancouver Children’s Halloween Activities.

Activities you’ll find here include miniature train rides and attractions designed especially for children and young families.


Halloween Haunted Houses


Other Activities in October

Interested in learning about other great activities in the month of October? Then check out the following:




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