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Vancouver Mysteries’ Virtual Online Games

Vancouver Mysteries Virtual Games

Vancouver Mysteries hosts 3 virtual games that are fun for families and friends. There’s an online circus game, a murder mystery and a trivia competition.

In addition to its virtual games, the company also hosts a number of live in-person adventure games that take place outdoors in the streets of downtown Vancouver. There’s a Crime in Downtown detective game, a Secret Mission game, and a Heroes & Villains game (the last of which comes win both adult and family-friendly versions).

See below for information about the company and its virtual online games, or visit the official vancouvermysteries.com website for full details about everything and to book tickets.


Vancouver Mysteries


Online Zoom Games with Vancouver Mysteries

Vancouver Mysteries offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games where players get to go on missions, find clues, solve mysteries and more.

The company offers three outdoor adventure games in downtown Vancouver. They allow players to work with teammates and complete numerous objectives. The outdoor experiences have also been especially nice in recent years due to COVID-19 and restrictions on indoor gatherings.

In addition to their fun outdoor offerings, Vancouver Mysteries also hosts three virtual games that can be played from home. Black Skull, Super Trivia and Big Top Werewolf are online games played via Zoom, which makes for lots of COVID-safe fun with friends and family.

Big Top Werewolf has a circus theme and is especially good for adults to play with young children. Games with just adults can be entertaining too. With that game you can expect to do silly things and laugh lots. (See below for a video that’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.)

Very different from Big Top Werewolf, Black Skull and Super Trivia are more challenging and recommended for folks ages 14+. Black Skull involves a role-playing pirate-themed murder mystery. Super Trivia, meanwhile, runs like a game show.

To learn about the live adventure games in downtown Vancouver (which are tons of fun and highly recommended), see our article about Vancouver Mysteries. For details about the three virtual games, continue reading. To book your game, or for the company’s official website, visit vancouvermysteries.com.


Vancouver Mysteries



From now until at least the end of 2023, if you use the promo code BESTPLACES when booking a game online you can save 10%. This offer is valid for virtual games as well as for outdoor in-person adventures with Vancouver Mysteries involving a minimum of three players.

To book your game visit the Vancouver Mysteries Website and use the promo code BESTPLACES at the end of the registration process.


Black Skull Murder Mystery Game


The Black Skull Murder Mystery

Black Skull is an online role-playing game with a real host by Vancouver Mysteries. Players are designated pirate-themed roles. Players can choose specific roles or each role can be distributed randomly. Like live in-person murder mystery games, one person is the murderer. However, Black Skull involves a lot more than just solving who the killer is.

Each player’s character comes with its own set of tasks. Throughout the game, each participant tries to complete their character’s objectives and earn points. Black Skull involves strategic thinking, so this game is recommended for those over the age of 13. The player who finishes the game with the most points wins. Keep in mind, no character is safe from the murderer!

This virtual game costs $25 per person and lasts for up to 2 hours. At least 6 people are required to play, and each game has a maximum of 12 players.

To book your game or to learn more, click Black Skull Zoom Game.


For the official Vancouver Mysteries website click vancouvermysteries.com.


Super Trivia


Super Trivia Game Show

As its name suggests, Super Trivia is a trivia game show. Players compete with each other by answering questions online in a big Zoom call. The goal is to earn the highest score and win the game.

Like other online adventures with Vancouver Mysteries, this trivia session has a host who guides the game. Before the game starts, participants can vote on which categories of questions they wish to play. There are plenty of categories to choose from, meaning you can play the game multiple times and not get bored. Questions come in a variety of formats which also adds to the fun!

Topic categories include Sherlock Holmes, Time Travel, Stephen King, Scooby-Doo, 70s Theme Songs, Immortals, Werewolves, Spies & Lies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Women Detectives.

In addition to the above, there is also a Scary Faces category where you have to recognize scary faces from TV and movie horror shows. Another category is Super Vancouver which involves superhero television shows and films shot on location in Vancouver. Each game involves just five of these categories and players can choose which five.

Due to the difficulty of the questions, Super Trivia is recommended for folks who are at least 14 years of age. The length of each game varies as some groups finish in 1 hour while others take up to 90 minutes. At least 6 players are needed to play, but the maximum is 300! Depending on the size of the group, participants can choose to play individually or in groups. Regardless, the cost for each player is $25.

To learn more, or to book your game, click Super Trivia Zoom Game.


Big Top Werewolf
Zoom Screen for Big Top Werewolf


Big Top Werewolf Game

Big Top Werewolf is a family-friendly game that’s fun for all ages. Parents and grandparents with young children will especially enjoy it.

Unlike other games available at Vancouver Mysteries, this circus-themed activity emphasizes social fun instead of complex puzzles. A game host (or “ringmaster” in this case) is in the Zoom call with all players to ensure things go smoothly and that everyone has an enjoyable time.

The game itself results in lots of laughs. The storyline revolves around a werewolf, with players trying to figure out a spell that turns the werewolf back into a human. Participants have to perform funny circus tricks, including acting, pretend magic and more.

With Big Top Werewolf, there are 6 tricks in total per game, and teams are separated into different online chat rooms to prepare their tricks. It’s entertaining to watch everyone perform and try to earn points.

Groups must contain at least 6 players, and the game can be played as a cooperative exercise or as a competition. The maximum number of players allowed in one game is 36, although larger games are available on request. Big Top Werewolf runs for 1 hour and costs $25 per player.

To learn more about the game, check out our Big Top Werewolf article or click Big Top Werewolf for details on the Vancouver Mysteries’ website.


Big Top Werewolf Video

To give you an idea of what to expect from the Big Top Werewolf game, check out the following short video. As you’ll see, the games are fun, crazy and entertaining. It’s also very different from Vancouver Mysteries’ other virtual online games (which are more serious and for ages 14+).



Other Information

Click Vancouver Mysteries for more information about the company and their in-person adventure games.

To book your game, visit the official Vancouver Mysteries website.

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