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Vancouver Hopscotch Festival 2018

Okanagan Spirits Distillery at Hopscotch Festival

The Hopscotch Festival is a week-long series of events including the Grand Tasting Hall which features whisky, beer, spirits and food sampling in Vancouver.

In 2018 the festival celebrates its 23rd year from November 19th to 25th and the headliner event, the Grand Tasting Hall, is on the weekend of November 23rd and 24th at the PNE Forum. If you like whisky and other spirits, you’ll love this event!

Hopscotch Festival of Whisky, Beer & Spirits

The Vancouver Hopscotch Festival is an annual festival that features two dozen whisky and other beverage-sampling events at different venues around town including the massive Grand Tasting Hall which showcases hundreds of whiskies, beers and spirits from BC and around the world.

Grand Tasting Hall 2018

The Grand Tasting Hall is the main event during the Hopscotch Festival and in 2018 it happens on the Friday and Saturday of November 23rd and 24th at the PNE Forum at 2901 East Hastings Street. There are sessions from between 6:00 until 10:00 pm both days.

NOTE: The Grand Tasting Hall sells out every year! Book your spot well in advance!

Hopscotch Festival at the PNE Forum
Grand Tasting Hall at the PNE Forum

About the Grand Tasting Hall

At the Hopscotch Festival’s Grand Tasting Hall the PNE Forum is full of distillery representatives offering samples of Scotch, Irish, Canadian, American and other whiskies, as well as various types of craft and premium beers, wines and other spirits from around the world. At the event there is also a food exhibition and live music throughout the evening.

The Grand Tasting Hall event has expanded over the past 23 years, and it has experienced an especially large growth spurt since 2016. Last year there were close to 130 vendor booths offering over 400 different products compared to just 80 or so participating vendors and 300 products from the year before.

Grand Tasting Hall Cost

Last year admission to the Grand Tasting Hall cost about $53 for one night or around $68 for a 2-day ticket. Pricing is based on a sliding scale, however, meaning that prices go up as tickets sell out.

As of early November, 2018, tickets for the Friday evening are about $40 and for the Saturday $49, both plus taxes. As the date of the event approaches, however, and as tickets sell, prices will likely go up.

At the Grand Tasting Hall event participants buy Hopscotch Tokens in increments of 5 and 20 at the cost of around $1 plus tax per token. The Hopscotch Tokens can then be used to purchase beverage and food samples from the various participating breweries, distilleries and food vendors.

Many of the beverage samples cost only 1 or 2 tokens, which is very reasonable for this kind of event. Most beers and ciders cost about 1 token, although occasionally more. Wines are typically 1 or 2 tokens and spirits range from 1 to up to around 9 tokens for the really fancy stuff. Food menu items range from around 2 to 10 tokens.

Grand Tasting Hall Participating Vendors

New at the Grand Tasting Hall venue has been divided up into different category sections in recent years including the following:

  • BC Craft Pavilion – featuring dozens of local craft beers from a variety of British Columbia breweries. Expect to see Bomber Brewing, Bridge Brewing, Central City Brewers, Foamers’ Folly, Granville Island, Hearthstone, Moody Ales, Parallel 49, Powell Brewery, Spinnakers Brewpub (from Victoria), Stanley Park and Yellow Dog.
  • Beers From Around The World – as the name suggests, this area features premium international beers from all over the globe. Expect to find brands like Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic, Warsteiner, Erdinger and Pfungstädter from Germany, O’Hara’s Irish Stout, and a number of other distinguished international brews.
  • Whisky Corner – the main attraction at the event, this zone features over 100 whiskies including Single Malts, Blends, Whiskey (with an “e”), Whisky (without an “e”), Rye, Bourbon and the like from a wide range of countries including Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the US, and Japan. In the Whisky Corner there’s usually Canada’s Crown Royal, Glendalough Whiskey from Ireland, Glenfarclas Whisky from Scotland and Jack Daniels from Tennessee, as well as other famous whisky brands like Auchentoshan, Johnny Walker, Jameson, Glenfiddich and Wild Turkey.
  • The Wine Garden – prefer wine to beer, whisky and other liquors? Then this is where you’ll find an assortment of fine reds, whites and rosés.
Okanagan Spirits Tasting at Hopscotch Festival
Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery at the Grand Tasting Hall
  • BC Craft Spirits – BC has a thriving craft spirits industry and this is where you’ll find some of the best including, some years, award-winning Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery (from Vernon and Kelowna), among others.
  • Spirits Of The Globe – includes samples most years of el Jimador (tequila), New Amsterdam Vodka, Cobees (from Korea), Grand Marnier, Nikka Whisky (from Japan) and other liquors from around the world.
  • Restaurant Row – where you’ll find appetizers and other tasty treats by celebrity chefs and top Vancouver restaurants. Participating vendors in 2018 include The Pawn Shop, Dixie’s BBQ (Texas-style barbeque), BKH Jerky (Singapore-style jerky), Beta5 Chocolates and others.
  • The Music Lounge – popular local bands play all evening both nights.

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Other Hopscotch Festival Events

In addition to the Grand Tasting Hall event at the PNE Forum, various other smaller events also take place at different venues around Vancouver during the Hopscotch Festival. Many of these are hosted by area bars and restaurants, and most focus on a particular brand or type of whisky.

Examples of some of the Hopscotch Festivals’ various smaller events include a Whisky 101 session where a local whisky expert hosts an overview of the classic liquor and its many variations including Rye, Bourbon, Irish whiskey, Scotch whisky, Single Malt and Scotch Blend. There are also special dinners and other events, many of which sell out well in advance (so book early if really wanting to go)!

Hopscotch Festival Gin and Vodka

Tips and Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Hopscotch Festival experience.

TIP #1: A number of events during the Hopscotch Festival sell out in advance, including the Grand Tasting Hall. Buy your tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment!

TIP #2: Go to the Grand Tasting Hall with an appetite as the event features lots of food. Pace yourself though and don’t drink on an empty stomach!

TIP #3: Get in line for the food vendors early. There are only half a dozen or so to choose from and the most popular sell out of menu items before the end of the night.

TIP #4: Don’t forget to plan ahead how you expect to get home.

TIP #5: At the Grand Tasting Hall there are bottles of whisky and other items for sale. If planning to do some Christmas shopping, consider making your purchases just before you leave so you don’t risk putting your packages down somewhere and heading home without them. Conveniently, the event’s liquor store is located near the main exit.

Other Information

For further details about the Grand Tasting Hall and other related whisky events in November, see the Hopscotch Festival website.

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