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Vancouver’s Pride Parade in 2019

Vancouver Pride Festival

Celebrating “gay pride” and the LGBTQ2+ community, the Vancouver Pride Parade is a colourful event taking place on the Sunday of the BC Day Long Weekend.

In 2019 the extravaganza-style procession happens on August 4th.

Vancouver Pride Parade

The Vancouver Pride Parade is one of Canada’s largest LGBTQ-themed parades. It is also arguably one of Vancouver’s most interesting and colourful events of the year.

The parade is part of Pride Week and the Vancouver Pride Festival which take place between late July and the BC Day Holiday Monday.

BC Day Long Weekend

If you’re looking for information about Pride Week in general, check out our article about the Vancouver Pride Festival. If wanting details about just the parade, continue reading.

If you like parades and both fancy and flamboyant costumes, are supportive of the LGBTQ community, can handle large crowds, and don’t mind seeing a bit of skin and the occasional person in their underwear, the Vancouver Pride Parade can be a very fun event. Truly, it’s an impressive thing to see!

The Vancouver Pride Parade is a very gay event, but you don’t have to be “gay” to enjoy the festivities. It’s family-friendly, and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows up most years. All are welcome (or at least almost everyone).


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When and Where

In 2019 the Vancouver Pride Parade takes place on Sunday, August 4th. It begins at noon and runs for up to a couple of hours from start to finish.

Parade floats and other entries assemble along Thurlow Street in the morning. Starting at 12:00 pm the procession heads out from Thurlow down Robson Street, then along Denman to Beach Avenue. It finishes at Sunset Beach where the Pride Festival‘s Sunset Beach Festival takes place from 11:00 am until the late afternoon.

From our experience, parade crowds tend to be thickest along Robson Street. If you don’t arrive early, good luck finding a spot where you can see along Robson! The mass of spectators on the sidewalks can be as much as half a dozen people thick, and even more in places. Denman Street crowds usually tend to be better, and Beach Avenue even better.

Pride Parade Crowds on Robson
Pride Parade along Robson Street

Special Accessibility Services

For those with mobility issues, there are a couple of accessible viewing areas. One can be found at the corner of Denman Street and Haro. The other is on Beach Avenue near Broughton Street. Folk who want access to these areas can reserve their spots by e-mailing accessibility@vancouverpride.ca.

Also good to know, and new for 2019, there is a free shuttle bus from Waterfront Station to Beach Avenue for folk needing to get to the Beach Avenue accessible viewing area.

Really Gay History Tour

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About Vancouver’s Pride Parade

The first Vancouver Pride Parade took place in 1978, which makes 2019 the event’s 41st anniversary.

Today the event is the largest of its kind in Western Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people attend, and as many as 150 entries participate. There are marching bands, people on floats, and politicians waving from cars or simply walking along.

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexual acts in Canada. The motto for Vancouver’s Pride event, consequently, is “50 years and still fighting.”

As stated on the Vancouver Pride Society’s official website, the parade is “A celebration. A protest. A party. A place to take up space. An opportunity to don our finest and shiniest. A chance to recognize how far we have come and reflect on where we need to go from here.”

Pride Parade Participants

What to Expect

Expect to see lots of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and two-spirited (LGBTQIA2S) community at the Vancouver Pride Parade, both in the procession itself and watching from the sidewalk. Expect to see lots of their friends and supporters too, plus thousands of regular straight folk all having a great time.

According to some estimates, well over half a million people turn out for the parade and related events on the same day. It’s impressive!

At the parade you can expect to see all the colours of the rainbow and sidewalks packed full of spectators. There are also extravagantly decorated floats, people in all kinds of wild and crazy costumes, music blaring, bands playing, people dancing and tons of folk having a blast.

In the parade there are people dressed in regular clothes, but many also in rainbow-coloured outfits, drag and Mardis Gras-style costumes. A few are in just their underwear, others are in swimsuits, some have body paint and a lot of men are shirtless. Pride flags are everywhere!


Did you know that Vancity Credit Union was Canada’s first financial institution to market to the LGBTQ community through mainstream advertising? They started that back in 2002. Vancity was also a major sponsor of the Vancouver Pride Festival and the parade for many years and helped financially to make the event what it is today.

Vancity Good Money LogoAt the parade in 2019 Vancity will have a water refilling station outside their branch at 1798 Robson Street at the corner of Denman and Robson. Feel free to fill up your water bottles there.

Vancity staff will also be walking in the parade in 2019 along with Vancouver artist Joe Average who designed the Canadian Mint’s recently released pure silver Equality Coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

For more details about Vancity and the credit union’s involvement with the LGBTQ community, see Vancity’s Blog.

Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your Vancouver Pride Parade experience.

TIP: 1 – Unless you hate crowds, don’t like parades or simply aren’t a fan of this sort of thing, go! It is one of (if not the) most impressive parade in Vancouver all year! It’s highly recommended!

TIP: 2 – Go early, like really early, to find a spot on the sidewalk to see from.

TIP: 3 – Consider going on the Really Gay History Tour with Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours. Forbidden Vancouver runs all sorts of walking tours in downtown Vancouver. They are exceptional, and their Really Gay History Tour has an LGBTQ theme. If you take the tour not only will you have a fun and entertaining experience, but you’ll also learn about the history of the LGBTQ movement which will provide background to the origins of the Pride Festival and the parade. The tour is educational and highly recommended.

Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours

Other Information

To learn more about the parade and the organization behind it, see the Vancouver Pride Society website.

To learn more about other Pride Week events, see our article about the Vancouver Pride Festival.

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