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Stanley Park St. Patrick’s Day Run 2020

St. Patrick's 5K Run

The St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run is an annual 5 km running race that takes place on a Saturday morning in mid-March in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.


Following recommendations by the Government of British Columbia to cancel events involving more than 250 participants, the organizers of the race have cancelled the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run for 2020.

In lieu of the spring event in 2020 the St. Patrick’s Day run is being deferred until November 1st, 2020, when it will partner with the James Cunningham Seawall Race. People registered for this year’s March 5K run will get complimentary admission for the November event. For more details see the St. Patrick’s Day 5K website.

For information about the corona virus and its impact on Vancouver events, see our COVID-19 in Vancouve article.

St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run

In 2020 the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run happens on Saturday, March 14th. The race starts at 9:30 am on Pipeline Road not far from the Stanley Park Pavilion where the run’s post-race after-party later takes place.

In addition to being a fun running race, the event is also a fundraiser. Since its beginning some fourteen or so years ago, more than $100,000 has been raised for Diabetes Canada.


5K Foam Fest is an obstacle course-style event with bubbles and mud on May 30th in 2020. Regular full admission is $85. The early-bird price as of early March, however, is still just $65. Use the promo code 5BUCKSOFF and save an extra $5! Register soon though and save! Get your friends to join you, run as a team and have a blast while “getting filthy clean”!

See our article about 5K Foam Fest or visit the5kfoamfest.com website to register and for full details.

Vancouver 5K Foam Fest

Run Route & Location

The St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run starts and finishes near the Stanley Park Pavilion which itself is located at 610 Pipeline Road not far from the location of the Stanley Park miniature railway (which is closed for the season).

The run starts on Pipeline Road and heads south before turning west along Stanley Park Drive. The route then goes along the road parallel to the Stanley Park seawall to Brockton Point, then along the park’s northern shore back to Pipeline Road, and then south to the finish line and where everything started.

The post-race after-party takes place both indoors at the Lord Stanley Pub and outside by the Stanley Park Pavilion. The festivities include DJ music as well as free Irish Stew and refreshments for participants. Green beer is also available for sale.

St. Patrick's Post-Run Party
After Party at the St. Patrick’s Day 5 K Run

Spring Break

What to Expect

Hundreds of runners take part in the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run each year. Most participants wear at least a bit of green, the majority wear a lot of green and many go all out and dress in full St. Patrick’s Day costumes.

As many as 2000 people participate in the event each year and prizes are awarded to the fastest female and male runners as well as to those in the best costumes.

At the race after-party expect to see hundreds of tired but happy folk drinking green beer with their friends in the park outside the Stanley Park Pavilion. As many as 1500+ runners complete the race each year. Including their friends and families, as many as 2000 show up for the party.

Even if you aren’t running yourself or there to cheer on someone that is, the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run can be a fun race to watch, plus Stanley Park is a wonderful place to be.

5K Runners Under Cherry Tree Blossoms

St. Patrick’s Race Fees

Fees for the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run range from close to $30 up to about $40 depending on when you register. Proceeds from the event support Diabetes Canada, however, and entry fees are waived for runners raising $100 or more in pledges. Participation T-shirts cost extra.

St. Patrick's Events

Other Information

To register and for further information on the event, see the St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run website.

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