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Abbotsford’s Taves Farms Pumpkin Patch and Fall Activities

Taves Farm Pumpkin Patch

Just one hour from Vancouver, Taves Family Farms in Abbotsford is home to a family-friendly u-pick pumpkin patch during the days leading up to Halloween.

In addition to fields of pumpkins, in autumn the farm has a corn maze, apples to pick, hay rides and other family-friendly activities.


Taves Family Farms Pumpkin Patch

Taves Family Farms operates their popular pumpkin patch attraction around October each year. It’s a great place for families to find all kinds of orange and other-coloured gourds to decorate for Halloween. It’s also where you’ll find apples to pick in the orchard.

Taves Farm can be found at 333 Gladwin Road in Abbotsford. This is about a one-hour drive from downtown Vancouver and only a few minutes from the Abbotsford airport. It’s also only about five minutes from Maan Farms which is a similar place with its own exceptional pumpkin patch, corn maze and selection of child-friendly activities.


What to Expect at the Farm

At Taves Farm in autumn you can expect to see a field of pumpkins, a corn maze, pumpkin path, pumpkin hut and lots of apples in rows and rows of trees. There are hay rides, farm animals to look at, children’s play structures to have fun on, and produce for sale in a small village-like area. There are also glasses of apple cider and apple slushies to enjoy!

Especially on sunny weekends, expect to see lots of young families pushing wheelbarrows as they make their way to the orchard and pumpkin field to pick farm-fresh produce.

The farm is a fun place to be in autumn, and it can get busy!


Taves Farm Pumpkins and Apple Cider
Pumpkins and Apple Cider


Taves Family Farms Admission Rates

On weekends in October, 2023, there is a $7 charge per person plus applicable taxes. It’s for people of all ages. The price includes admission to the pumpkin patch, a display pumpkin path, and the Petting Barn. Access to the Farmville play area, Jumping Pillow, hay rides and Mystery Maze all cost extra.

Pumpkins usually range in price from $3 for the small ones up to $35 or so for the large, specialty pumpkins. Parking also costs around $7.

Fun Pass

In 2023, guests with Fun Passes can access the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, animal area, peddle karts and playground. Also included is admission to the petting barn, slides and track line, along with two pillows on weekends and one on weekdays.


Weekdays (except Wednesdays)

  • Individual: $16.45 online, $19.45 at the gate
  • Family: $65.80 online, $77.80 at the gate


Wacky Wednesdays (which are discounted days)

  • Individual: $13.45 online, $16.45 at the gate
  • Family: $53.80 online, $65.80 at the gate


Weekends & Stat Holidays

  • Individual: $19.45 online, $22.45 at the gate
  • Family: $77.80 online, $89.80 at the gate


Boy at Taves Farm


Super Fun Pass

For about $5 more than a Fun Pass, the Super Fun Pass includes access to everything that the Fun Pass offers and more. Folks with Super Fun Passes can visit the bigger corn maze on-site and can also enjoy a hayride around the farm at no additional cost. Below are pricing details.


Weekdays (except Wednesdays)

  • Individual: $21.45 online, $24.45 at the gate
  • Family: $85.80 online, $97.80 at the gate


Wacky Wednesdays (which are discounted days)

  • Individual: $18.45 online, $21.45 at the gate
  • Family: $73.80 online, $85.80 at the gate


Weekends & Stat Holidays

  • Individual: $24.45 online, $27.45 at the gate
  • Family: $97.80 online, $109.80 at the gate


Season Passes are also usually available for those who wish to visit the farm more than once. One Season Pass can cost about $61 per person  and includes all the perks of the Super Fun Passes.

For more information about pricing and to see other offers, visit the Taves Family Farms website.


Taves Farm Play Area and Animal Barn
The Kids’ Play Area and Animal Barn


Hours and Dates of Operation

The pumpkin patch is open at the same time as the rest of Taves Family Farms’ attractions from September until Halloween.

In 2023 the farm is open daily between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm from September 25th until October 31st.


Halloween Activities for Kids


About the Pumpkin Patch

Visitors can choose to go out in the fields to find a pumpkin, or they can simply select a pre-picked one at the country store. There is also a smaller pumpkin field located directly behind the petting barn that is suitable for folks with younger children.

The main pumpkin fields can be found between rows of apple and pear trees. It is a little bit of a walk from the main area so Taves Farm provides wheelbarrows to help people carry their treasures back from the fields.

Pumpkins range in size from small ones you can hold in one hand up to huge ones weighing upwards of 50 pounds. They also come in a variety of colours ranging from the standard orange to white or green or even pink.

Fun for kids and for people wanting to take selfies, there is usually a pumpkin carriage in the middle of the pumpkin patch.


Taves Family Farms in Autumn Video

To give you an idea of what Taves Farms looks like in the fall, check out the following video. In it you’ll see the attraction’s pumpkin patch, apple orchard, animal hutches and kids’ play areas. You’ll also see the market area, hay ride tractor and corn maze.



Other Information

For more details about the pumpkin patch and other attractions at the farm visit the Taves Family Farm website or see our article about Taves Family Farms and Applebarn.

The farm hosts special events at other times of the year too, including Easter Egg Hunts in the spring.

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