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Vancouver & Fraser Valley Corn Mazes

Vancouver Corn Mazes

Visiting a corn maze at a Metro Vancouver or Fraser Valley farm is a fun way to spend time with family and celebrate the fall and harvest season.

It’s also a great activity to combine with picking up a pumpkin for Halloween.

A couple of exceptional places with pumpkin patches and corn mazes are Petey’s Pumpkin Patch in Chilliwack and Maan Farms in Abbotsford. To learn about these and other fun venues to celebrate the Halloween season, continue reading.


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Halloween Activities for Kids


Lower Mainland Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are offered by select local farms in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in late summer and early autumn. They are great attractions that have activities for folk of all ages. Most also have pumpkin patches.

Below we list some of the top venues to have fun getting lost in a maze within the Lower Mainland. Check them out!

(Note: Details are subject to change and some venues may be weather dependent. See official venue websites for exact information.)


Petey's Pumpkin Patch


Chilliwack Corn Mazes

Chilliwack has a couple of great venues for corn mazes. Both of these also offer a pumpkin patch and other fall activities.


Petey’s Pumpkin Patch at Fantasy Farms

Fantasy Farms is home to Petey’s Pumpkin Patch which usually features more than one different corn maze for visitors to choose from. In previous years they offered a smaller maze for younger guests and a few longer, more complicated mazes for older folk or children with parents.

There was no corn maze at Petey’s Pumpkin Patch in 2020, but there was in 2021.

In 2022 there were two corn mazes. There was a small one for kids at their Petey’s Pumpkin Patch event. They also had a larger maze, but it was used for Reapers Maze of Terror (which is a serious haunted Halloween attraction each year).

General admission to Petey’s Pumpkin Patch cost $12, or $40 for a family of four in 2022. This included access to the Mini Maze, animal area and other family-friendly activities.

In 2022 the place was open from 1:00 until 5:00 pm on most weekdays and between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on weekends.

Check out our article about Fantasy Farms or visit the Petey’s Pumpkin Patch website for more information.


Train Rides in the Corn Field
Train rides at Petey’s Pumpkin Patch


Reapers Maze of Terror at Fantasy Farms

In addition to its kid-friendly Petey’s Pumpkin Patch, Fantasy Farms is also home to Reapers Maze of Terror which is a serious haunted attraction. Whereas the corn maze at Petey’s Pumpkin Patch is ideal for small children, Reapers is a corn maze for older youth and adults. It’s pretty scary!

In pre-pandemic years, Fantasy Farms had the Reapers Haunted Attraction, which was a haunted house that people would travel from all across the Lower Mainland to see. The farm also had a separate Maze of Terror, which was like a haunted house, but in a maze (which was made out of wood, not corn).

Since COVID-19, Fantasy Farms hasn’t been running the indoor haunted house. They also haven’t had their giant 3 Sisters Corn Maze either (which was an impressive maze without scary elements). Instead, they combined the features of the house and the haunted maze, and the large corn maze, and turned everything into Reapers Maze of Terror in 2021 and 2022.

The attraction combines the best of its three former elements and is really impressive. If you like haunted houses and seriously scary corn mazes, you would love Reapers. It’s worth the drive out to see!


Reapers Maze of Terror


Chilliwack Corn Maze

The 12-acre Chilliwack Corn Maze features a new theme every year. In 2021 the design highlighted the word “wander” and featured the word itself along with a mountainous landscape. The 2022 design included both a T-Rex and a massive chicken and was made in partnership with Science World’s T.rex: The Ultimate Predator exhibition.

The Chilliwack Corn Maze’s address is 41905 West Yale Road. It’s a little ways off the Trans-Canada Highway just past the farm where the Chilliwack Tulip Festival takes place in the spring and where the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival happens in the summer and early fall.

In 2022 the maze operated from August 13th until the end of October. The maze was open every day in October and every day except Monday in August and September. Admission to the Chilliwack Corn Maze was $16 in 2022.

See our article about the Chilliwack Corn Maze for more details.


Vancouver Corn Mazes


Corn Mazes in Abbotsford

Popular corn mazes in Abbotsford include ones offered by Maan Farms and Taves Family Farm.


Maan Farms

Maan Farms offers one of the scariest corn mazes in Canada. They also offer a fun corn maze for kids too. Set on over 5 acres, the haunted maze features live actors, gory displays and frightening scenes. This maze is intended for folk over the age of 10.


About the Mazes

Maan Farms’ address is 790 McKenzie Road. It’s a short drive from the Abbotsford Costco and about 10 minutes east of the Abbotsford International Airport.

In 2022 Maan Farms had four Haunted Attractions, including their Haunted Corn Maze. The maze’s theme last year was Slaughterhouse, so there were flesh-eating pigs following guests through the maze. Maan Farms also had an Enchanted Corn Maze for younger kids.

In 2022, the kid-friendly regular corn maze was open from September 17th to October 31st. Admission to the kid-friendly corn maze and children’s play areas cost about $16 on weekdays and $18 on weekends.


Maan Farms in Fall


More About Maan Farms

See our page about Maan Farms for more information about the farm and its seasonal events, or click Maan Farms Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze for details about their kid-friendly activities. To learn more about their haunted attraction for older fright seekers, see our article about the Haunted Corn Maze.


Maan Farms Corn Maze
Maan Farms Corn Maze


Taves Family Farm

Along with their pumpkin patch and other farm activities, Taves Family Farms & Applebarn is home to the Corn Quest Maze which is a good-sized maze that includes a fun mystery element.

Taves Applebarn’s address is 333 Gladwin Road which is just a 5-minute drive from Maan Farms. (Note: Taves Family Farms is a series of farms owned by the same organization. The Applebarn is the farm location where they host their kid-friendly activities.)

When purchased online, Super Fun Passes to the farm in the fall of 2022 were about $25 on weekends and about $22 on weekdays. Children ages 2 and under got in for free.

The large mystery maze at Taves Farm was open daily in September and October along with many of their other fall attractions. Up until Halloween last year, the farm was open from 9:30 am until 5:30 pm.

See the Taves Family Farm & Applebarn page for more information.


Maan Farms Scariest Corn Maze


Corn Mazes in Maple Ridge

In Maple Ridge folk can find corn mazes at Laity Farms. They have two locations – a North location and a South location.


Laity Pumpkin Patch (North and South)

Both North and South locations of Laity Farms offer corn mazes most years. The North location offers a smaller, 1-acre corn maze that is suitable for kids under the age of 7. The South location is intended for kids ages 4 and older, and is slightly larger at 2 acres.

The North location can be found at 21145-128th Avenue. Just across the street at 12725 Laity Street is the South location. It is easy to get between the two locations – it’s about a 2-minute drive or about the same to walk.

In 2022, the pumpkin patches were open for the entire month of October. General admission cost $9 on most weekdays and $12 on weekends for each of the two pumpkin patches. Children under the age of three though entered for free.

For more details click Laity Pumpkin Patches.


Halloween Activities for Kids


Surrey Corn Mazes

Popular corn mazes in Surrey include the Bose Corn Maze and a mini corn maze at Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch.


Bose Corn Maze

While celebrating their 22nd year in 2020, the Bose Corn Maze featured a large corn field with a design honouring Douglas College’s 50th anniversary for guests to explore. Throughout the maze there were a series of trivia questions that helped guide visitors through the junctions. The two-part maze took about an hour or so to complete.

The corn maze was open rain or shine during the months of September and October in 2020. From September 1st until 7th the maze was open from noon until 8:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Friday night it was open from 6:00 until 8:00 pm and Sunday and Labour Day from noon until 4:00 pm.

The maze was only open on weekends from September 8th until October 12th. On Fridays they were open from 6:00 until 8:00 pm, on Saturdays between noon and 8:00 pm, and on Sundays and Thanksgiving Monday from noon until 4:00 pm. (Note: a flashlight is recommended for folk doing the corn maze times at night.)

The Bose Corn Maze cost $7.50 for most folk in 2020. Seniors got in for just $6 though and children under 5 years of age were free. A family of four could have also paid $25. This was the same price as the year before.

Unfortunately, the corn maze was cancelled for the 2021 season. It doesn’t look like it happened in 2022 either. Hopefully it returns in 2023.

Click Bose Farms Corn Maze for more information.


Thanksgiving Weekend in Vancouver


Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch

Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch is located at 1958-184th Street which is in South Surrey about a 12-minute drive east of White Rock.

In addition to their pumpkin farm, Hazelmere also features a mini corn maze which is kid-friendly and designed for families with small children. The corn maze is a tiny one, but it is a corn maze (which is why we list it here).

Admission to the farm was $7.50 on weekdays and $10 on weekends in 2022. Kids under the age of 2 got in for free. Admission included access to the corn maze as well as the playground, animal areas and other attractions. Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch was open in October last year from 2:00 until 5:00 pm on weekdays and from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends.

Check out our Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch article for more information.


Free Events and Activities in October


Tips and Advice

Some tips to help you make the best out of your corn maze experience are below:

TIP #1: Dress for the weather! Nobody has fun when it’s raining if they don’t have appropriate clothing. When visiting farms and other venues like them we recommend taking jackets and boots.

TIP #2: The venues listed above are farms, so expect to get a bit dirty. Bring appropriate clothes and/or supplies to clean off at the car after your visit.

TIP #3: Combine your trip to the above venues with a visit to other places too. Most of the corn maze locations have additional attractions such as pumpkin patches and other kids’ activities on site, plus plants and gardening materials in some cases. For ideas on other things to do though, check out our articles about Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey or the Fraser Valley (all depending on where you’re heading).

TIP #4: If you have younger children, go earlier in the day. It’s less scary before dark and you get the added bonus of smaller crowds.

TIP #5: When visiting farms in the Fraser Valley, don’t forget to fill up on gas. Fuel prices are often much lower in Chilliwack and Abbotsford compared to the rest of the Lower Mainland. The region is also famous for corn in the late summer and early autumn.

TIP #6: If you’re unsure if a venue is open (as a result of weather, etc.) always call ahead. Some venues’ opening hours are weather-dependant, but others are not. If in doubt, double-check before you go.


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