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Guiides.com Launches in Vancouver

Row of Kayaks in Deep Cove

Guiides.com is a website that matches local experts with people looking for outdoor recreational adventure and guides to help them get there.

As of September 2020, it is unclear whether Guides.com still exists or not.


Find Guides with Guiides.com

Ever wanted to go hiking somewhere adventurous in the local area, but not been sure where to go, or been too afraid to go without someone that knows what they’re doing? Interested in having a local guide take you kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking or rock climbing in some of the region’s best places in nature?

The Lower Mainland has some of the world’s best outdoor adventure venues and Guiides.com is a tool to help you find local guides that will lead you to amazing places, provide commentary and ensure you have a safe and memorable trip.


How Guiides.com Works

At Guiides.com you can select trips and their guides by location, activity and date. Destinations include as far as Alberta, but locations around the Lower Mainland include the following:

When you find a Guiides.com tour package you want, select the date and sign up. Most trips have minimum number requirements, so encourage your friends to join or hope others will too.


Types of Guiides.com Tours

Guided packages through Guiides.com include hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing and skiing excursions. Tour destinations include regional parks, glaciers, urban waterways, the region’s most spectacular spots in nature and overnight trips out of town.


Top of Quarry Rock


Guiides.com Cost

Different trips and guides cost different amounts, with the price depending a lot on the length of the trip, equipment and materials supplied, and whether transportation is provided. In general, trips range between about $20 and over $1000 per person, but with many costing between just $50 and $150 for the day.

Whether you’re visiting Vancouver from out of town or you’re from the area and just wanting to experience a great guided tour, then Guiides.com offers some pretty good deals and value for what you get.


Guiides.com Payment Policies

When you reserve your adventure you pay right away. There is a 7-day cancellation policy, however, so if something comes up and you need to cancel, just be sure to request your refund at least a full week in advance.

Guiides.com also offers a 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with your guided experience, let them know.


Snowshoeing on the North Shore


Guiides.com trips and policies are subject to change, so see the official Guiides.com Facebook page for exact details.

For information on great venues for outdoor recreation in general, see Vancouver’s Best Places in Parks and Nature.

For information on bus tours, see West Coast Sightseeing.




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