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Pitt Lake and Pitt-Addington Marsh

Pitt Lake

The second biggest lake in Metro Vancouver, Pitt Lake is a beautiful body of water that’s surrounded by mountains and nature just north of Pitt Meadows.

In the Lower Mainland, only Harrison Lake by Harrison Hot Springs is larger.


Pitt Lake in Pitt Meadows

There are many popular activities in the area around Pitt Lake. These include walking, wildlife viewing, hiking, jogging, cycling and hunting (with a license in specific areas and times). All the surrounding trails are good for hiking. Many are good for cycling as well, especially ones along the Pitt River dykes. The area is flat which makes it ideal for leisurely strolls. Overall, the scenery is spectacular.

At the south end of Pitt Lake is the 2,882 hectare (7,122 acre) Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area, of which 6.5 hectares make up Grant Narrows Regional Park. The park has a boat launch and parking area and is a beautiful spot for walking, cycling and bird watching. The area is full of dykes with trails.


Pitt Lake Gravel Road
A dyke road along the edge of Pitt Lake


How to Get to Pitt Lake & Grant Narrows Park

Pitt Lake and Grant Narrows Regional Park are located north of Pitt Meadows at the far north end of Rennie Road. From Pitt Meadows and the Lougheed Highway, not far from the Pitt River Bridge, head north on Harris Road. Turn right onto McNeil Road and then left on Rennie Road. Continue all the way along Rennie Road to the end until you get to Grant Narrows Regional Park and the Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area.


Cycling and Hiking at Pitt Lake

One of the Lower Mainland’s best places for a walk or cycle is the stretch of dyke right at Pitt-Addington Marsh, starting at the parking lot at Grant Narrows Regional Park. There is a boat launch there, as well as several kilometres of trail along the waterfront. The scenery is breathtaking whatever time of year you visit.

Just south of Pitt Lake is the SwaneSet Bay Golf Resort, which is one of Metro Vancouver’s best and most prestigious golf courses, located at 16651 Rennie Road. Throughout the Pitt Meadows region there are also numerous dykes to walk and cycle along, especially along the Pitt River, as well as lots of blueberry and cranberry farms.


Trails Along the Dyke at Pitt Lake


Other Information

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To learn more about Pitt Lake and the area, and things to watch out for, see Coquitlam Search and Rescue‘s website.

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