Car Show at Creekside Village

Whistler Go Fest‘s All British Car Show used to involve dozens of classic vehicles driving from West Vancouver to Creekside Village on the May Long Weekend.

The Victoria Day Long Weekend is an amazing time for car enthusiasts. The All British Field Meet takes place at VanDusen Garden on the Saturday and features over 500 classic cars. On the Sunday, dozens of the participating vehicles take part in a car rally.

In past years, up until 2019, the car rally participants used to drive up the Sea to Sky Highway and display their vehicles for a second day at Whistler during the Whistler Go Fest event. The car rally didn’t happen in 2020 or 2021, however, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is happening in 2022, but with a new route and destination.

In 2022, instead of heading to Whistler, the car rally starts in Coquitlam and then heads to Harrison Hot Springs.


To learn more about the car rally to Harrison Hot Springs in 2022, see the website.


Whistler Go Fest Car Show

The Vancouver-Whistler All-British Run used to be where dozens of vehicles from the previous day’s Car Show at VanDusen Garden drove from Park Royal Mall in West Vancouver up to Whistler on the Sunday of the Victoria Day Long Weekend.


2020 & 2021 Car Show Dates

The same as in other years, in 2020 the All British Field Meet was going to take place at VanDusen Garden on the Saturday of the May Long Weekend. The car show at Whistler, meanwhile, was going to happen on the Sunday. Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the spring of 2020, however, the events were both cancelled. They didn’t happen in 2021 either.

The plan now is for both car shows to take place on the May Long Weekend in 2022. The Vancouver event is scheduled to happen on Saturday, May 21st. The Whistler event, meanwhile, is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 22nd. The destination for the Sunday event, however, is now Harrison Hot Springs instead of Whistler.


The Vancouver-Whistler All-British Run

In years when it has taken place, on the Sunday of the May Long Weekend cars gathered in the parking lot at West Vancouver’s Park Royal Shopping Centre between around 8:30 and 10:00 am. Vehicles then departed between around 9:00 and 10:30 am and headed up the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. In total, between around 60 and 120 vehicles participated each year.

Park Royal is located not far from the Lions Gate Bridge on Marine Drive just before Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. There is a north side to the mall and a south side, with the main road going down the middle. Participating classic British cars usually met in the parking lot on the southwest side.


Vintage British Cars at Whistler


All British Car Show at Creekside Village

On the Sunday of the May Long Weekend, after cars left West Vancouver and drove up the Sea to Sky Highway, participating vehicles used to head to Whistler’s Creekside Village where they went on display from around 10:00 or 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Also during the May Long Weekend, from the Friday until the Monday, Whistler Go Fest takes place. The festival features sporting activities, art workshops and free outdoor concerts, plus the All British Car Show on Sunday (or at least it did up until 2019).

Like many activities during Whistler Go Fest, the All British Car Show was free to see (and cost only about $30 or so to participate in).

A few years ago the car show took place up in the heart of Whistler Village. For its last couple of years, however, the event took place a short drive away at nearby Creekside Village outside Dusty’s Bar & Grill near the Creekside Gondola. In 2020 it was supposed to again take place at Creekside Village.


For more information about the event click All British Field Meet.


British Car Show at Whistler Creekside
All British Car Show at Whistler Creekside


Other Information

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