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Vancouver Boat Parties and Cruises

Vancouver Boat Parties

Vancouver Boat Parties offers night club-style events and cruises on yachts at New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, Halloween and other occasions.

The company also usually hosts cruises on Valentine’s Day and during the East Indian festival of Diwali.



Unfortunately, like many other local businesses, Vancouver Boat Parties has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Most of their events were cancelled for this past year. To learn more about the status of their cruises see the Vancouver Boat Parties website.


Night Club Cruises with Vancouver Boat Parties

In years when there isn’t a pandemic, party boats are great ways to experience Vancouver’s nightlife while enjoying the city’s spectacular views. They typically depart in the evening from either Coal Harbour or False Creek in downtown Vancouver, cruise around the coastline of the city for a few hours and return by around midnight or shortly after. On the vessels passengers enjoy DJ music, dancing and the Vancouver skyline at night.

Vancouver Boat Parties is a company that offers special cruise events at different times of the year. Their trips involve some of Vancouver’s top DJs and the city’s largest and fanciest yachts. On board, guests can purchase snacks, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. They can also experience some of the region’s most exciting nightlife and amazing views.


Lions Gate and Boat Party Cruise
Cruising under the Lions Gate Bridge


Vancouver Boat Parties Events

Floating night club-style events with Vancouver Boat Parties include cruises at New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, Halloween and Diwali Fest (the last of which happens in October or November).

Descriptions of some of the company’s events are provided below.

Note: The cruises are all adults-only events for ages 19+.


To book a cruise check out the Vancouver Boat Parties website or call 778-829-5245 or 1-888-450-3991.


Boat Party Dates in 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, likely dates for cruises with Vancouver Boat Parties in 2020 included the following (but some have already been cancelled):


New Year’s Eve Boat Party

One of the most memorable ways to celebrate the arrival of the New Year is on a New Year’s Eve party cruise. Vancouver Boat Parties offers such an event and it’s highly recommended. The trip usually features spectacular views of both the city and the fireworks, plus dancing in a first-rate night club atmosphere.

Tickets in in recent years have ranged from about $168 to $180. (Note: Prices may change and go up as New Year’s Eve approaches. Also, this event tends to sell out – so book your spot early.)

The New Year’s Eve Boat Party took place last year on the Queen of Diamonds. As always, the 3-hour event features music. In 2019, 4 DJs played a mix of Hip Hop, Throwback, Top 40, R&B and Reggaeton on one deck and Euro Style, EDM and House on another. Included with the cost of admission in 2019 was a light buffet dinner and party favours.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Cruise

Note: This event was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully it will take place again next year.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Boat Party is an Irish-themed cruise and dance party on the Saturday just before or after March 17th. The same as the year before, in 2020 it was going to be on the 140-foot Abitibi. Early-bird tickets started at $25 (plus online fees). Regular full rate admission was going to cost about $45. The event is extremely popular and sell outs out most years.

In 2020 the St. Patrick’s boat cruise was going to take place on Saturday, March 21st. The plan was for guests to start boarding at 9 pm, the yacht to depart at 10 and the partying to finish by about 1 am. On board there were going to be green decorations, food for purchase, Irish-themed drinks and hundreds of happy party-goers dressed in green and dancing to Irish music and other DJ tunes. Due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus, however, the event was cancelled.


St. Patrick's Day Boat Party


Canada Day Fireworks Cruise

One of the Lower Mainland’s most popular things to do on July 1st each year is watching the fireworks blast off from in front of Canada Place in Burrard Inlet. And one of the best places to watch the Canada Day Fireworks displays is from the water on a yacht, like the one that Vancouver Boat Parties hosts its Canada Day Boat Party on.

The fireworks cruise on Canada Day in 2019 was on the 128-foot Queen of Diamonds which holds up to 400 guests. In 2020 the event was set to take place on Wednesday, July 1st.

Departing from False Creek not far from Science World at 7:30 pm last year, the party vessel went out into English Bay, around Stanley Park, under the Lions Gate Bridge and into Burrard Inlet for the fireworks. The yacht then returned back the same way to False Creek and re-docked shortly before midnight. 2020 details will likely be similar.

The dress code on the Canada Day Boat Party last year was “all white”. Tickets started at $50 and they quickly sold out.


Halloween Night Clubs on the Water

Note: This event was cancelled in 2020 because of COVID-19. Hopefully it will return next year.

At Halloween in 2019 Vancouver Boat Parties had two party cruise events. One was on Friday, October 25th (so on the weekend before Halloween) and the other was on Saturday, November 2nd (so the weekend after).

Both of the Halloween cruises were 3 hours long, started at 8 pm and departed from the docks at Coal Harbour in front of the Westin Bayshore Hotel at 1601 Bayshore Drive. Both also involve dancing to the tunes of some of the city’s best DJs on the Magic Spirit which is one of Vancouver’s largest and nicest party yachts.

The Magic Spirit holds over 300 passengers, has three levels and a massive outer deck that’s about 3000 square feet in size. Dancing typically takes place on all three levels.

Below are further details about the two Halloween boat party excursions from last year.


The Magic Spirit Yacht at Night
The Magic Spirit at Halloween


Spooky Halloween Boat Party

In 2019 the “Spooky Halloween Boat Party” event took place on the evening of Friday, October 25th. Dance music on the cruise included Top 40, Hip Hop, Throwback, Reggaeton and guest requests. Costumes were encouraged, but not required.

Ticket prices for the Spooky Halloween Boat Party ranged between about $25 and $45 (plus taxes and online fees), with the less expensive tickets selling out early. A bottle of champagne and a table for up to four guests could also be reserved for $195 extra.


Halloween Party Boat

The “Halloween Boat Party” event happened in 2019 on Saturday, November 2nd (so on the weekend after Halloween and the company’s other haunted cruise). It also took place on the Magic Spirit and involved dancing to the tunes of some of Vancouver’s top DJs. On this particular cruise the music was primarily House, Reggae, EDM Mash and Hip Hop.

Early-bird tickets for this boat party started at $30 and went up to about $95 (plus taxes and online fees). The same as with the Spooky Halloween Boat Party, champagne and a table for up to four people could also be reserved. In this case the extra cost was about $160. Snacks and drinks were available on board for sale.

At this Halloween event costumes weren’t mandatory, but they were very strongly encouraged. This is an especially popular cruise and typically sells out well in advance.


At the Halloween Boat Party
Friends on a Halloween Boat Party Cruise



For more information and to learn about upcoming events you can follow Vancouver Boat Parties on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Diwali Fusion Boat Party

Note: This event was cancelled in 2020 as well due to COVID-19. Hopefully it will take place again next year.

Diwali is an East Indian festival that’s celebrated in either October or November. To celebrate, Diwali Fest is a Lower Mainland festival with a series events taking place each year at venues in Vancouver and Surrey. Although not officially part of Diwali Fest, the Diwali Fusion Boat Party is a floating night club-style event on the 140-foot yacht The Abitibi which holds over 300 passengers.

On the party boat DJs play Bhangra, Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and other East Indian and South Asian dance music on one deck. On a different floor passengers dance to Hip Hop, Rap, Rhythm & Blues, Reggaeton and Top 40 hits. In 2019 the party was on October 26th and the music was provided by DJ Ignite and DJ TwoSlick.

Tickets for the Diwali Fusion Boat Party in 2019 cost between about $30 and $70 (plus taxes and fees) depending on how far in advance you reserved your spot.

The dress code for the event is typically “Indian Traditional” (which is highly encouraged) or “Clubbing Attire”.


The Abitibi in False Creek
The Abitibi in False Creek


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your boat party experience.

TIP #1: If it’s a costume-themed event, wear a costume. Whether it be for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day or Canada Day (when the dress code is sometimes “white”), dress up! You’ll have more fun!

TIP #2: Invite your friends and go as a group. Boat cruises can be wonderfully romantic for couples wanting time alone on dates. They can also be especially fun though with a pile of friends.

TIP #3: Check-in and boarding usually take place an hour or so before departure. The music and dancing start near the beginning, so go early to maximize your fun.

TIP #4: Give yourself lots of time to get to the docks well before departure. If you get stuck in traffic or get delayed finding parking, you’ll be out of luck. Once the boat leaves the dock it’s gone!

TIP #5: Wear comfortable footwear (for the dancing) and warm clothing (as it can get cold up on the outer deck). Also, don’t forget to take everything with you (both getting on and off the boat). Again, once the boat departs, it’s gone! There is no going back to the car to get something until it’s all over!

TIP #6: Buy your tickets as early as possible. You’ll save lots by paying the early-bird prices, plus you’ll avoid disappointment if the cruise sells out (which they often do). Don’t forget though that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

TIP #7: Night club-style events with Vancouver Boat Parties are for adults only (ages 19+). Valid picture ID is required, so don’t forget to take some.

TIP #8: Plan in advance how to get home after the party. Take a cab or public transit, or convince a friend to be the designated driver.

TIP #9: Vancouver Boat Parties does private parties too. If you are celebrating a birthday, bachelorette or corporate event, or attending one of their regular events with a big group, give them a call at 778-829-5245. Extra perks and discounts are sometimes available.


Vancouver Nighttime Skyline
View of Vancouver from Burrard Inlet


Other Information

See the official Vancouver Boat Parties website for more information about the company and its cruises.

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