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Vancouver’s Jericho Beach

View from Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach, located between Kitsilano and Locarno beaches, is one of Vancouver’s favourite beaches and home to Vancouver’s July Folk Music Festival.


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Beautiful Jericho Beach in Vancouver

Located west of Kitsilano and almost adjacent to Locarno Beach, Jericho is without doubt one of Vancouver’s most beautiful seaside locations.

The beach at Jericho is always busy in the summer, but especially in mid-July when it hosts Vancouver’s very popular Folk Music Festival.


Folk Fest at Jericho Beach Park
Vancouver Folk Music Festival


Jericho – the Beach

Jericho Beach is one of a number of beautiful sandy beaches lining the southern shores of English Bay in Vancouver. The sand seems to extend forever, especially at low tide.

At Jericho Beach there is also a park with a small pond, grass lawns, trees and picnic tables, making it a perfect place for a stroll and a picnic. There are sports fields, tennis courts and beach volleyball courts as well.


Cycling Trail by Jericho Beach

The biking trails along the water, from past Spanish Banks (to the west) to Kitsilano and beyond (to the east), are excellent and highly recommended. The trails are flat the whole way, so great for all ages year-round.

In the summer there are lots of places to cool off in the water, plus the odd refreshment stand selling ice creams and drinks.


The Big Easter Run



The Big Easter Run takes place at Jericho Beach each year. It features one kilometre, five-kilometre and 10-kilometre runs that are fun as opposed to competitive. Participants also get a complimentary pair of bunny ears! The run happened on Saturday, March 30th in 2024.


Vancouver Folk Music Festival

If you like music, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in July is a great time to visit Jericho Beach. During that weekend thousands of folk music enthusiasts descend on the beach. In 2024, the festival takes place from July 19th to 21st. For more information, check out Vancouver Folk Fest.


Vancouver View from Jericho
View of Vancouver from Jericho Beach


Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most of your visit to Jericho Beach.

TIP #1: Pack your sandcastle-building supplies, if you have young kids, as well as your bikes. There is a lot of sand at Jericho Beach, plus a nice walking and cycling trail that goes along the waterfront.

TIP #2: Take a picnic. There is a nice grassy park at Jericho with paths to explore, and picnic tables.

TIP #3: If you’re at Jericho and you’re interested in a bit of history while in the area, consider visiting the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum just a few blocks down from the park along Point Grey Road.

The historic site is only open in the afternoons, and not every day, but it can make a nice little break from all the sun in the summer (or an even nicer and longer little break if it’s raining). It’s tiny and should only take a few minutes to see, but they have some interesting pieces of history.


Other Information

To learn more about Jericho Beach, see the City of Vancouver‘s website.

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