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North Vancouver Craft Beers and Breweries

Beers at La Cerveceria Astilleros

The Lower Mainland is full of breweries. There are so many of them and some of the region’s best craft beers and brewery venues are on Vancouver’s North Shore.

In this article you’ll learn about some of North Vancouver’s various breweries. To learn about the region’s series of beer-themed events in the fall, however, see our article about Vancouver’s North Shore Craft Beer Week (VNSCBW). For a slideshow of participating breweries and bands from the 2022 event click North Vancouver Breweries Video.

In 2023, Vancouver’s North Shore Craft Beer Week runs from November 2nd until the 14th.


This article contains information about the following North Vancouver breweries:

Beere Brewing | Black Kettle Brewing | Braggot Brewing | Bridge Brewing | Deep Cove Brewing & Distillers | House of Funk | La Cerveceria Astilleros | North Point Brewing | Shaketown Brewing | Wildeye Brewing


Vancouver's North Shore Craft Beer Week


Craft Breweries on the North Shore

There are a good number of craft breweries and distilleries on the North Shore. There is a concentration of them in the Lower Lonsdale District in the City of North Vancouver, especially around the first few blocks of East Esplanade Avenue (which is just east of the Shipyards and within easy walking distance of Lonsdale Quay and the SeaBus Terminal). A few are also spread out in other places across the region.

Below are descriptions of some of North Vancouver’s various breweries. They all brew their own beers. Most also have pub-style venues that serve food and some offer tours of their breweries. First though, check out the video below which shows scenes of breweries and the VNSCBW Launch Party from 2022.


North Vancouver Breweries Video

The following slideshow video is of North Vancouver breweries and bands participating at Vancouver’s North Shore Craft Beer Week events in 2022.

Photos you’ll see in the video include scenes from Beere Brewing, Black Kettle, Braggot Brewing, Deep Cove Brewers, House of Funk, La Cerveceria Astilleros, North Point Brewing, Shaketown and Wildeye Brewing. Bands you’ll see in the video include Antonio Larosa (at the VNSCBW Launch Party), Mariachi Los Dorados (at La Cerveceria Astilleros) and both the Dueling Pianos and Bossa Etcetera at Wildeye Brewing.

It doesn’t normally snow in North Vancouver in early November (except for up high in the mountains). It did though in 2022, as you can see in this video. The scenes of the beers in the snow are at Grand Boulevard Park (where you can drink alcohol in public in designated areas). The snow only stayed on the ground for a couple of days. (To learn about other North Shore public spaces where you can drink beers, see our article about North Vancouver Parks Where You Can Consume Alcohol.



Beere Brewing

Beere Brewing – located at 312 Esplanade East, this is a brewery that prides itself on the quality of its ingredients. The place is open 7 days a week and has an outdoor patio on the sidewalk in warmer months. It has been open since 2017.


The Beere Brewery
Beere Brewery


Black Kettle Brewing

Black Kettle Brewing – this brewery produces beers without any preservatives or chemicals. Located at 720 Copping Street, Black Kettle Brewing is open daily from noon with an indoor lounge and dog-friendly tented patio. It’s a fun place with great food and beers.

When we last visited the place we enjoyed the live DJ music (who is there on Thursdays) and a few games of foosball. We also shared a couple of flights of beer and got to sample lots of really nice brews. The hamburger and pizza we had were also exceptional.

The brewery’s newest beer is their Living Creature Dark IPA. We tried it at the Launch Party for Vancouver’s North Shore Craft Beer Week and it was really good!


Black Kettle Flight of Beers
Black Kettle Brewing


Braggot Brewing

Braggot Brewing – located at 370 Esplanade East #102, this small brewery specializes in a very old beverage made with honey and grains. The place has cozy indoor and outdoor seating areas and one of the best views for a North Shore brewery.

When we visited the place we had a great chat with the owner and learned all about their honey making and the history of the brewery. We also got to try their four different in-house brews. Our favourite was the Brown Ale followed by the Golden Elixir. We also enjoyed a snack platter with peanuts, sliced meats and figs.


Braggot Brewing
Braggot Brewing


Bridge Brewing

Bridge Brewing – featuring a dog-friendly patio and a diverse food menu, this brewery produces four core beers throughout the year. The tasting room is at 1448 Charlotte Road. It’s a small place where guests experience a true brewery culture.


Deep Cove Brewing & Distillers

Deep Cove Brewing & Distillers – located at Unit 170 – 2270 Dollarton Highway, this brewery served a good variety of beers as well as daily food specials. The place had a large outdoor patio which is great for the summer, and there is often live music as well.

NOTE: Deep Cove Brewing ceased operations in the summer of 2023. Unable to continue its lease, the brewery hopes to find a new location and resume operations sometime in the future. Exact details, however, are to be confirmed.


North Vancouver's Deep Cove Brewery
Deep Cove Brewery


House Of Funk

House Of Funk – located at 350 Esplanade E #101, this brewery challenges the status quo with unique creations. The place is decorated with barrels and offers beer, coffee and food on large picnic-style tables.


House of Funk Brewing Company
House of Funk Brewing


La Cerveceria Astilleros

La Cerveceria Astilleros – a brewery that uses flavours from Mexico in their signature drinks and food. The colourful and culture-rich brewery offers a restaurant-style seating area at 226 Esplanade east and is open daily. They also have a wine tasting room upstairs (although as of the fall of 2022 it has recently been under renovations).


La Cerveceria Astilleros Brewery
La Cerveceria Astilleros


North Point Brewing

North Point Brewing – located at 266 1st East Street, this brewery has a cabin-like designed interior with a lounge and outdoor patio. The brewery offers a selection of signature brews, pizza and more.

When we visited the place it was on a cool rainy day. As a result, we really appreciated their indoor fireplace. We had some tasty pizza and a couple of flights of nice, locally-made craft beers. Interestingly, Bavarian lagers can be amber, dark, golden or pale in color. In the case of North Point brewing, it’s a darker beer.


North Point Brewing
North Point Brewing


Shaketown Brewing

Shaketown Brewing – located at #105 288 East Esplanade Avenue, this brewery claims to be the oldest and newest in North Vancouver. It’s open daily with a variety of drinks and snacks. There’s ample seating room both inside and on their outdoor patio.


Shaketown Brewery
Shaketown Brewery


Wildeye Brewing

Wildeye Brewing – offering core beers and seasonal specials, this brewery has an enclosed, heated, dog-friendly patio and a large indoor area. The venue hosts a range of live music throughout the week.

When we checked the place out we tried about eight different beers (and then bought a bunch to take home with us for later). We also enjoyed their nachos, curry and games of shuffleboard. We hope to return again on a night when they have live music.

Wildeye has a number of really good beers. Their Czech Pilsner is especially good and has won some awards.


Wildeye Brewery
Wildeye Brewery


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