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Vancouver’s Main Street Station Farmers Market

Main Street Farmers Market

Vancouver’s Main Street Farmers Market usually runs on Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 6 pm. It goes from the beginning of June until the first week of October.



Due to construction in the area related to the new St. Paul’s Hospital, the Main Street Farmers Market didn’t happen in 2021 or 2022. It’s unlikely to return in 2023, although exact details are to be confirmed.

A relatively new market happens just a few blocks away this year. The False Creek Farmers Market at Creekside Park takes place between June 1st and October 5th in 2023. The location is just north of Science World at 1455 Quebec Street.


Main Street Farmers Market

The Main Street Station Farmers Market has been running in Vancouver since 2010, the year of the Olympics.

In recent years, over 40 vendors line the street most weeks in front of Vancouver’s Central Pacific Station and along the edge of tiny Thornton Park. Vendors include many different local farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables and organic produce in season.


When and Where

In 2021 the Main Street Farmers Market was going to run from June 2nd until October 6th. Its hours each week would have been from 2 until 6 pm. In the spring of 2021, however, organizers of the event decided to cancel it for the year due to construction planned for the area.

In years when it does happen, the market’s home is in front of the city’s main train and bus station. Its address is 1150 Station Street. It’s just a short walk from Science World and the False Creek waterfront.


Main Street Station Farmers Market


What to Expect

At the Main Street Farmers Market there are vendors selling everything from dairy products to meat, bakery items, artisanal goods and hot foods for dinner.

Overall, the Main Street Station Farmers Market is arguably one of Vancouver’s best outdoor markets, especially for produce. It’s conveniently located close to public transit and other places of interest.


Public Transit, Parking and Cycling

With the Expo and Millennium Line’s Science World SkyTrain Station just a block away, the Main Street Station Farmers Market is one of the most convenient markets with respect to public transit.

Free 2-hour street parking can sometimes be found on nearby Station Street and National Avenue, as well as on Quebec Street between National and Terminal.

A little further along there can also be quite a bit of free street parking up National Avenue east towards Trillium Park. There is also parking further east along Terminal Avenue. Both those areas start to get a bit far, however, especially if you have to carry heavy bags of fruits and vegetables back to your car. Pay parking is also available just a couple of blocks away at Science World.

If you cycle to the market, depending on where you’re coming and going from, the most popular route is via the beautiful False Creek Seawall. It’s also the safest route for cycling as the only traffic is pedestrian traffic, as well as other bicycles. If you can, ride your bike!


Main Street Farmers Market at Pacific Central Station
The market in front of Pacific Central Station


Attractions Near the Market

Being located by the corner of Main Street and Terminal, there are a number of places of interest fairly close to the market. If you like garage sale-style markets there is the Vancouver Flea Market at 703 Terminal Avenue. It’s just open on weekends though, so not on Wednesdays.

A good place to visit before or after shopping on market days if you have young children is Science World just a couple of blocks away.

Science World is right on False Creek. The False Creek Seawall is an exceptional area to walk around, especially along the southern shore in that area in the direction of the Olympic Village. Also, less than six blocks north of the market along Main Street is Vancouver’s Chinatown.


Other Information

For more information about the Wednesday summer market, check out the Main Street Station Farmers Market‘s official website.

For information about other farmers markets on other days of the week, check out Vancouver Summer Markets.

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