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Fraserway RV and Recreational Vehicles in Abbotsford and Delta

Fraserway RV Staff in Abbotsford

Fraserway RV is a large recreational vehicle company with dealerships across Canada. They have locations in both Abbotsford and Delta.

In June 2023, Fraserway RV announced the introduction of a new product, the Tuktut, which is a compact camper made by Scout. This was exciting news, especially for anyone looking to enter the camper market for the first time and hesitant about the need for a big vehicle.

The Tuktut is a camper designed for small trucks. No longer do you need a big rig to enjoy the pleasures of camping in a camper! Unlike the competition, the Tuktut fits trucks with small beds including the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, Jeep Gladiator and Toyota Tacoma! And it weighs as little as 634 lbs!


For the recreational vehicle dealership’s website, fraserway.com.


Scout Tuktut Camper at Fraserway RV
Scout Tuktut Camper at Fraserway RV


Fraserway RV and the Scout Tuktut Camper

We attended the media launch event for the Tuktut on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. At Fraserway RV’s Abbotsford location they had a model of the new camper on display. It was tiny, but also surprisingly spacious inside. The camper had a bed, skylight, heating and cupboards. It had ample windows and was bright. You could also easily stand up inside. And it fits on small trucks! And they aren’t that expensive!

The Scout Tuktut will be available exclusively in Canada at Fraserway RV dealerships across the country. The campers start arriving in August and already the dealership is receiving orders! They cost about $16,500 or so (US), which works out to around $24,000 with delivery fees in Canada (but with exact prices and other details to be confirmed).

What else do we like about the Tuktut? Scout campers have a lightweight, energy-efficient design and can be charged by solar energy. They are also very minimalist, meaning that they have the core essentials without any expensive bells and whistles. Composed of aluminum and fiberglass, their modular structures are also built to last.

One day we’d like to buy a recreational vehicle. We love the fact that even small trucks can carry campers nowadays, thanks to the Scout Tuktut! With gas prices the way they are, it would be so nice to be able to travel in comfort with a smaller vehicle! We bet these campers will be hugely popular, especially among younger demographics!


Fraserway RV


For the recreational vehicle dealership’s website, fraserway.com.


TukTut Video

Below is video showing what we saw when we attended the media launch event where Fraserway RV announced the introduction of the Scout Tuktut to Canada.

Note: The camera we used to film this was a wide angle-camera which made the camper looker larger inside than it really was. That being said, we were surprised at how spacious it was inside. From the outside, and in photos online, it looked much smaller.) It’s a really cool camper! It’ll make the outdoors more accessible, and more comfortable, for lots of people!



Fraserway RV in the Lower Mainland

Fraserway RV is one of the best places to buy and rent recreational vehicles in Canada. In the Lower Mainland they have locations at 747 Cliveden Place in Delta and 30440 South Fraser Way in Abbotsford. In BC they also have locations in Kamloops, Kelowna and Prince George.

Fraserway makes many of their own vehicles (one of which we used once and had an amazing time – see Our Getaway Camping Vacation in a Rental RV to learn about that trip). East to West RV, meanwhile, is an RV manufacturing company based in Elkhart Indiana. They also make exceptional recreation vehicles. Between the two companies, if you use one of their products, expect to make exceptional memories while experiencing some wonderfully pampered camping!


Fraserway RV's Showroom in Abbotsford
Fraserway RV’s Showroom in Abbotsford


Fraserway & East to West Partnership Launch

Last fall Fraserway RV announced it had entered into a national partnership with US-based East to West RV. That meant lots of great new inventory and selection for people wanting to buy and rent campers, motorhomes and other recreational vehicles!

On September 9th, 2022, Fraserway hosted a special event at their Abbotsford location to officially launch their new partnership with East to West RV. We attended. At the event they talked about the new partnership. They also had a barbecue for guests and staff, and extra special deals for customers. In their showroom they had a number of new East to West RV trailers for people to explore. Wow are those trailers ever nice!

East to West RV makes a number of brands that are well known in the United States, but until now not so common here in Canada. East to West’s brands include Ahara, Alta, Della Terra, Silver Lake, Tandara and Entrada.


For the recreational vehicle dealership’s website, fraserway.com.


East to West Prize RV Video

To see what an East to West Alta 2810KIK Travel Trailer looks like, check out the following video. It’s the recreational vehicle that Fraserway RV gave away as a prize in October of 2022. As you can see, it’s a beautiful product! And it’s not a bottom-of-the-line model (although even East to West’s most basic models are still quite luxurious).

In this video you’ll see the trailer from the outside as well as inside in the main living and kitchen areas. Not shown in the video is the bathroom and bedroom (both of which are very nice too).



RV-Ing in the Lower Mainland

One of the best ways to explore the Lower Mainland (and the rest of BC) is by recreational vehicle. Using a new Fraserway RV or East to West RV makes camping in the outdoors a luxury experience!

Over the past couple of years the demand for RV rentals has been through the roof. More people than ever have wanted to buy and rent vehicles. Suppliers haven’t been able to keep up with demand and rental vehicles have been hard to come by. With Fraserway’s new partnership with East to West, the influx of new vehicles to the region will definitely help and offer much needed relief!

We’ve been camping in recreational vehicles before and love them! We’ve borrowed an old camper from family and had a great time. We also took a rental vehicle from Fraserway RV on a camping trip a couple of years ago and oh wow was that ever nice! We hope to do that again soon! It makes going back to a tent or older camper so difficult. When we are ready to retire, we’ll definitely be looking for a nice RV. And in the meantime, renting a really nice one is a great option. They are so worth it!

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Inside an East to West RV
Inside an East to West RV


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To learn more about the recreational vehicle company, visit the Fraserway RV website.

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