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ARC IBERICO IMPORTS, Pop-Up Shops & Spanish Night Fiesta 2019

Arc Iberico Imports

ARC IBERICO IMPORTS is a Vancouver company specializing in Spanish meats and delicacies. On July 13th it hosted a Pop-Up Shop and Spanish Night Fiesta.

On Saturday July 13th, 2019, the Ibérico Pop-Up Shop took place at Vancouver’s Ellis Building at 1024 Main Street. At the same venue on the same day, the place turned into a Spanish Night Fiesta with various activities showcasing the best of Spanish food, drinks and culture.


ARC IBERICO IMPORTS is one of the leading importers and distributors of Iberian products in Vancouver. It is a local company that provides catering services and an online shop from which you can order Ibérico ham, seafood and other premium Spanish delicacies.

Occasionally ARC IBERICO IMPORTS also offers a Pop-Up Shop where they set up somewhere in Vancouver as a one-day bricks-and-mortar style store where the public can buy their products. That’s what they did on July 13th.


ARC IBERICO IMPORTS sometimes hosts its own events, and sometimes it participates in events hosted by other organizations. For example, the company is a fairly regular participant at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend at VanDusen Garden in September. This year they also had a booth at the Vancouver International Wine Festival at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Ibérico Pop-Up Shop in July 2019

Pop-Up Shop Poster

ARC IBERICO IMPORTS is primarily an online business. They do, however, occasionally set up a Pop-Up Shop where for one day they sell their products at a temporary location. They did this last year, and did it again in the summer of 2019 too.

In 2019 the Ibérico Pop-Up Shop took place on Saturday, July 13th, between 11:30 and 5:00 pm at the Ellis Building at 1024 Main Street in Vancouver. Admission is free.

At the event ARC IBERICO IMPORTS had a wide selection of its products for sale. Master ham carver Antonio Romero Casado was also on site carving the “jewel of Spanish gastronomy” – 100% acorn-fed Cinco Jotas ham.

Loyal customers love these events, as do regular folk wanting to check out their products.

2019 Spanish Night Fiesta

For the first time ever, ARC IBERICO IMPORTS hosted a Spanish Night Fiesta. It took place on the same day and at the same venue as their 2019 Ibérico Pop-Up Shop.

Spanish Feria en Vancouver PosterWhereas the Pop-Up Shop ran from 11:30 until 5:00 pm on July 13th, the Spanish Night Fiesta went from 5:00 pm on the Saturday until 1:00 am on the Sunday. Both took place at Vancouver’s Ellis Building on Main Street.

At the Spanish Night Fiesta there was authentic live Flamenco music from Spain and premium Spanish delicacies including Jamon Ibérico de Bellota and an Ibérico meat barbecue. The event also featured a selection of Spanish beverages including a drinking experience out of a decanter called Porron.

Children were welcome to attend the Spanish Night Fiesta between 5:00 and 10:00 pm. After that the event became an adults-only party for folk ages 19+.

At the event, in addition to the live Flamenco music, there was also DJ entertainment featuring Rumba, Flamenco and Reggaeton.

Early-bird admission to the Spanish Night Fiesta was $8 in advance. It later went up to $10 in advance and then $12 at the door. Children ages 12 and under were free.


As mentioned above, ARC IBERICO IMPORTS is a local company that offers catering services and an online store specializing in high-end gourmet products.

The company offers catering services for banquets, private parties, weddings and other special events. Menu items include their signature hand-carved Jamon Ibérico and other fine Spanish delicacies.

ARC IBERICO IMPORTS is especially well known for its premium cured Spanish Ibérico meats. They sell air-dried cured acorn-fed hams, grain-fed hams, serrano ham, Ibérico chorizo and salchichon. They also sell high-end olives, anchovy fillets and gourmet seafood including mussels in pickled sauce, sardines in olive oil, squid in black ink sauce and both yellow fin and white tuna.

All their premium products are imported from Spain and are available for purchase via their website (as well as occasionally at their pop-up shops).

ARC IBERICO IMPORTS’ mission is “bringing Canadians the finest jewels of Spanish Gastronomy.”

Master Carver Antonio Romero Casado
Master Ham Carver Antonio Romero Casado

Other Information

To learn more about ARC IBERICO IMPORTS and its online products and catering services, see the arcimports.ca website.