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Alouette Lake Beach and Campground

Alouette Lake Beach Lawns

Alouette Lake is about 10 km from Maple Ridge in Golden Ears Provincial Park and it is a large lake with one of Metro Vancouver’s most popular campgrounds.



Not far from Alouette Lake and Golden Ears Park is WildPlay. It’s an outdoor adventure centre with ziplines and ropes courses in Maple Ridge. If you’re in the area and looking for an incredibly fun activity, then check it out! You won’t be disappointed!


WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge


Alouette Lake Beach

The beach at Alouette Lake is one of the most popular in Metro Vancouver, both for people and geese. The views of the lake with the mountains all around are quite spectacular, and the giant lawn in front of the beach is a great place for picnics.

Golden Ears Provincial Park is located about an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver and Alouette Lake is 7 km from the park’s entrance.

At the beach there is a designated swimming area, canoe and kayak rentals in the summer, and BBQ attachments on some of the picnic tables. Fishing, windsurfing and water-skiing are also popular on the lake.

The beach itself isn’t the best, but still okay. It’s more rocky than sandy, and can be muddy in parts in the water and near the shore. If you have water shoes, they can be good to wear.

There are no lifeguards at the beach, so you need to swim at your own risk. There are flush toilets and sinks with running water, but only during certain hours and peak months. At other times there are outhouses.

The parking lot at the Alouette Lake beach day area is massive, but it can still fill up on hot sunny days in July and August. This is especially the case on statutory holidays and weekends.


Alouette Lake Beach
Alouette Lake Beach


Alouette Lake Campground

Alouette is one of three campsite areas in Golden Ears Park, and a really good one, although a bit of a hike from the water. The only other very slight drawback is the fact that the roads are gravel and can get dusty. Other than that, the campground is near perfect and one of the very best in Metro Vancouver.

The Alouette campground has hot showers and is beautifully forested with lots of shade and privacy.

Click campground map for a map of the Alouette campground.

Tip # 1: Camp sites A85 to A91 are closest to the trail to the lake, as well as close to washrooms and water taps.  Try to get one of these if you can.

Tip #2: Alouette is a popular campground in the summer, so be sure to make reservations (starting around mid-March and up to 3 months in advance of your reservation date). Click camping reservations to book your spot.


Alouette Lake Video

The following video is of Alouette Lake in May of 2020. It shows the beach, surrounding mountains and views from the lake. As you’ll see in the video, the place is popular with geese. There are often at least a few of the large birds in the area, plus lots of their droppings on the beach and surrounding grassy lawns.



In the Alouette Lake Area

Alouette Lake is in Golden Ears Provincial Park, which is one of the largest parks in British Columbia. There is a river and trails to waterfalls just a short drive from the Alouette Lake beach and campground. There are also extensive trails throughout the park, which are popular with both hikers and horseback riders.

Not far from Alouette Lake is Rolley Lake, another one of our top recommended provincial campgrounds, and Stave Falls Powerhouse, where BC Hydro has an interesting visitor’s centre, which is an especially good place to go on rainy days while camping.


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Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions and extra bits of information to help you make the most out of your visit to Alouette Lake.

TIP #1: Dogs are not permitted on the main beach (which is typical for Lower Mainland beaches). Just up from the main beach, and right beside it, however, is a smaller beach where dogs are allowed.

TIP #2: Because of the mountains and forest, the sun goes down early at Alouette Lake. On the May Long Weekend, for example, the sun starts to disappear at around 6:30 pm.

TIP #3: The change house at the beach at Alouette Lake is open from around mid-May until mid-September between 8:00 am and dusk. It’s closed at other times. Pit toilets up by the parking lots, however, are available year-round.


Golden Ears Park
Entrance to Golden Ears Park


Other Information

To learn more about Alouette Lake and the park that it’s in, see the BC Parks website or click Golden Ears Park Brochure for more details.

Click Golden Ears Camping to book a campsite.

To learn more about the park, click Golden Ears Provincial Park.

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