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Camosun Bog at Pacific Spirit Park

Camosun Bog

Located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park by the University of British Columbia, or UBC, Camosun Bog is an area of marshland with trails for walking.


Camosun Bog

Camosun Bog Boardwalk
The Boardwalk at Camosun Bog

Restoration of this 2000+ year-old area of reclaimed peat and bog land has been going on for a number of years now. The result is the building of boardwalks through the forest, the reintroduction of natural vegetation, and generally a very pleasant place to wander about.

Dogs on leash are permitted in the bog area, but bicycles are not. In different parts of the nearby Camosun Trails, however, dogs on leash, bicycles and even horses are allowed.


How to Get to Camosun Bog

Closest access to Camosun Bog is from trails starting at the end of West 21st Avenue near Crown Street in Vancouver, or just south of the intersection of Camosun Street and West 19th Avenue.

Trails from Camosun Bog also lead into the extensive Camosun Trail network, which begins at the corner of West 16th Avenue and Imperial Drive near Camosun Park. The entire area is a great place for walks.

Click Pacific Spirit Park Map for a map of this beautiful area around UBC.