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Richmond’s West Dyke Trail

Richmond's West Dyke Trail

Richmond’s West Dyke Trail is one of Metro Vancouver’s best places for walking, cycling, jogging and bird watching. It’s flat, dog-friendly and beautiful.


The West Dyke Trail

Richmond is a great place for walks and leisurely bike rides, in part because the place is so flat. One of the best places to go for a cycle is along Richmond’s dykes, including the beautiful West Dyke Trail from Steveston Village. It’s about 6 km or so from Steveston heading north to Terra Nova Rural Park, and it’s a flat gravel path the entire way. Dogs are permitted on leash.

The last time we cycled along the West Dyke Trail it was in February and we came across a giant flock of migrating snow geese. When we say giant, we mean gi-normous! There were thousands of the birds! Don’t expect to see them when you visit, but do be on the lookout for other kinds of birds here and there along the way.

The West Dyke Trail is a great destination to combine with a trip to historic Steveston Village and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, a visit to the International Buddhist Temple a few kilometres away on the Steveston Highway, or a tour around the London Heritage Farm, which is not too far south of Steveston Village.


Snow Geese Landing in Masses


Other Information

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Click here for an amazing Video of the Snow Geese on the West Dyke Trail.

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