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Cavalia Odysseo Signs

Cavalia Odysseo is an equestrian and acrobatic production that took place under a giant white big top at Vancouver’s Olympic Village in early 2017.


Cavalia Odysseo 2017


Cavalia Odysseo ran from January 29th until March 12th with performances at 7:30 pm every day except Mondays. On Saturdays there were also additional shows at 2 pm.



Ticket prices ranged from about $40 for children for seats with a slightly obstructed view to up to over $200 for adults for premium seats.



Cavalia Odysseo took place at Vancouver’s Olympic Village at 299 West 1st Avenue inside the world’s largest big top.


The Set and Story

The Cavalia Odysseo story is about the meeting of two worlds – a world of humans and a world of horses – and their journey together to a world of dreams.

Right from the start the set at Cavalia Odysseo is amazing. Inside the big top venue the audience is immediately drawn into an enchanted three-dimensional forest which gradually comes alive, even before the performance begins.

The audience is treated to scenes of rolling hills and a distant desert, herds of horses and symphonies of colours and emotions. The settings are described as intimate yet grandiose with awe-inspiring images, beautiful live music, and full of dozens of acrobats and dancers.


Cavalia Odysseo Stage Production
The stage at Cavalia Odysseo under construction


Promotional Video

To get an idea about what to expect at the show, check out the following video:



About Cavalia Odysseo

Cavalia Inc. is an entertainment company based in Montreal that specializes in the production and touring of innovative theatrical performances.

Cavalia Odysseo is the company’s second show, cost $30 million to produce, debuted initially in 2011, and has been touring the globe to rave reviews ever since.


Horse, Trainer and Cavalia Sign


About the Horses

The Cavalia Odysseo production includes 65 beautiful horses that are cared for exceptionally well. To minimize the duration and stress of travel, the horses were flown directly by plane from California, the location of their last production, to the Lower Mainland where prior to their Vancouver performances they enjoyed 15 days of leisure at a Delta farm.

The horses are of eleven different breeds including Arabian, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Spanish Purebred.

The majestic creatures are cared for by a 20-person team of trainers, vets, groomers, health technicians and various other horse-care experts. Odysseo Inc. prides itself on its treatment of its animals, and it shows in what we’ve seen.


Cavalia Big Top
The Cavalia Odysseo Big Top at Olympic Village


Other Information

For more information see the Cavalia Odysseo website.

For details on other events taking place this month and other times of the year, see either Vancouver’s February Calendar or the Calendar of Festivals & Events.




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