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River District's Town Centre

The River District is a 130-acre commercial and residential development along the Fraser River in the Marine Drive and Boundary Road area of Vancouver.

Below you’ll find information about the neighbourhood.


Vancouver’s River District Development

River District Vancouver is a master-planned waterfront community that is continuing to be developed. It’s kind of like a new Coal Harbour or Yaletown, but bigger. It’s also much larger than Granville Island, although smaller than Olympic Village.


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River District Vancouver in Spring
The River District in Spring


River District Location

The River District is a 130-acre area of land in South Vancouver. It’s bordered by Kerr Street to the west, Marine Drive to the north, Boundary Road to the east and the Fraser River to the south.

The River District Community Centre’s address is 8683 Kerr Street. The River District’s Town Centre is at 8540 River District Crossing by Sawmill Crescent.


The River District Today

Although still very young as a development with long term plans, River District Vancouver already has a Town Centre with lease agreements with a Starbucks, Save-on-Foods and TD Bank. Everything Wine and Westminster Savings Credit Union are also already there and operating.

Commercial and residential property development will progress over the coming years, but families and businesses have already started moving in.

As part of its long-term vision to be a thriving and dynamic community, River District Vancouver is already a destination to check out. Throughout the year it hosts community events for the public.

Today there is a fair bit of open space as well as active construction on the 130-acre property. There is also a pleasant 1.5-km gravel pathway along the shore of the Fraser River, which is perfect for strolls and leisurely bike rides. There is also a pier, a Romer’s restaurant, community centre and residential buildings at various stages of completion.


Romer's Restaurant and River District Community Centre
Romer’s Restaurant and the Community Centre


About the River District

River District Vancouver is a modern and environmentally-friendly commercial and residential development.

Under the supervision of property developer Wesgroup, buildings are of LEED Gold standard, which means they are constructed in an environmentally-friendly way and designed to conserve both water and energy.

The property is also designed to be community-focused and to have lots of green space. The Fraser River-bordering neighbourhood features a 1.5 kilometre walking and cycling path along its waterfront as well as children’s play areas.


Waterfront Trail at River District Vancouver
River District Pathways and Green Space


The River District in the Future

Presently there are some residential and commercial properties in the River District. Over time though there will also be an elementary school, child care facilities and a total of 7000 residential units. There will also be 250,000 square feet of retail space for shops and restaurants, plus public plazas, community gardens, sports fields and recreational facilities.

The total land space of the River District is three times that of Granville Island. In a few years, after its 15,000 or so residents eventually move in, it’ll have a population larger than Yaletown.

Upon completion, River District Vancouver will have more than 7 million square feet of living area and over 25 acres of green space. To put that into perspective, Gastown is smaller than 25 acres.


River District Community Centre
The River District Community Centre


Events at the River District

As the community continues to grow, a lot happens in the River District neighbourhood. It’s impressive!

The development has a vibrant community centre that offers all kinds of programs including yoga and other fitness classes. In the summer there are various events and drive-in movies in the fall.

To see what’s coming up in the neighbourhood, check out the River District Events Calendar. Or for information about some of the River District’s main events in the spring, summer and fall, see below.


Chinese New Year at the River District

River District Vancouver celebrates the Chinese New Year with lion dances and other fun activities in both the Town Centre and at the River District Neighbourhood Centre.

In 2020 the Year of the Rat was celebrated on January 25 with lion dancing and other activities. 2022 details are to be determined.


Chinese Lion Dancers at River District


Easter at the River District

The big event at River District Vancouver in the spring is the annual Golden Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.

In 2019, on Sunday, April 21, the River District Neighbourhood Centre hosted a special Easter event from 9 am until 2 pm (which was a couple of hour longer than the previous year). The Easter festivities included face painting, crafts for kids and a hunt for gold foil-covered chocolate eggs.

On the same day and at the same time, activities also took place in the Town Centre. That’s where there was a bouncy castle, balloon twisters, more crafts and other fun activities.

In 2020 Easter celebrations at the River District were cancelled due to COVID-19. The same was likely the case in 2021. Hopefully they will be able to return in 2022.


River District Vancouver at Easter
The Golden Egg Hunt at Easter


Savour Summer Festival

On three Saturdays in the summer the River District hosts one of its free Savour Summer Festival events which feature live music, food trucks, market vendors, giveaways and family-friendly activities.

In 2019 Savour Summer Festival events occurred on the Saturdays of July 13, August 10 and September 7. 2020’s festivities were cancelled due to the coronavirus. Details are to be determined for 2022.

The events all took place in the afternoons from 2 until 6 pm in the River District’s Town Centre near the Starbucks at 8540 River District Crossing (at Sawmill Crescent).

Each event has a slightly different theme and live band or other performance.

Click River District Events for further details.


Drive-in Movie at the River District
Drive-in Movie Night at River District Vancouver


Autumn Movies at the River District

River District Drive-in Movies happen most years in the eastern section of the development on weekends in September and October.

The drive-in movie events attract up to 300 to 400 vehicles per time. They used to cost around $20 per car (with up to 8 people in each), but in 2018 they were free. There is also no charge for people walking in and sitting in their lawn chairs.

(Note: The free outdoor movies didn’t take place in 2019 and 2020. The movies likely weren’t shown in 2021 either. 2022 details are to be confirmed.)

Click Drive-in Movie Nights for more information.


River District at Kerr Street
River District at the bottom of Kerr Street


Other Information

See the wesgroup.ca website for more information about River District Vancouver.

For information on what’s happening in the neighbourhood, click River District Events.