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Vancouver’s Robson Square

Robson Square

Robson Square is the open public space at the corner of Robson and Howe in the heart of downtown Vancouver across the street from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

It’s close to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and right on Robson Street, Vancouver’s finest street for shopping.



Because of the coronavirus pandemic, no ice skating took place on the rink at Robson Square in November and December of 2020 or January and February or 2021. Hopefully the free skating can happen next winter instead.


Robson Square in Downtown Vancouver

Designed by the renowned Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson, Robson Square is a plaza and public space bordered by Howe Street, Hornby Street and Robson Street in the core of downtown Vancouver. It’s also connected with the south plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery which is often also considered part of “Robson Square.”

Completed in 1983, Robson Square itself consists primarily of a covered underground area that’s used as a skating rink in the winter and event venue at other times. At Robson Square there are also lots of steps to sit on, open concrete spaces and a tiny area with a few trees and other vegetation.

Including the Provincial Law Courts and University of British Columbia‘s downtown campus building, which are both technically part of the overall structure, Robson Square is 1.2 million sq. feet in size and covers over three city blocks.

At Robson Street, especially in the summer, expect to see the odd street entertainer, the occasional person protesting something or other, artists selling their wares and people just wandering around. In Robson Square itself, especially in some of the covered areas, there are also often small groups of people practicing their dance moves.


Events at Robson Square

Robson Square is a fabulous place to people watch almost any day of the year. It’s also a host venue for a number of significant Vancouver events including ice skating in winter, Salsa dancing in the summer, and cultural events like St. Patrick’s Day parties and Mexican fiestas.

Below are just some of the many events and activities that take place at Robson Square over the course of the year.


Christmas at Robson Square
Robson Square at Christmas


Robson Square Ice Skating

From the beginning of December until the end of February Robson Square becomes home to free ice skating. Hours of operation are 9 am to 9 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 9 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

(Note: No skating is taking place in the winter of 2020/21 because of the coronavirus pandemic.)

Click Robson Square Skating for more details.


Robson Square Salsa

Often in summer time Robson Square is the venue for free salsa dance lessons on Sunday afternoons. Click Robson Square Salsa for information.


Robson Square Salsa Dancing
Salsa dance lessons at Robson Square


Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is one of two major Mexican-themed holidays that are celebrated annually in Vancouver. Cinco de Mayo happens on May 5th (as the name of the event translated from Spanish would suggest) and various events take place on the fifth and during the week and weekend(s) around that date.

One of the largest Cinco de Mayo events in Vancouver used to be the annual Casa de Amigos on Robson fiesta that featured Mexican market vendors, luchador wrestling shows, Mariachi music and other cultural activities at Robson Square. The event, however, hasn’t happened for a few years.


Robson Square at Market Mexico
Market Mexico at Robson Square


Market Mexico

September 16th is Independence Day in Mexico and on a Saturday around that time Vancouver’s Mexican community celebrates with a major full-day event. Similar to the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the September event included vendors selling Mexican foods and souvenirs, Mariachi bands played Mexican music and thousands of Lower Mainland Mexicans and other Vancouverites having a wonderful time.

In recent years the September 16th celebrations have taken place at the Roundhouse in Yaletown. In 2017 and 2018, however, the festivities were at Robson Square in the form of Market Mexico. To our knowledge, the event hasn’t happened again since.


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