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Langley’s Twilight Drive-In Movie Theatre

Langley's Twilight Drive-in Theatre

Metro Vancouver’s only drive-in theatre, the Twilight Drive-In Theatre in Langley is a great place to watch popular movies on a big screen from your car.


The Twilight Drive-In Theatre

The Twilight Drive-In Theatre is a classic drive-in movie theatre located at 3350-260th Street and Fraser Highway in Aldergrove. It’s about an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver and about 5 minutes from the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

The place features a huge screen that is large enough for even folk at the back of the parking lot to see the movie clearly. The screen is 20 feet off the ground and 40 feet high by 94 feet wide.

At the theatre, the gates open about 45 minutes prior to the first show to allow moviegoers time to find parking and get settled. The place opens again 30 minutes prior to the second film.

An over-the-air FM radio is required to hear the movie. Either your car radio or a battery-powered radio will function. The theatre does not have any radios available for rent.


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Movie Schedule

The Twilight Drive-In usually hosts two movies per night. The first screening starts after dusk, at around 9:30 pm in the early summer. The second screening starts around 11:00 pm, or earlier as the days get shorter.

Note: Occasionally the theatre does not have a second screening or may be closed for a private event. Check the theatre’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

Upcoming movies are usually released on the theatre’s website in four-day increments. For example, the movie schedule for Friday to Sunday might be released on the Tuesday before.


Car at Drive-in Theatre
Dusk at the Drive-in Theatre


Movie Tickets and Prices

During the pandemic, in order to simplify things the theatre’s price structure changed to where every movie has the same rate. What changes the price is the number of people in each vehicle. As of February 2022, the theatre is only open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and movie prices are the following (including taxes):

  • One vehicle with one person – $25
  • One vehicle with two people – $35
  • One vehicle with three people – $45
  • One vehicle with four people – $55
  • One vehicle with five people – $65
  • One vehicle with six people – $75
  • One vehicle with seven people – $85

Any additional passengers cost an extra $15. Prices are subject to change.


Family at Drive-In Movie
Watch from the back of the vehicle


Tips and Advice

Below are some suggestions to help you make the most out of your drive-in movie experience.

TIP #1: Lots of people go in their trucks, vans and station wagons. They then park backwards, open up the rear door, and watch the movie from the back of their vehicles (instead of looking forwards from the front seats). If you have a long vehicle, that’s a nice way to do it. When we went we even took a futon mattress, plus sleeping bags and lots of pillows.

TIP #2: Dogs are permitted at the theatre, although they do need to stay in your car. It’s fun to take pets, and we took our dog when we went. If you plan to see a film about animals, or something with monsters or loud noises that your dog might react too though (like bark at or freak out about), then in those cases maybe leave your furry friends at home.

TIP #3: Best places to park within the theatre grounds are in the middle (so the screen is directly ahead) and within the first five or so rows. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early, even before they open the gates, to get a prime spot.

TIP #4: Especially if you go early, either plan to occupy your time chatting with whoever you go with, or take cards, a book or something else to do while waiting for the show to start. Of course, depending on who you go with, just snuggling while you wait could be good too.

TIP #5: When we last went (at the beginning of September), there were no mosquitos. Just in case there are when you go though, it wouldn’t hurt to have some bug spray handy.


Other Information

For more details see the Twilight Drive-In Theatre website.

To learn more about the area check out our article about the City and Township of Langley.

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