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Vancouver’s Music on Main Events, Concerts and Modulus Festival

Heritage Hall on Main Street

A Vancouver music programming company, Music on Main puts on various events and provides the opportunity for a wide variety of artists to showcase their skills.



The 10th annual Modulus Festival takes place in November. Hosted by Music on Main, the festival features live music, online performances and behind-the-scenes talks with artists. See below to learn more.


Music on Main

Music on Main is a local non-profit organization that has contributed to the Vancouver music scene for over a decade. They don’t have a set venue; rather, they host events at various venues (which are usually on or near Main Street).

Some places that hold Music on Main shows include Heritage Hall, the Fox Cabaret and other spots in Mount Pleasant and beyond in Vancouver.

The loosening of COVID restrictions in the summer of 2021 opened up more opportunities for shows. Because of this, Music on Main hosted a Pop-Up Concert Series in August of 2021.

The organization’s biggest event is the Modulus Festival which celebrates contemporary classical music. After not running in 2020 the festival returns in 2021! The dates for this year’s event are November 4th to 10th.


Music at Mt. Pleasant Park
Mt. Pleasant Park


The Modulus Festival

The Modulus Festival is one of Music on Main’s signature events. After a COVID-imposed hiatus last year, the festival returns in 2021. The event is a great way to experience a variety of music and engage with it in interactive ways.

There are often artists brought in from around the world, although the 2021 edition focuses mostly on Canadian artists due to the ongoing pandemic. There is live music both in-person and online, private talks with the artists and more on offer. The festival runs from November 4th to 10th, 2021.

One of the headliners is the “As Dreams Are Made” concert series. This is a 15-minute one-on-one production. Only one person is in the audience for each show in order to make it as intimate as possible. There are to be a series of “As Dreams Are Made” shows from November 5th to 10th.

As of early September, the full schedule for the festival has not been released. Confirmed performers and composers, however, include Mark Takeshi McGregor, Keiko Devaux, Alfredo Santa Ana, James O’Callaghan and Nicole Lizée.


2021 Summer Pop-Up Concerts

From August 9th to 31st Music on Main hosted a series of concerts in Mount Pleasant Park. They were all free and open to whoever wanted to attend. The only restriction to keep in mind was that everyone who went had to make sure to socially distance themselves properly.

Mount Pleasant Park is on 16th Avenue at 3161 Ontario Street which is about two blocks west of Main Street. It’s a small park with a large grassy area where people can sit and enjoy the music. Also at the park are basketball courts, a small skate park and a couple of play structures for young children.

The organizers encouraged people to bring their own chairs and blankets to the event. All the shows started at 6:30 pm. Below is the full schedule.


Khaledi and Saijadi at Music on Main
Music at Mount Pleasant Park


Music on Main Video

The following short video clip is shows one of the pop-up concerts at Mount Pleasant Park in 2021. Performing in the video are Persian musicians Saina Khaledi (playing the santour) and Ali Saijadi (playing the oud).

As you’ll see, the events drew a good number of people. Folk brought their lawn chairs or sat on the ground. Also as you’ll see, the concert was a quiet and peaceful event. You aren’t able to hear the music at the start of the video, but you can part way through as the camera gets closer.



Other Information

For more information about the organization, visit the Music on Main website.

To learn more about the Modulus Festival, click Modulus Festival 2021.

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