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Denman Street’s West End Car Free Day Festival

Car Free Day on Denman

Vancouver’s West End Car Free Day takes place on Denman Street between Robson Street and Davie Street on the Saturday before Father’s Day in June each year.


West End Car Free Street Party

The West End Car Free Day event is a massive and vibrant FREE street party which in 2020 was going to take place on Saturday, June 20, from noon until 7 pm. Unfortunately, the in-person event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2021 event took place during a new festival called Car Free Month. It happened as a community market on September 12th from 11 am until 5 pm.

In 2022 the West End Car Free Day event returns on Saturday, August 20th. The event will likely be similar to what it was in years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Exact details, however, are to be confirmed.

See below for information from past years regarding Vancouver’s various Car Free Day events, and scroll further down for information on the Denman Street event specifically.


Car Free Entertainment Lineup

At the Car Free Day event on Denman Street there are food and product vendors, but also live entertainment.

Concerts and other entertainment typically take place on three different stages. One stage is by Robson Street (at the north end of Denman) and another is at Nelson Street (halfway down Denman). A third stage is also near the corner of Davie and Denman (at the south end of the festival not far from English Bay Beach).

For an idea of what to expect at the next event, below is the entertainment lineup from 2018 on the various stages. (Note: times and performer details were subject to change.)


Robson Street Stage (in 2018)

  • 12:15 pmBody Party (a dance party DJ duo)
  • 1:15 pmMamarudegyal (a KRUMP Dancer)
  • 2:15 pmSoftishan (a resident DJ from the Fox)
  • 3:15 pmMissy D (a Hip-Hop, Rap and Soul musician who is also performing at the Celebration of Lights fireworks event at Second Beach later in the summer)
  • 4:15 pmThe House of the Brave (“a local drag person” and “mischief-maker”)
  • 5:15 pmApollo (a music producer and graphic designer)
  • 6:15 pmBratpack (“Vancouver’s premiere girl gang”)


Nelson Street Stage (in 2018)

  • 12:15 pm – Reggae Yoga
  • 1:15 pmWest End Belly Dancers
  • 2:15 pmThe Phonix (a nine-member Funk & Soul group)
  • 3:15 pmTank Gyal (a Vancouver DJ)
  • 4:15 pmTapco (the Vancouver Tap Dance Society’s Youth Performance Ensemble)
  • 5:15 pmStrictly Afrobeats (a group of Afrobeat musicians)
  • 6:15 pm – Tambura Rasa (a multicultural music and dance group)


Davie Street Stage (in 2018)

  • 12:15 pm – DJ music with Niña Mendoza
  • 1:15 pmUna Mey (a Pop, Electronic, and R&B musician)
  • 2:15 pmDiana Boss (a dance music duo)
  • 3:15 pmGiorgi Holiday (an R&B and Neo-Soul singer)
  • 4:15 pmMy!Gay!Husband! (a Vancouver-based DJ)
  • 5:15 pmMira & the Mothership (an R&B and Neo-Soul singer and her band)
  • 6:15 pmDJ D.Dee


Denman Car Free Day Music Entertainment
Car Free Day Live Music


Car Free Days in Vancouver

The West End’s Denman Street Car Free Day celebrations are one of four Car Free Day street party events. These festivals all take place in Vancouver on the Father’s Day weekend in June as well as in July.

The Main Street Car Free Day festivities usually take place on the day after the Denman Street event, in the afternoon of the Father’s Day Sunday. On both the Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend, Car Free Day celebrations also take the form of individual block parties throughout the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver most years.

The Commercial Drive Car Free Day event used to take place on the same Father’s Day Sunday in June as the Main Street event. Since a year ago, however, it takes place in early July instead.

For more information about these and other Car Free Day celebrations in Port Moody, New Westminster and North Vancouver, see Vancouver Car Free Day Events.


Car Free Festivities on Denman Street
Car Free Day on Denman Street



There are a number of car free day events in the Lower Mainland. The event in the West End isn’t the only one. There are also events on Main Street and Commercial Drive in Vancouver as well as similar ones in Maple Ridge and Port Moody. New for 2022, there is also now one in Surrey!

Surrey Car Free Day took place on Saturday, June 11th, on 137th Street in Newton. It featured live entertainment, food trucks, market vendors and lots of family-friendly fun!


Denman Street Car Free Day

The West End Car Free Day event, also known as Denman Street Car Free Day, is similar to the Main Street and Commercial Drive events. It’s massive, entertaining and packed with pedestrians having fun. There is usually live music at various stages along the street. Food vendors, community organizational information booths and things for sale are also present.

The West End’s street party takes place close to English Bay at the south end of the Denman Street strip. The location makes it especially convenient for folks wanting to combine the street party festivities with a trip to one of the world’s finest urban beaches.

The corner of Davie Street and Denman is also close to the seawall which connects the district in one direction with Stanley Park and in the other direction with False Creek and the False Creek Seawall. The connection makes it a fabulous place to either walk or cycle to.


Father's Day Activities in Vancouver


Tips & Advice

Below are some suggestions and bits of information to help you make the most out of your experience at the Denman Street Car Free Day event.

TIP #1: Combine your visit to the Denman Street Car Free Day celebrations with a stroll or bike ride along the Seawall. You can either head in the direction of Stanley Park or towards False Creek. Or, after wandering through the festival, enjoy a picnic and the sunshine on the sandy beach at English Bay at the south end of the festival or at Stanley Park or Coal Harbour not far from the north end.

TIP #2: Robson Street where the festival starts at the north end is one of Vancouver’s best shopping streets. There are also great restaurants along the road, as there are along Denman Street too. If wanting to eat somewhere specific at a certain restaurant and time, make your reservations well in advance.

TIP #3: Wear good walking shoes! It’s a pedestrian street party, the venue is 12 blocks long and you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Pack your flip-flops for the beach and dress shoes for dinner afterwards, but leave the high heels for later or your feet will hate you!


Denman Street Car Free Day
Car Free Day in Vancouver’s West End


TIP #4: If you’re not sure which of Vancouver’s various Car Free Day events you want to check out, consider the following when making your decision:

  • Check the weather forecast. If you like the look of Saturday’s weather more, then go to the Denman Street event. If the forecast looks better for the Sunday, then go to the one on Main Street.
  • Go to whichever is more convenient based on where you live and what you want to do both before and after.
  • If you’ve been to a Car Free Day event one year and liked it, then check out a different one in the future. All three of the main City of Vancouver Car Free Day street parties are amazing. However, they’re special in their own little ways.
  • If you’ve got young children and aren’t sure if they’ll like the festivities, or if the weather looks like it’s going to be scorching hot, don’t forget that English Bay beach is right by the corner of Denman and Davie in case you need a break. Just don’t forget to also pack your swimsuits!


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Other Information

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