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BC Culture Days in Vancouver

BC Culture Days in Vancouver

A celebration of Canadian culture and arts, BC Culture Days happens in September at various locations in Metro Vancouver and around the province.

Despite COVID-19, BC Culture Days still ran in 2020. In fact, unlike previous years, it ran for a full month, with both in-person and online activities. Last year’s edition was similar and took place from September 24th to October 24th. In 2022 the dates are from September 23rd to October 16th.

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British Columbia Culture Days

Culture Days is a national festival that celebrates Canadian arts and culture. 2020’s theme was “Unexpected Intersections”, which focused on unusual pairings and mashups. The 2021 theme was “RE:IMAGINE”, which looked into the future at what a post-COVID world might look like.

In 2022 BC Culture Days runs from September 23rd to October 16th. The theme is “Earth Endeavours” and there is a focus on environmental issues and concerns.


BC Culture Days in the Lower Mainland

In 2022 there are eight culture ambassadors, including three from Metro Vancouver: Emilie Kvist (an artist), Priscilla Omulo (a mental health worker) and Pedram Penhan (an artist).

The ambassadors come from all over the province and represent a wide range of different backgrounds, cultures and areas of professional expertise.


BC Culture Day Events

There are many different events scheduled for the festival in 2022. They include visual art exhibits, discussion panels about culture and the future of the arts, in-person workshops and activities, different performances and more. To take part in some of the events you have to register in advance. With others though, you can just show up.

BC Culture Day events and activities in the Lower Mainland include activities and attractions that are open and happening this time of year anyway, but sometimes with a bit of something extra. Included in the list of things to do in 2022 are the following:

  • Exhibitions at the Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver.
  • Workshops at North Vancouver recreation centres.
  • Historical exhibits and more at the PoCo Heritage Museum and Archives.
  • Site tours at Britannia Heritage Shipyards in Richmond.
  • Activities and performances at the Surrey Art Gallery.
  • Educational displays at the Museum of Surrey.
  • Guided tours of the Stewart Farmhouse in South Surrey.

For information regarding 2022’s series of events, visit the BC Culture Days website.


BC Culture Days Performer
Photo of Lorita Leung Dance Company by Mary Matheson


When and Where?

In pre-pandemic years, BC Culture Days usually took place on the last weekend of September. However, since COVID-19 hit North America the festival shifted to almost a full month with a variety of in-person and online events.

In 2022 BC Culture Days runs from September 23rd until October 16th. There are lots of things for all ages to enjoy, including workshops, exhibitions, performances and more. In-person activities take place at multiple locations.

To see all of the many in-person and virtual events that are scheduled for the 2022 festival, click BC Culture Days Events.


BC Culture Days Indigenous Dancing
Photo of Sacred Circle Steppers by Mary Matheson


Other Information

To learn more about the festival, visit the Culture Days website.

* Images in the top collage or photos are of Cedar Hill Recreation Centre at BC Culture Days by Kevin Light, Ital Blue by Kristen Lawson, and the Lorita Leung Dance Company by Mary Matheson.

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