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Vancouver’s Earth Day Parade

Vancouver Earth Day Parade

The Vancouver Earth Day Parade is a small but meaningful event that takes place on Saturday, April 20, 2019, along Commercial Drive and at Grandview Park.

The parade starts at 1 pm and the festival runs from 2 until 3 pm.

Earth Day Celebrations in Vancouver

The Vancouver Earth Day Parade and Festival is an annual event that has been taking place since 2011. Put on by Windermere High School’s Youth for Climate Justice Now group, the event features a procession down the street, festival activities in a nearby park and a series of speakers related to the environmental movement.

Earth Day 2019

In 2019 Earth Day is on Monday, April 22, which is actually just after Vancouver’s Earth Day Parade and Festival this year. Earth Day in fact is always on April 22, although celebrations sometimes occur on different days depending on which day of the week it occurs.

In 2019 the parade is scheduled to start at 1 pm and festival activities take place at Grandview Park from 2 until 3 pm (which is a couple of hours shorter than in previous years).

It’s not a huge or particularly elaborate event, but it’s in a popular area of town, for a very good cause and fun to watch and/or participate in.

Earth Day Parade

The Earth Day Parade

The Earth Day Parade involves several hundred people with placards, costumes, musical instruments and a concern for the environment marching down Commercial Drive to commemorate Earth Day.

Parade participants start to gather at the corner of Commercial Drive and Grandview Highway at about 12:30 pm or even before. At 1 o’clock the march begins and the group proceeds north along Commercial Drive some dozen or so blocks to Grandview Park.

There are no floats or large formal marching bands in the parade, but lots of people wear costumes and there is music.

Earth Day Parade Band

Earth Day Festival

After the parade festivities continue at Grandview Park which is located at the corner of Commercial Drive and Charles Street. At the park musicians perform and there is a series of public speakers.

For a sample of what to expect, in 2017 speakers at the Earth Day Festival included the following:

  • Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
  • Ta’kaiya Blaney
  • Cedar George-Parker
  • Kate Hodgson
  • Peter McCartney
  • Kat Norris

2017 musicians included the following:

  • Corrina Keeling
  • Chris Tait
  • Ta’kaiya Blaney
  • Geoff Berner
  • Britannia Marimba Kids

The Earth Day Festival at Grandview Park is a family-friendly event and attracts people of all ages including lots of high school and university-aged students.

Earth Day Video

Below is a video about the Earth Day Parade event from 2014 that we found on the event’s official website. As you can see it’s not a huge event, but it’s both youth-focused and youth-organized and attracts fairly prominent speakers some years (including Dr. David Suzuki a few years ago).

Festival Advice

Below are some tips and suggestions to help you make the most out of your Earth Day Parade experience.

TIP #1: If planning to drive somewhere in the area between just before 1 pm and around 2 pm, don’t plan to go north on Commercial between Grandview Highway and William Street. The entire two lanes of northbound traffic will be full of people marching. It’s not a long parade, but traffic is completely blocked in the one direction for the duration of the parade.

TIP #2: Don’t drive to the Earth Day Parade. It’s Earth Day after all. Take public transit, walk or ride your bike!

TIP #3: Don’t forget to take your reusable water bottle, environmentally-friendly costume and your camera!

TIP #4: While you’re in the area, explore Commercial Drive. It’s a fabulous street with all kinds of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. It’s also a great place for people watching.

Other Information

For more information on the Commercial Drive and Grandview Park event, see the Vancouver Earth Day Parade website.

For information on other Earth Day events check out Earth Day in Metro Vancouver. The Lower Mainland’s largest Earth Day event with lots of kid-friendly activities as well as major concerts is the Party for the Planet event at Surrey City Hall.

For a list of all kinds of events taking place in the Lower Mainland, see the April Events Calendar or Vancouver’s Festivals & Events Calendar.