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Vancouver’s Oktoberfest Harvest Haus at the PNE

Harvest Haus Vancouver

Harvest Haus is a Vancouver Oktoberfest event featuring European beers, food and entertainment at the PNE. In 2023 it’s on September 29th and 30th.

Also happening on the same weekend, the Austria Vancouver Club hosts the first of its four Oktoberfest events this season. If you want to experience an authentic, European Oktoberfest event with real Austrians and Germans, then check out that club’s events on September 30th or October 14th, 21st or 28th. Also if you like beer, another great event to check out is Vancouver’s North Shore Craft Beer Week which runs in 2023 from November 2nd until November 14th.

To learn about the Lower Mainland’s various autumn beer-drinking festival opportunities, see our article about Oktoberfest in Vancouver. To learn more about Harvest Haus, continue reading.


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Harvest Haus Vancouver

Harvest Haus is one of Vancouver’s largest and most impressive Oktoberfest events. The event didn’t happen in 2018, but it was back again and even bigger than before in October 2019. It didn’t happen again in 2020 or 2021, thanks to COVID-19. Harvest Haus returned, however, in 2022.

Dates for the Oktoberfest event for adults in 2023 are September 29th and 30th.


Harvest Haus German Entertainers
Harvest Haus at the PNE Forum


Harvest Haus in Recent Years

In 2019 for the first time Harvest Haus was produced in partnership with the Pacific National Exhibition. That meant it had a new and even bigger venue – at the PNE grounds at 2901 East Hastings Street.

The new venue also meant that the Oktoberfest part of the festival no longer took place in a massive Festzelte tent. Instead it took place indoors inside the PNE Forum. The place looked similar to what it used to look like from the inside a couple of years ago. It was in a building now, so with sort of a beer hall feel, and not in the German-style festival canopied structure of the past.

What else was new? The event had expanded to include a family-friendly element too. Harvest Haus was the drinking party for adults, similar to what it has been in past years. Harvestland, meanwhile, was a new 10-day attraction featuring tractor rides, pumpkin-smashing opportunities, logger shows, an amusement ride, other activities and live entertainment.

Since Harvest Haus returned post-pandemic it’s still indoors at the PNE Forum. It lasts for just a couple of days though, so for a shorter period of time than before. Also, there is no longer a Harvestland event for families (or at least not in 2023).


Harvest Haus Location

Harvest Haus used to be held under a Festzelte in the plaza outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, but in 2017 its venue was at 88 Pacific Boulevard near Concord Pacific Place. Since 2019 it’s been set up at Hastings Park at the PNE fairgrounds at 2901 East Hastings Street.

The 2023 Harvest Haus takes place in the PNE Forum which is an older building that gets decorated to look like a beer hall. To get into Harvest Haus you likely have to enter via the park on the far side of the PNE Forum from Hastings Street.


Harvest Haus Beer Hall
Harvest Haus Festzelte Beer Hall


Harvest Haus Times & Dates

Harvest Haus took place in 2019 on select days between October 10th and October 20th. Since the pandemic the event has been a much shorter one. In 2023 Harvest Haus takes place on the Friday and Saturday of September 29th and 30th.


Harvest Haus Festival Times

The 2023 Harvest Haus event is open to the public at the following times:

(Note: Exact details were subject to change.)

  • Friday, September 30th – from 6:00 to 11:30 pm.
  • Saturday, October 1st – 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, followed by an evening event from 6:00 to 11:30 pm.


Harvest Haus Band
The band at Vancouver’s Harvest Haus


Harvest Haus Admission Prices

Admission for Harvest Haus depends mostly on whether it’s for general admission (standing only) or for a table. General admission in 2023 costs $40 for each of the two evenings and $35 for Saturday afternoon. Tables must be reserved for six people and cost either $420 or $480 each depending on the time (so $70 or $80 per person).

Admission grants access to the beer hall venue and all the food vendors, beer stalls, live entertainment and festive atmosphere. Food and drinks all cost extra, plus there is generally the requirement that people drink out of official Harvest Haus beer steins to enhance the experience.


Beer Stein in Harvest Haus Festzelte
A Harvest Haus Souvenir Beer Stein


What to Expect at Harvest Haus

The Oktoberfest-themed Harvest Haus event takes place indoors at the PNE Forum. The Forum is decorated up nicely with colourful banners. It looks a lot like a real German beer hall.

The atmosphere inside the hall is always fun and festive, especially as each evening progresses and the place fills up. There are occasional mini skits by entertainers with German accents dressed in lederhosen and other traditional clothing. There is also a band playing lively music and lots of people with their friends having fun.

The Oktoberfest beer-drinking event attracts a crowd of mixed ages, but predominantly in the 25 to 45-age range from what we’ve seen in the past. Everyone from age 19+ to senior citizens generally have a great time!


Oktoberfest Food & Drinks

Food prices at Harvest Haus in past years have ranged from between $2 and $15. Menu items at the food stalls have included things like pork hocks, bratwurst and sauerkraut on a bun, soups and German pizza. All have been delicious. There are usually pretzels, strudels and various other baked goods too.

Beers and ciders cost around $10 to $12 each in 2019. Drinks on tap at the bar typically include Erdinger Weissbrau, Radeberger and Hacker-Pschorr from Germany, as well as Heineken, Newcastle Brown Ale (UK), Lagunitas (US) and Parallel 49 (from Vancouver).

For those who don’t like beer there is apple cider and Jägermeister most years too (the latter of which is a German digestif alcohol made with herbs and spices and having a sweet licorice flavour). Some people like it, but not everyone.

The details mentioned above are from 2019. The 2023 event may or may not be similar.


Harvest Haus Bar
The bar at Vancouver’s Harvest Haus


Tips and Suggestions

Below is some advice and extra information to help you make the most out of your Harvest Haus experience.

TIP #1: This has been a popular event in the past. It’s good to reserve your tickets in advance as many of the sittings sell out.

TIP #2: This is the kind of event that is the most fun when you go with a large group of friends. As they say, “the more the merrier!”

TIP #3: Wearing traditional lederhosen and dirndl dresses is not required, and most people don’t. If you’re German and you do though, you’ll have more fun and still fit right in. Souvenir clothing is also available for sale at the venue most years.

TIP #4: There are usually no in-and-out privileges at Harvest Haus. Once inside the venue you can’t exit the event grounds, go back to your car, get something, and then get back in.


Other Information

For tickets and more information about both the adults-only and family-friendly events, see the Harvest Haus website.

For more information about the new event that’s suitable for people of all ages, see our article about Harvestland.

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