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Project EveryBODY Art Show and Film Festival in Vancouver

Project EveryBODY

PEBCelebratesLive is a free event with art, music, live performances and more by talented artists that are members of the disability community in Vancouver.

Hosted by Open Door Group and other non-profit organizations that support persons with disabilities, PEBCelebratesLive is an inclusive event. In 2022 it took place on December 2nd from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm at Vancouver’s Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre at 181 Roundhouse Mews in Yaletown.


For the event’s official website visit projecteverybody.ca.


Project EveryBODY PEBCelebratesLive Event in Vancouver

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is on December 3rd each year. PEBCelebratesLive is an annual celebration close to that date that connects, promotes and showcases talented artists and performers that are persons with disabilities.

Put together by Project EveryBODY, a collaboration of organizations led by Open Door Group, the event features handmade products, live music, stand-up comedy and more.  The event is an inspiring place to be. It’s also a meaningful opportunity to support persons with disabilities. What’s more? PEBCelebratesLive is family-friendly and completely free to attend.


Artist Table at Project EveryBODY in Vancouver


When and Where?

In 2022 PEBCelebratesLive took place on Friday, December 2nd. The art show and musical performances ran from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm. The film festival, stand-up comedy and other performances, meanwhile, ran from 6:00 until 8:00 pm.

All activities are at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown. The venue’s address is 181 Roundhouse Mews in the City of Vancouver. It’s just a couple of blocks from the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain Station.


Event Activities

PEBCelebratesLive highlights a wide range of impressive work by artists and performers that are persons with disabilities.

The event begins with an art show and sale featuring over 50 different vendors and more than 1000 pieces of artwork. You can expect to see all kinds of products including affordable art and handcrafted holiday gift ideas. There is live music to enjoy throughout the event as well as free food and hot drinks. If you’re there early enough, there should be hotdogs, sandwiches, popcorn and hot chocolate to enjoy!

The evening portion of PEBCelebratesLive is arguably the most popular part of the event. A short film is screened and there are also live performances. Expect to see live music, stand-up comedy and more, all by talented artists and performers that are persons with disabilities.

In addition to the art show and live entertainment, PEBCelebratesLive offers a free workshop in which families can decorate holiday ornaments which they can then keep and take home. Also on site is a photo booth. Folks who joined the promoted social media campaign in 2022 were entered into a draw to win a $200 Visa gift card!

Live performances between 6:00 and 8:00 pm in 2022 were with Ryan Lachance, Darwin Barcellano, Hedy Marie, Lamar Ally, Marsh Ash, Martin T. and Oliver O’Dea. There was also the short film “Doing the Impossible” presented by the Developmental Disabilities Association.


Sticks and Tones at the Roundhouse
Sticks and Tones at the Roundhouse


Other Information

For more information about the event visit the Project EveryBODY website.

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