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Vancouver Turkish Festival

Vancouver Turkic Festival

The Vancouver Turkic Festival is a free Turkish festival with live entertainment at North Vancouver’s Shipbuilders’ Square on the last Sunday in May.

The festival was cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. It didn’t happen in 2021 or 2022 either, at least not to our knowledge. Hopefully it will return again in the future.


Turkic Festival at North Vancouver’s Shipyards

The Vancouver Turkic Festival was going to celebrate its 4th year in 2020 with a showcasing of Turkish culture, food and music in North Vancouver’s Shipyards District. However, the festival was cancelled due to COVID-19.


When and Where

In 2020 the event was going to take place on Sunday, May 31st, from noon until 8 pm. Future dates and details are to be confirmed.

In years when it doesn’t get cancelled due to global pandemics, the festival happens at Shipbuilders’ Square which is located at 15 Wallace Mews just a short walk from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

From the SeaBus Terminal at Lonsdale Quay, turn right, walk around the outside of the Lonsdale Quay Public Market, turn right at the road, pass the Polygon Gallery and head towards the Tap & Barrel restaurant. You’ll find Shipbuilders’ Square and the festival on the other side of the Tap & Barrel.


Turkic Festival Musicians
Live music at the Vancouver Turkic Festival


What to Expect

The Vancouver Turkic Festival isn’t a huge event. Expect to be entertained by dancers, musicians and other Turkish performing arts groups. There are also usually about ten or so stalls selling food and souvenirs.

Typically the festival starts at noon and runs until around 8 pm. Things begin slowly though and don’t likely start to pick up until around 3 or 4 pm. The headliner band usually plays beginning at around 6 pm.


Advice and Suggestions

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your experience at the Vancouver Turkic Festival.

TIP #1: Don’t expect large crowds or non-stop entertainment. There is live music, but there are breaks between acts. If you arrive and find the stage empty and things pretty quiet, hang around for a bit or come back in 15 minutes or half an hour and there will likely be a new performance by the time you get back.

TIP #2: Unless you are Turkish, the Vancouver Turkic Festival isn’t something you would travel across the Lower Mainland especially to see. If the weather is nice, however, North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood is worth traveling to. The festival, therefore, is a nice bonus to an already popular place!

TIP #3: While in the area go for a stroll along Shipbuilders’ Pier, visit the Polygon Gallery next door and explore the Lonsdale Quay Market. If hungry or thirsty, then check out any one of a number of nearby restaurants. For a list of good places, click North Vancouver Restaurants.

TIP #4: Shipbuilders’ Square is just a 5-minute walk from the Lonsdale Quay SeaBus terminal, which makes it convenient to get to via public transit from Vancouver.


Turkish Festival at North Van Shipyards
Vendor Stalls at the Turkish Festival


Other Information

For more information about the event visit the Vancouver Turkic Festival Facebook page.

Another event that might be of interest is the Vancouver Turkish Film Festival. It takes place in the fall.

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